Pho My

3100 Independence Pkwy # 310, Plano
(972) 964-7025

Recent Reviews

Sumadis N.

My new fav Vietnamese restaurant. This place makes the most delicious authentic Vietnamese foods at a very affordable prices. Everyone is lucky to have Pho My in the area.

Penny B.

I live really close to this place so I eat here a lot (couple times a month at least). I really like their pho and have tried their spring rolls and their "Com Tam Suong Nuong" (BBQ pork chop with broken rice) and I liked those too. Pho is what I usually get and I really like their broth. It has a nice flavor in my opinion. Their broth is consistent and I've yet to be disappointed.

Beverly Gillaspy

Never disappointed. Always fresh and well seasoned. I like the family atmosphere

Shali C.

Store is clean. Spring roll is good. Pho is awesome Server is very friendly. Price is affordable. What else I should say. Five starrrrrrs

Patrick S.

It has been a very long time, since I have come here to eat. I had the BBQ Pork, Shredded Pork, Bake Egg, and Rice. It was pretty good to eat and will come back in the near future.

Christina Wang

HORRIBLE COSTUMER SERVICE!!!!! Don’t come here unless you wanna get screamed at and insulted by employees. A friend of mine got insulted and verbally assaulted for not picking up her order. Unacceptable and unprofessional!!!


poor customer service, just rude... smh..

G H.

This is my favorite. I've been going here for years and when the name changed a little while back I was cautiously optimistic. The only thing that changed was the name!!! I've been all over the state on the quest for the perfect pho and I can never quite put my finger on what sets this flavor profile at the top, but maybe it's that mysterious x factor that keeps me so in love. It's a wholly authentic experience. The staff are so loving and perfect, I honestly wish they'd just go ahead and adopt me already. I live about 45 minutes from here but never let the drive, the weather, or anything else stop me. This was my husband's first introduction to pho, 3 years ago. He's a picky eater and doesn't venture out, too often. I knew when he finally decided to try pho that I would have to wow him with one shot. It WORKED and we eat here at least once a month, more in the cold and rainy season. Love My Pho MY!

Tuyen Phan

I like all the foods except Bun Bo Hue. There is no lemongrass flavor at all. Taste like pork soup only - Major disappointed ?

David N.

The bun thit nuong (vermicelli with grilled pork ) here is delicious. I've been here a few times since recently moving to Dallas from Southern California and it's been consistently good. This place hits the spot for me.

Sohel C.

Not good at all . One of the benchmark dishes that determine if a Vietnamese restaurant is good or not is lemon grass chciken. This was nothing close to what it should have tasted like . Disappointing

Do J.

Pork chop rice dish with GREAT!! I'm from CA with taste buds coming from Little Saigon and this restaurant does a great job with decent portions and flavor. Haven't tried their pho yet but I will next time

Sun Ha

They DON'T use fresh ingredients!!!!! I did a take out order and the seafood pho with shrimps were mushy and watery wet! They also gave me barely any seafood. Wasted money. Will never return.

Kelly Fung

It might sound crazy but I could smell the delicious pho all the way from Mudleaf Coffee (same plaza). I wasn't even aware there was a pho place nearby!

Kelly F.

It might sound crazy but I could smell the delicious pho all the way from Mudleaf Coffee (same plaza). I wasn't even aware there was a pho place nearby! My boyfriend and I visited the following weekend during the late afternoon. The decor was outdated but clean. It was a pretty small place and they were serving 2 other tables. I ordered the spring roll and bun bo hue. My boyfriend got pho. The waitress told me they don't add pig blood to bun bo hue unless you ask. Good! Cuz I didn't want any! I'm sad to report that despite the affordable price, the food was only just ok. Even though they included a generous amount of shrimp in the spring roll, the cabbage looked as if it was starting to yellow. And I craved more flavor from the peanut dipping sauce. The bun bo hue and pho had so much meat. But we've definitely had tastier broth elsewhere. We weren't sitting by the windows and it was cold that day, but the sun was really strong through the windows so it was hot inside the restaurant. I guess they noticed and put down the (see-through) curtains but it didn't help much. Especially while we were eating. The waitress noticed I was fanning myself and went to turn on the AC. My bun bo hue wasn't even $9 and they're generous with their meat. So I would say... Check this place out if you're not ultra picky because it's cheap. You don't have much to lose and you might like this place because there are other people who did and keep coming back. I'm just not one of them.

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