MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes

6100 K Ave Ste. 104C Ste. 104C, Plano
(214) 501-3459

Recent Reviews

Rick Leal

Great burgers and fries with the family. Matt made sure we were taken care of.

Artur Crownover

Service is fast and efficient. Ask for Matt when you go in. He is 5-star for friendly and informing you of specials and available menu items. Thanks Matt.

Dani 36

The staff was so nice and everyone was wearing a mask properly! I will definitely be back.

Prissy Mount

Good food, reasonable prices.

Maria E. M.

I mean what can I say calm of the food is very good it's very consistent very flavorful. I believe the prices on on point and I believe that you get your value as well as the taste. I would definitely recommend I think that there are many many places here in Texas there has burgers and if you are looking for a great Burger to have this is the place to go

Abdo Al Monhem Amiri

Really that was one of the best burgers I've had in a long time.I went there today with my freind, I ordered the MOOYAH Mushroom Swiss burger and fries.The MOOYAH Mushroom Swiss burger was just perfect. We get to watch them make our burger and fries as they have an open kitchen. The fries were crispy and great. The cashier was very friendly and super cheer.I recommend this place and they deserve 5 stars ?Food 100%Service 100%Restrooms and dining clean 100%

Dudeman 13

Haven't been there in a decade, just as good as I remember it.

Alexander Davis

Chill vibe, great food!!!! Greet customer service aka Mat the cashier?✊

DeeJay B.

Terrible service. My wife went to pick up an order that we placed through their mobile app. The person at the pickup line told her that they didn't receive the order. She was then directed to go see the cashier. My wife waited their for a few minutes because the cashier was on the phone. My wife showed the cashier her phone with the order she placed and paid for. The cashier didn't know what was going on, so my wife asked if she could just reorder everything that was listed on her phone. At this time a large group came in and the cashier started taking their orders. My wife was then told that they will take care of her after they help out the large group.

Blanca M.

Food was good but cold , I chose curbside bc we just came out of the pool chose 8 pm for pick up , got there called to check in at 802 got an answer .. 16 min later I had to walk inside an empty restaurant to pick up my order myself .. next time just go to the one on Preston ...

saejin セジン

The burgers were decent and there’s something for almost any kind of dietary restriction you may have, which is very much appreciated!But when I went here, my friend went to get a Sprite and saw little black flecks in her cup. She went to get another one and that cup was dirty too, and the staff seemed to be getting annoyed at us for wanting a clean cup. The store was dim and pretty dirty in general, so I probably won’t be back here again.

Leslee Hunter

My visit to this Mooyah was my first time into any restaurant since mid-March and the stay at home order due to the virus. I was made to feel very comfortable as I was greeted by Amberly who took great care with my order, got my food out fast and even assisted me with a refill as I was recovering from surgery and my arm was in a sling. Absolutely one of the best turkey burgers I've ever had and the fries were great too! Seeing them clean and disinfect all the tables each time someone left made me feel safe as well.

Jean Fletcher

love these guys. they’re always making sure the grill is wiped down as i have a severe food allergy, the burgers are great, and the videos inside are cute and fun. best burger locally.

Kevin Badgett

Great food, good options (ex: Paleo). Nice to have curbside pickup now as well.

Casey Bronson

Ordered curbside pickup through the app. The food was ready when I got there. It was delicious as usual.

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