Taqueria Los Angeles

1424 Jupiter Rd #203, Plano
(972) 423-2303

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Shahzur Jafferali

Why can’t everyday be Taco Tuesday? Well, at EVERYDAY is for tacos!.This gem in Plano is the purest taqueria in Texas! @taqueria.losangeles offers a variety of delicious and savory bites along with their famous HENNY Horchata! They even have air fresheners smelling like this famous delicacy. Also, their churros are the perfect dessert to wrap up any meal! We really n enjoyed the burrito, jumbo tacos, churros and much more! 10/10 would recommend!For more content like this check out my food page @thehungrytriooo on Instagram.

Devon Ellis

Everything here is amazing! The best horchata I've ever had. The tacos are amazing. Great job guys.

Carl Burke

The food, cocktails, service and experience were all fantastic. I could not say enough good things. Simply great, if in the area I would highly recommend for lunch!

Ms. Queen

The best street tacos I've had. Today was my first time visiting and they did not disappoint. I will say those hellfire potatoes almost took me out ? I was not prepared for that level of spice. I can't wait to try more from the menu.

Violet C.

Delicious migas and loaded chorizo fries. The salsas are super spicy but delicious. Would definitely come back!

Niki Christoff

I have eaten (take out) from here three times, since moving to the area from out of state! Let me tell you the red sauce is HOT! I struggle to find a sauce I find to be “spicy” but this one got me good! I love it! Face sweating, lips on fire goooood authentic spicy goodness! Yes hey also have a green sauce for those looking for less tasty- torture to the face The steak in the tacos is some of the best I have had! The chicken is my second fave but I prefer the steak! They add these potatoes to the to go box and those are sneaky spicy also! I would LOVE to try a “vegan version” taco with the potatoes as the filler! The decor is cute also! The people are nice! They are open later than some of the other local options and the prices are WAY better. Other charge 4$ for a much less appetizing taco... so I will pick this everytime! Authentic, quality, fast, good pricing. Winner winner taco dinner !


The food was meh...not worth my drive. Definitely doesn’t live up to the Instagram hype. They were not taking COVID-19 safety seriously, tables & chairs were not space out 6ft. People in line are a 1ft apart (of course, I won’t blame the establishment for it, this is personal responsibility. But, the tables & chairs is their responsibility).I had the fajita burrito, which is a very good portion, but lack in flavor. The red hot sauce is very good and spicy. My husband had the barbacoa tacos, and he didn’t like them. He also said they lacked in flavor.Will not make the drive again, I can find similar or better food much closer.

Dedra Colston

It was crowded and didn't look like and precautions were being followed by the customers. The workers finally had people to stand outside to order. The tables were wiped down to eat, restroom not very tidy, but could be due to one only working.The food!! The tacos were tasty. We had chorizo and chicken. The gordita was a nice size, looked delicious, but the meat was flavorless in my opinion, but with a little added seasoning it was tasty.

Solomon Gutierrez

100% authentic Mexican food. Don't live in the plano area but any chance I get I stop by for a meal. Flour tortillas handmade from scratch. Several food items to choose from on the menu, you can't go wrong with whatever you pick. Very friendly service as well!

Blanca Tirado-Cadena

So good! Can’t wait to go back ? The service was great and the food was delicious.

Shannah H.

This is a popular place and my first takeaway from going in for lunch at 11 a.m.: People who call in their order are smart. The line can get quickly get long, which speaks to how popular Taqueria Los Angeles is and that tacos are made to order.I did the 3 taco lunch and ordered a horchata on the side. My tacos choices were my go-tos for trying out a new place: steak, barbacoa and pastor. I didn't care for the pastor - a little spicy and I like spicy food - but the barbacoa and steak were terrific. The salsas were both totally spicy, almost to the point of more spice than flavor. I think the peppers must have been exceptionally hot when the salsa was made, which happens from time to time. The horchata was AMAZING.Love the vibe inside, even though I took my food to go. This is definitely a place to come in and eat when COVID goes the heck away, but it's also a good place for take-away.Summary:Is it good? YESIs it the best street taco place east of 75 in Plano: MAYBE for some, but NO for me. I liked it, but I'll drop my taco money at the little shop inside Jamals (La Paisanita) or at Tortilleria La Sabrosa.

Andrew K.

My wife and I are originally from California and have been searching for a Cali-Mex restaurant, today we finally have. This place is delicious and priced well. I recommend the mega burrito with beef. Another favorite is the beef quesadilla. This place is phenomenal and always has people here eating and for obvious reason. I'd give this place 10 stars if could.

Min K.

The loaded burrito is good but super spicy! The tortilla used for the burrito isn't the best. Kinda stale. I'll have to try the Dorado next time.

Elvira T.

Excepted more from this place... especially with the pictures and videos on social media and a line out the door. Unfortunately, nothing to write home about. The Mega Burrito was average. I ordered a milanesa torta, and couldn't even eat half. The meat was chewy and cut up weird. Definitely not fresh and nothing like milanesa I've had before. The agua de sandía and pepino were tasty. They were natural and not overly sweet. Churros were also fresh. The staff was friendly and tried their best to get orders out as quickly as possible. Establishment was clean but seating was obviously limited.

Alexandra M.

Well, I am pretty disappointed especially cause the pics on Instagram made the food look really good.I ordered the California burrito & one tripa taco.... when I go home... I realized my California burrito only had beans and meat. The meat was hard and dry. No cheese... no guacamole... totally overrated. I was kinda sad and upset. The tripa taco was a little better but the tortilla was dry. They took a while so I guess I had expected everything to be really fresh and delicious. But definitely not coming again. I drove 30 minutes for this "Cali" type of Mexican restaurant. I guess I'll stick to south Texas for that. Probably won't go again. Also as far as covid goes... their bathrooms were dirty. Tables were filthy. You can tell a lot about a restaurant when it comes to cleanliness.

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