Below 40 Poke House

1921 Preston Rd #2000, Plano
(972) 930-0381

Recent Reviews

Anthony M.

Tried out this place in Dallas area on our way back from a road trip. This place was decent food wise, but our experience was completely deteriorated by the cashier. Absolute dick in every way. I've never called someone out like this in a review, but the person didn't deserve to be employed. Also the smoothies were not pretty bad, pretty much just ice severely lacking flavor.

Jonathan Huang

Pretty sure the fish was bad. Everyone got an upset stomach after eating here

Julie D.

I really like this place; except, the regular and large are the same size. Yes, the containers are different but the amount of stuff is the same. In fact, they gave me less protein on the large then the regular. I see this done a lot so to be fair, they aren't the only guilty party.I love that they do large chunks and fresh ingredients. One thing the ginger and masago need to be put on the side in cups because the juice leaked out everywhere. The people could be a bit friendlier and the layout with the drink bar is super confusing. I wanted a drink but thought I had to order at the bar. Twice I stood at the drink bar but no one asked if I wanted anything. I finally figured out you order with your food even though the bar is way on the other side.I do love that everyone has their own job and jobs are not being mixed with the food prep like another place nearby.Overall I put it in my weekly rotation.I'll add photos soon.

Ashley Williams

Delicious, fresh poke bowls & fun tea drinks for dine-in or to-go. Portions are very generous, and you can get a decent amount of toppings without the upcharges of some other places. I always enjoy the salmon & scallops with the spicy sesame shoyu sauce, and definitely recommend adding a side of spicy mayo.


I go here multiple times a week. Super nice employees and the food is consistently great. Highly recommend giving them a try. Best Poké bowls in Plano

Yi-ing Li

The staff in charge of ordering and cashier today (Sep 5 lunch) is very arrogant and even missed a protein item in my to go order. Very disappointed and bad experience. Will not go again and do not recommend it to others.

Michelle T.

Below 40 is a great value, and while there are other poke places that may have more ingredient options, I am always really happy with the selections and the freshness. Every time I walk into Below 40, it smells clean. I get my orders to go, and it's always been ready on time and accurate, so it's a great place to go when you're craving poke and want something fast and easy to pick up. I've also tried their location in University Park and both are equally good. If you order through yelp, it's super easy to get exactly what you want in your bowl and tip as well. I really hope this chain expands, because it's a great option and I've never been let down. Job well done Below 40!

Viviana V.

Below 49 was the first poke place I tried and I will definitely keep eating it after this experience. However, this place was a little pricey and I believe I could get a better deal for the same quality elsewhere. But if you don't mind the price, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is craving poke.

Farah H.

They charge a convenience fee for ordering online. I just cancelled my order. I would rather support a small business that doesn't add a surcharge to customers for being socially responsible in a global pandemic.

Jasmine O.

Agh the flavors that come in my mouth from this restaurant is crazy amazing. I've been here a handful of times and will continue coming back. Miso soup = yummy.

Javier R.

Great food!!! I recommend Alaskan Classic, just the cashier wasn't very friendly. Seemed annoyed

Liz C.

Great food. I ordered the poke bowl with spicy tuna and salmon, brown rice and all the works. It was very fresh, filling and flavorful. It liked the texture of this dish. Eating raw fish or a poke bowl for the first time was somewhat intimidating. However, reading other reviews on Yelp helped me to know what to order.

Lacey B.

Really great poke! I get the same every time. Spicy tuna and crab with seaweed and spicy peppers. Love the wasabi cream sauce!

Takahiro K.

They served options based bowl , so you can add up what you want. They have healthy options and ingredients was fresh. If you want to go healthy, your choice matters and you have options. Overall, it was good.

Elisabeth Hassenboehler

I ordered the ahi tuna bowl for the third time. So delicious! The ingredients are fresh and service is quick!

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