Razzoo's Cajun Cafe

3904 Dallas Pkwy, Plano
(972) 473-9248

Recent Reviews

Briana Delgado

Nice location for delicious Cajun food. you won't be disappointed in the menu and service. this place has a cool design.

Nicholas Edwards

Ordered online. Received order and boxes were placed upside down in bag, sauce was spilled in orders and it was a mess. Talked to the GM Frank and he said we must have tipped it over. Wow! The boxes were literally upside down and things we're just strewn about in the bag. Frank needs to do better training his staff and he should learn how to talk to customers. Perhaps they should replace Frank. Terrible service.

Iswideopen R.

We came to Dallas to visit for the weekend from Cali and this restaurant was recommended to use by family members. All the food looks so yummy and delicious when it arrived at the table for our party of 6. The grilled alligator was just right for myself, a little on the spicy side but it sure was gooood

Ariyanna V.

I've always had a wonderful experience at Razzoo's. I was wondering when the Plano location closed, and is there a chance another location will open soon near that area?

Michael Ward

Good red beans and rice.

Terri Segura

Very unique. Cool place. Our food was good. Nice staff

John Bass

Good food. Best part is that I meet here with my brother and we set for hours just talking and are never harassed by the staff to order more stuff or get out. Great atmosphere

Matthew Stenberg

First time trying this place. The food was great, especially liked the red beans and rice. Will definitely come again next time I am in town.

Larry P.

Razzoos is one of my favorite chain restaurants with their very tasty and often very spicy Cajun food. I had the shrimp and Chicken Etouffee Which was excellent, I couldn't of made a better batch myself. I was somewhat disappointed in the raw oysters, many were so small they were barely there. And we had quite a sampling as we ordered two dozen raw oysters. Overall we had a good time, and I don't want to forget the fact we had the Rat Toes which are some of my favorites also. Other than the size of the oysters, the only suggestion I can have for anyone going to Razzoos is bring a fat wallet, our lunch was $80, which seems a bit high if you ask me, but I have no complaints other than what I outlined here, and I'll be back. Hopefully the oysters will be larger than these last ones, because usually we get some pretty good oysters at Razzoos.

Andrew B.

Dismal. My wife and I had a candid discussion about halfway through our meal. Is there any place, you've ever been, that is as bad as Razzo's. Each of us pondered back and forth. There was one time, the hostess forgot to seat us and we had a drink spilled on our lap without apology. That, was worse, but this is very close. The food is like you asked a 4 year old to make fish and gave them wonderbread, water, and minced shimp. Whoever runs this kitchen is playing a cruel joke on the patrons. What an insult to Dallas, and in general the state of Louisiana. Somebody needs to buy this place, because it is strategically placed near a high tier cinema. I will have bad dreams about this place of business. The service sucked. At least the beers are big and cold.

A P.

The food is great, I will say that from the get go. The reason for the two stars is because they cut the portion in half of the crawfish étouffée. For the last 10 years I have lived in the neighborhood, you would get two scoops when you ordered takeout. Now it is down to one. The food is still fantastic, and don't get me wrong, they are not complete neighborhood sellouts like Joe's Pizza and Pasta on Parker and the tollway, who raised their prices AND cut their portion sizes in half, thereby thumbing the eye of the very neighborhood that sustained them while all the other pizza places opened and closed over the years, but it is unfortunate that because Razzoo's is crowded morning noon and night these days, the portions have gotten smaller while the prices stay the same.

Jordyn Harris

Literally the best place i've ever eaten at. Food is delicious, drinks are ok. Best meals are they're sea food platters and burgers. 100% I give it 4.5 stars.

Mariam A.

Food was mediocre and the service was below average on a Saturday evening. Ordered an appetizer called Rat toes, which was probably our favorite item of the night. Also ordered the Stuffed Shrimp and the Shrimp Po'Boy. The Stuffed Shrimp was dry although the flavor was good. The Po'Boy was average. Both were just ok, nothing special. Good portions and decent price for the items. The service was poor and not attentive. Some of our items were brought our incorrectly inadvertently and it was the Servers fault but it delayed one of the meals. May give it another chance to try something else.

Norah Kennedy

One of my favorite places for quality cajun food. Arrived at seven, it wasn't crowded. Service treated us so nice. Bring your hunger - portions are filling. This place has great reviews for a reason.

Edgar Hobbs

Excellent spot for delicious Cajun food. I give this place two thumbs up. Service is typically above par. Prices are decent.

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