Taste of Poland European Tavern

2301 Central Expy #155, Plano
(972) 423-2458

Recent Reviews

Michele Cybula

Authentic experience. The food was very bland and seemed under seasoned. High priced for mediocre quality.

Maddox W

I really enjoy their dishes. I always get great service here. The place is neat and the staff members are always very nice. I highly recommend this place.

Donald King

The spot is awesome and spacious, the food was enchanting and the rates were very fair. fast, effective service and very personal waiters. I recommend this place.

Debbie W

Only been here once and had half order of cabbage roll which means you get one cabbage roll and a small scoop of mashed potatoes for $10.50. it was fine, cabbage seemed a little tough. I know a lot of my friends like it and I'd be willing to go back and try something else. They also have a store area so you can buy polish items to take home.

Barbara Brozowski Reed

My daughter and I went for lunch today for the first time. The taste of Poland platter was so delicious... very tasty with good spices. It has a nice little store/deli. Took home some good kielbasa. Can't wait to take the trip back.

Ian Spence

We had an extraordinary at this place. We enjoyed the extraordinary ambience and the food. The staff were super affable. I am happy we finally managed to visit this restaurant.

Kira Perry

Went here for the first time to try something new with my husband and I couldn't honestly recommend this more. First time having polish food and it's the best I've ever had! TRY IT NOW!!!!!!!


Really good food and service. The host was really nice. The food reminded me of the Polish food we had when I went there this past winter. The market there was well stocked with all Polish brands. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to step out of there comfort zone to try something new.

Aleksandra Winkler

Great bigos! Really, everything there is yummy. My favorite is the sample platter because you get a good variety of everything for a great price.My favorite place to go, especially now when I'm pregnant, I crave my grandmother 's cooking. And they have all of it!

Alex Salazar

Great Goulash and Flaki! Service is GREAT!

Michelle Ponton

AMAZING food and service! This will be our biweekly place.

Robert H.

I love this place. They have the best Polish food I have found in North Texas. My wife and I used to share the taste of Poland sampler but she started ordering different meals. I always get the Taste of Poland which is really for two or more people. It makes a couple of fantastic meals for me. We always get served by the same person who is always very pleasant. It is a strange looking little restaurant inside but i am always glad went.They have a great little mini mart also that is full of hard to find Polish foods.

Sarah S.

Needed a taste of home. Got the polish platter to go, feeds two of us (in all actuality it could feed three!) the the food was amazing. Spot on! Just like my great grandmother and my grandmother cooked back in the day. The cabbage rolls were my favorite! Pierogi's were spot on, and the dumplings were something new to me but so good! One of my new favorites. They also have a small market that you could buy from. Hands down one of my new favorites here in Dallas the

AshNJusty N.

Absolutely phenomenal food, atmosphere, and the service! This cozy restaurant along with the store on side has authentic Polish dishes & products. As you enter the restaurant, the little history about the picture on the wall- it is taken from Old Town, Warsaw. It presents a very famous monument of one of the Polish kings "Zygmunt III Waza". Behind, you can see the Polish castle. One of the many in the country! :-)I strongly recommended the traditional Polish beer "Tyskie" that has originated in around 1629, which makes it one of the oldest beers in Poland. For the food, I love "Ruskie Pierogi" which are also known as "Russian style Pierogi" or in other words "Potato-cheese dumplings". For the desert, the homemade cheesecake is an amazing option! When it comes to "Pierogis", make sure to check out the selection from the store! I must recommend the "Sweet Cheese" or "Blueberry". Both are very popular & the fruit ones are usually served during the summer time. Traditionally, both are to be enjoyed with a splash of sweetened "Śmietana" which is similar to "Table Cream" or "Sour Cream" if anything else is unavailable :-)I also recommend "Tymbark" juices, E.Wedel chocolate with hazelnuts and to be honest many, many other deserts & snacks. If you want to change things a little in the kitchen, buy "Vegeta" which is a great seasoning- especially with steamed vegetables! Whatever you order or buy, I'm hoping you'll enjoy it as much as me! :-)- Justy

Tregg Spolar

One of my favorites! The food is exceptional, and I just love the little Polish market. You really can't go wrong here.

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