Piada Italian Street Food

3309 Dallas Pkwy, Plano
(469) 289-4433

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Sara C.

Long story short.. this is chipotle italian style. You first choose if you want a wrap or in a bowl. I chose bowl. You choose your base sauce and if you want noodles or other carbs.Then you get to choose your protein and all the toppings that you want to put inside. It may seem like a small portion but it actually fills you up. The workers behind the window were so sweet to walk me through the ordering process when it was my first time. Price is also decent. I noticed they had special soda and lemonade but was not able to try it. Hopefully I can visit again when I'm in town. I recommend when you want a quick lunch that's equally delicious, affordable and pretty healthy.

Norman A.

Went in to get togo food today, looks like they got a male new chef, was use to the older man chef and the Hispanic women chef. The food today was definitely not consistent with the food we first fell in love with in the past. My girlfriends pesto chicken bowl lacked flavor it was not the same, my chicken carbonara also lacked the good flavor it once had in the past. Im not sure if recipes have changed or someone is not following the recipes but the sauces are off. Maybe just an off day today but will try again in a couple weeks and see things are back to normal. Today's flavor will not keep me coming back.

Kathi G.

Chef Jose is amazing! The service is perfect, food is delicious and they even took very good care of me yesterday when my card was declined because there was a fraud alert on it. They patiently waited on me! They are awesome, especially Chef Jose!

Stephanie D.

Piada is such a great concept!! I love Italian food, but going into a full service restaurant for lunch isn't always an option. For a quick meal, made with fresh ingredients, this is the place to go! The staff was so friendly and had no issue walking me through my first time. Plus the cashier, Caleb, was so sweet! 10/10 would recommend!!!

Donia Dalia

Door Dashed my first order. I got the lobster bisque and Farmers Market salad. They were both very delicious!! Thank you so much!!

Lylianna S.

I love this place, the staff very friendly the food always great food! I love chef's favorite Piada with grill chicken It so good

Thomas Barrett

The food was excellent. The chef Brian came out to talk with us. He does an excellent job. My wife and I love that place.

Stephanie Miller

Okay first time eating here. The counters where they make food was messy with food splattered from other meals. Guy drop meat on the counter picked it up off the messy food splattered counter and put it back on my sandwich. I wanted to say I left my wallet at home an leave. Texas has a bad habit of hiring these teens and not teaching them cleanliness but it is a direct view on what the boss does. People usually work to the standards of the direct supervisor. The food was good I want to go back I'll give it one more try at another location. This one counters were just messy with food particles and sauces and my flat bread was just draped all over counter. So sorry . The lobby was clean the drink area was clean but the table where they make the food needed help it was gross to see food dropping everywhere and no one took five min to just wipe it up.

Pablo H.

I would just like to mention that the staff here is the absolute best. Chef José was extremely helpful and polite. When faced with a difficult decision between what I should order he was very insightful and descriptive in the food options available. Not to mention his ability to speak Spanish help my mother in navigating the menu displayed. 10/10 will definitely be visiting soon

Charity Vesey

Food was very fresh. Chicken breast cooked fresh to order. Customer service was in point.

Hani N.

The food at Piada is phenomenal. Great quality food, reasonable price, customizable, and delicious. It's by far my favorite place to grab a quick meal. But more importantly, the staff at this location are incredibly pleasant. Chef Victor is respectful and friendly; and it's always such a pleasure getting to chat with him. The attitude of the management at this branch clearly trickles down as all of the employees seem to enjoy their time working. I go in a few times a week and am greeted with smiles and interesting conversation every time I'm there. Quick little shout out to Davis as well. He's always incredibly kind and uplifting with an awesome sense of humor.

Meredith D.

the food here in phenomenal. i've been eating here for a few years. but i'm eating in today and the guy didn't ask me what size i wanted so i get to the register and my order is $11 instead of $7. he had given me the biggest size of course the one which was more expensive. also the lady at the counter wasn't wearing any gloves and was handling money and that is really not smart during the pandemic time.

Hannah K.

If you want italian food that taste like it was made days ago and reheated then I guess this place is for you. I ordered the pesto pasta with chicken then as my order is being made, the lady looks at me at tells me they only have veggies, sausage or steak... maybe put a sign up that says you don't have any or tell me when I order, not as my food is being made. My boyfriend ordered the diavolo pasta with sausage and the sausage was thin, patty like and greasy, something you would find at a breakfast diner.. the Parmesan sticks are soggy and the inside cheese is cold, definitely not fresh. Piada use to be a good place to eat but I don't think I will be returning.

Jon D.

Would be great if you would take 5 seconds and update your website, yelp, and google data to show you'll be closed on days you're closed. #4thofjuly. ThanksWhen you open back up ill change rating to 5 stars.You'll have to suffer a full day of 1 star for this heinous act!Thanks love theEdit - ate at Piada today 7/5/2020. Was great. Thanks, stars updated. You suffered enough. Hope you learned your lesson. Staff was super.

DeJay Perkins

This establishment refused to assist with several orders which were not made to expectation. We were loyal customers of this establishment and unfortunately we will NOT be returning. We are taking out buisness to Olive Garden, BUDDY!!!!!!!

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