Vizo’s African Bar & Restaurant

4930 S Loop 289 #204, Lubbock
(806) 368-6490

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Meg Davis

Vizo’s is amazing. Hands-down some of the best food I’ve ever had. The staff is so kind and so willing to teach their customers new things about the African cuisine. They ROCK. The photo here is fried plantains, suya (spiced and tender beef and onions), Palm wine, and the most delicious Scotch egg I’ve ever eaten.

Sam Ortega

We love to try new local independent restaurants as often as we can. This is by far one of the best experiences we have had. Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious! The staff took the time to ensure that we were pairing foods together in a way that would maximize the experience. Love, love, love this food and will come back every chance we can!!!

johntae sk

Lubbock, consider yourself lucky. Vizo's is owned by Vizo hence the name. The food is celebrates his Cameroon background. This restaurant was recommended to me by few people and I finally made my way. I was hesitant at first because would I really be able to find good African food in Lubbock, the land of chain restaurants. The truth is, Wow! I was floored by the spices that came with every bite. Having traveled to many different parts of Africa, the food took me back there. If you don't know what to eat, just ask Vizo, he will guide you. You will thank me for this, GO!!!

Tanya Lamphier

Friendly staff and good food…definitely coming back here

Cori L

Food was amazing. If you get the Sunday special future and khati khati the sauce that the chicken sauce has is the bomb! Fried African delight delicious. Rice has ton of flavor. We got regular but I wish I had ordered mild or hot but it was for my 6 and 9 year old. One dish can be shared with two people. The Ndole was different but worth a try. The collard greens have great taste. Haven't tried boiled plantains but it was pleasant combination together. Another thing to try is the imported beer.


I got the okazi, the staff was helpful in explaining the menu options and was easy to talk to. Food was great! I’ve never had Okazi before but the mashed potato/yam thing with the soup was delicious with a unique flavor profile that I wasn’t familiar with!

Teagan Mallette

So good I’m surprised that there’s not a line packed halfway down the street out the door, would totally recommend it’s never busy, super cheap, and you can customize almost everything! It’s all made fresh and the workers are super polite about everything and love to make chat and joke around! 100% best place in Lubbock!

Tristan Scarygoround Murphy

Unique, delicious, reasonably priced food with a really friendly staff.

Edwin M.

African food in the middle of Texas, why not. Fun place to go and eat something not Texmex and very friendly staff. Good food and very friendly staff

Michelle S.

My boyfriend and I were driving through Lubbock and love trying new things. Vizo's did not disappoint! Super nice owner and awesome food. They'll go as spicy as you want or mild. We got the taste of Africa, which I really enjoyed and Egusi Soup, it was too spicy for my liking but my boyfriend really liked it. We will definitely be stopping by again if we are in the area!

Laura Arce

I loved it! Delicious African food. It was my first time here. I highly recommend this restaurant. Good service. ?

Gina Brammer

I loved tasting new spices and flavors that are exotic and wonderful at this very pleasant little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I had the Suya as an appetizer and the Savannah Sea Pride as my entree. Both were outstanding and not something you can get often. I was very impressed with the service. The servers were delightfully friendly and looking to care for your every need. Such a great experience.

Robert Baxter

The Egusi soup and swallow was absolutely fantastic. I definitely recommend the dish as well as anything else on the menu.

Elizabeth Q.

The food here is so good that even my youngest son who is a super picky eater loves it! We are not from Lubbock but was in town for an anime convention and I stumbled upon this place and wanted to try something different. Awesome food and great service! If I'm ever in the area again will definitely go back!

Angelita Navarrette

Was an amazing experience the waiter was extremely informative and polite. Me and my husband loved the food and experience defiantly recommended anyone to go and try it out. Defiantly will be back

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Vizo’s African Bar & Restaurant

4930 S Loop 289 #204, Lubbock, TX 79414
(806) 368-6490