Corazon Latino Plano

1828 K Ave, Plano
(972) 801-2704

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Trini Martinez


Pollo Saavedra

They steal on your face when it's time to pay saying the price on the menu have changed some days before,if you ask for receipt they will say their machine doesn't works, this words come from the owner plus really bad quality of food....

Lourdes Ramirez

Nice place to chill and sing kareoke.real nice waitress..

Ashkan Soltanipour

Best menudo and posole

Carlos Ramos

Very good foodLove the peopleY El caldo de Res

Abel Rodriguez

Don't know how it stays in business

Maria Casarez

Food is great. It's a small place but the service is great along with the food.

Reynaldo Santibanez

Good food, good place

ronny christie

Good experience

rusul albraihi

Not bad

Alexander C

This isn't a Mexican place, it's a Central American food place. Additionally, this is more of a cantina than a restaurant. Order accordingly with these facts in mind and it's not bad at all, and the for is surprisingly meaty and heavy for the amount you eat. Kind of dirty, but tasty.

Alexander C.

I'll start by saying I like this restaurant is more of a bar that also serves food than a restaurant that also serves drinks... A cantina or pub maybe. Is this place clean? Not really, but not particularly dirty either. Was it cheap? Prices are fair but neither expensive not affordable. It's just a hole in the wall for the most part though it's bigger inside than you'd think from the narrow entrance. Is the service good? They're okay, as in they checked up on me a few times but weren't super warm or cold at all, and they seemed more distracted than anything. Was the food good? Yes, but there's a few things to know... First, this place isn't a Mexican restaurant, they're actually Central American, though they serve a lot of Mexican and TexMex food to cater to local tastes as well. Consequently, ordering their specialties get you the best they make with the most care. I ordered the Bandeja CentroAmericana, a pupusa, and a tamarind drink. The tamarind drink was a bit watery and sweet but not bad if you approached it like a standard lemonade. The pupusa was good, and they gave me lots of sauces and pickled cabbage/carrot, but I'm glad I fished that out first before touching anything because I realized they forgot to give me tongs. Kind of regret it because I wonder if anyone else has ever tried to get more pickles without a fresh fork before me :-( The main dish wasn't bad, one item on my platter had way too much cabbage, but for the most part everything else was seasoned well and generously meaty. The yucca needed to be boiled a little harder before frying, but this is typical and it wasn't terribly undercooked so not a deal breaker. All in all I finished the whole thing and it was very satisfying. It sits heavy though and I would be lying if I said I didn't get drowsy as heck afterwards. Tips? Come slightly early for dinner and the friendlier day crew is around rather than the decidedly more attractive but obviously unfriendly night crew does. Order Central American rather than Mexican. Get something alcoholic rather than a softdrink. Also, ask for an extra fork

Carla Viera

The Servers are dressed as if in a strip Joint!!

Stephen Bocock

Never got my tacos. Wife's food took over 45 minutes. Good food when you finally get it but Management needs to change to correct food problems.

Phil Gtx

Food is great they would get 4 stars if they would put a fresh coat of paint inside & some general cleaning.

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