Angelo & Vito's Pizzeria Plano

7000 Independence Pkwy #144, Plano
(972) 208-4205

Recent Reviews

Amber Anderson

UPDATE: FOOD DESERVES 5 STARS and CUSTOMER SERVICE ZEROJust ordered food here for the FIRST AND LAST TIME.... thought we would try this place because of the great reviews. I placed the order on line for pick up....we got there and they had not even checked the on line orders. I paid $1.20 convenience fee plus tip....soooo, we just waited outside while they started our order. We asked for them to add bread to the order because it was not an option on the online menu and they said "no problem". When the food was finally ready, they forgot the bread...we waited again and they wanted us to pay cash for it???? WTHeck???? We didn't have cash so they were SO RUDE AND SAID " JUST TAKE IT".... We support all of our local restaurants during this trying time and we ALWAYS TIP. Here's a tip for you, how about treating people who help keep your doors open with a little kindness and respect.

Dj Michael Braaps

Can't even walk in and order to go! This isn't Manhatten bud.

Jane Hairstone

Best pizza in town! Always hot ,fresh and melts in mouth! ???? Fantastic! ?

Mridula Pandey

Really BIG slice of great pizza for a really low price! Like the extra cheese slice.

Cyndi Young

My favorite, big thin slices, love their sauce!

Peter C.

BEAWARE!! Our Family order from this location all the time when we moved to Plano. We mostly order to go. Not 100% sure if they charged a Convenience Fee: $1.50, but during these times that is not cool! Why are we getting charged a Convenience Fee if I am getting a to-go order and picking my order up? I understand if you are delivering my order. Especially if you are not telling me that I am getting charged a Convenience Fee for take out, the same take out I have been doing for a couple of years! I do not support Resturants that charge a Convenience Fee. I will tip extra to help support my Resturants!!

Corrie Maguire

Best Italian food in Plano and sweetest staff

Toto P.

Owners not very attentive, chicken parm is nasty Pizza slice are really good. Owners need to learn how to smile and make the customer feel valued.

G L.

Food quality reminded me of the food courts you find at the zoo or kids indoor play parks. School cafeterias have more flavor. The ham in the Stromboli can best be described as "weird". Salad dressing smelled and jiggled like mayo. Garlic bread was soggy and microwaved. Do yourself a favor and go basically anywhere else.

Judy C.

We have been searching for an edible take out pizza for quite awhile. The crust is the most important part of the pie for me and this one is exactly what I love in a pizza crust. Crispy and yet chewy. Not too thick and not too thin. I don't want my toppings on a cracker nor on a loaf of bread. I thought it was a fair price for the size. Toppings were strewn a little haphazardly but it doesn't have to be pretty - just taste good and it did. We will tweek our toppings a bit next time and the online ordering allows for personalizing. It's way better than the other pizza place in the same shopping center. This will be our go to from now on. I had almost given up on take out pizza.

Mike C.

We have ordered pizza from there a few times and it is always delicious! They remember your order so it is super convenient and they are very frIendly! Nice family friendly atmosphere and great pizza! Our go to pizza choice!

Tiffany N.

I'm trying to love this local place because it's close to me but I just feel like everything is so inconsistent. I've carried out twice, ate in once and each time has been a different experience. The first time I went was on the fly because I wanted a slice of pizza. It took awhile to make (that part always seems consistent) but the payout was worth it, it was pure pizza perfection (nice slice of alliteration, huh?)! The second tie, we carried out an entire pizza and it was forgettable. I went today for the weekday lunch special, I ordered a calzone, salad and drink and again, took forever while the people who ordered after me got their food (probably because the calzone takes longer is my guess?) but it lacked flavor. The surplus of cheese inside made up for that in a way I guess. The people who work here are either really friendly or really aloof, it's a crap shoot and I never know what I'm going to get.

Michael C.

Too expensive for a medium size pizza, and it was so small for $14 each. Seriously? There was too much crust & the quality tasted like something cheap from target. I highly do not recommend this place & will never order from them again. Such a lame excuse for a pizza place.

Francois Auguston

Great meat stromboli. I need to try other items as well

Mark Bromley

Delivered multiple times to my house. Today they said I’m “outside the 4 mile mark” interesting seeing as every GPS in my house says 3.3 miles. Brooklyn’s was better anyway these guys tried to partner with them years ago and Brooklyn’s turned down the partnership due to A&V’s use of cheaper ingredients and changing recipes. Marty would be disgusted. I don’t know what method of measurement they use but 3.4 miles has never been further than 4 since I’ve been alive. Unless we’re talking about nautical miles.

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