Hub Streat

1212 14th St, Plano
(469) 969-6423

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S B.

This is one of my favorite casual bars. They have a fun outdoor area and their sangria is amazing! We were not disappointed by any of the drinks. The wings are super tasty too!

Richard D.

I have been sitting outside 2 tables away from a 4 top who has been served and waited on 3 times in 45 mins. Im not sure why this is. I'm sure this post will prompt someone to come out, and maybe the lovely older couple that just arrived. To show that I am a fair guy and just appreciate "normal" service, I spoke w the server and manager and it was a simple misunderstanding and an opportunity for the business to learn. They have been wonderful and extremely apologetic. This is an amazing place, but this serves as a reminder that no matter how amazing the business, people care more about the experience(service) than what they ate or drank. Thank you to Julia and Michael for understanding and making things right. I sincerely appreciate it! The food and drinks are always good!!

Dave P

Chill place. Great mixologist, food was mighty fine. This is not a fast table turning place at the moment, so if you have plenty of time you will be happy.

Farrah H.

What a great atmosphere for date night or family night out. The food is excellent especially the wings and brisket tacos can't leave without having them. The waitress was helpful to suggest delicious alcoholic drink. The manager Michael or Mike I can't recall his name came to our table to check to make our food was good and if there was anything else we may need. Now that is incredible service. Look forward to going back!!!!


This place is just awesome. The Hub Streat wings are just hands down oh my God good. Michael and Mia are very attentive leaving you no chance to ask for anything.Thank you for such a good time.

Glen Townsend

Mia and Michael were fantastic,, We had a larger party, they were very accommodating and very friendly and helpful. The burgers were awesome and the wings and pizza were very good as well.

Karen Shortt

Really great food and atmosphere. Wings and truffle fries were amazing

Jana Kelly

My son, his wife, their two children, and I visit tonight (8/5/20) It was my first time. I was blown away by the amazing service we had. Our server was Elise and she is a gem. My daughter-in-law is diabetic and asked q few questions about a drink she was considering. Elise brought the product out so to be seen! She took the time to ensure my daughter-in-law would be able to manage her sugar count. She also made wonderful good suggestions and was great to the 7 y/o and 16 month old. The food was outstanding and served quickly. We appreciated Elise so much and made sure to tell the manager. She's an outstanding young lady. I'm moving back to thus area and I can't wait to visit again and ask for Elise!

Brek Darling

Would love to buy the owner / manager of this place a beer sometime. You're so close to being a going concern, but keep missing that last star. Things are undoubtedly difficult right now. You got rid of / finally taught your chef, but things still aren't quite right. If and when you change your hours, make it known. Have the servers offer that last beer / shot / brisket taco combo not just for the additional revenue, but for a better tip to end the night. I'm confident this place will get there, and we'll keep walking there until this is a 5. Or not.

MJ Alami

Elise was our waitress and Michael was the on-duty manager. Exemplary service is the best way to describe it. So good that they could’ve served me dirty socks and toilet water and they would still get 5 stars. Thank you guys. A+


Food was great, manager was great, our server was NOT attentive. Neat place to hang out. Will go back.

Beryl D.

Stopped by Friday for Happy hour. I was confused walking in as no one greeted me. Also, I was confused trying to figure out where to park and where the front entrance was. I flagged down some servers who told me it was open seating. It'd be helpful to have sign placement to prevent confusion. Once I seated myself, I was impressed with how friendly the server was, my margarita, how quick my order came out and how quickly the server addressed correcting my soggy fries. What I was not impressed by was how bland my food was and how there is no sanitizing care for table condiments.

David Sipos

WHO KNEW! This is a FUN eatery to visit! They've hosted weekly comedy open mics and served as base camp for Plano Comedy Festival! The layout is a unique design, that arranges the seating into different areas. They also have a patio/ courtyard that is pet friendly.

Rachel L.

I have NEVER felt more taken care of at a bar. The bartender William knows how to read you and suggest the perfect cocktail to complete your experience. Definitely my new spot!

Stephanie Phillips

Great atmosphere!!! Loved it

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