5700 Legacy Dr #A2, Plano
(972) 398-6550

Recent Reviews

Missy Ann

I went there today and ordered and almond butter bowl. After waiting for a few minutes the girl told me they don’t make them anymore. So I changed to a smoothie. After I left I realized how low my smoothie was filled and checked my account and both transactions are on my card. So I paid $17 for this little smoothie that wasn’t even filled all the way. Not happy!

miyuki sakima

I got the island pitaya bowl. It was runny and would have been a good smoothie. Not a whole lot of toppings. Not ththe best bang for your buck. I rreccomend you try cafe acai that's where I normally go

Kimberly Gist Miller

I love Jamba and I always get great service!

Dee S

Customer Service was great! With everything going on where businesses now have to operate outside of what they imagined customer contact/interaction would be. I worried that customer service would be lost...possibly become an afterthought..its nice to know at this location I was wrong.

Sophia N

I always interact with their friendly staff when I visit and enjoy my smoothies every time at Jamba. This is a great location. I would have Jamba every day if I could. Thanks!

Jackson Winniford

I was so happy with my order and the fast order time

Colorfulbacons YT

Good smoothie and lots of oranges good place to hang out!Also subscribe to my YouTube channel

Joe Joe

Grest fresh fruit frinks. Nice location, easy access from main road. Fairly price, and great service.

Mason G

Workers are very nice and you get order fast.

Jenifer Ermey

We are at this store often. All the employees are AMAZING! They know your name and do a fast job of getting out out order.

Missy G

Staff is always happy, helpful and they make a great peanut butter moo'd!

C Mc

Great customer service and excellent smoothies. I come hear nearly every week!

Tonya Martin

Very nice and clean. The menu is updated with optics, the only shortcoming is the parking is congested.

Katherine Oved

So friendly and kids drink free Tuesdays

Renee Young

I frequent this store quite often and I always have a great experience! The staff is always very kind and efficient. My order is always made accurately and quick.

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