Taste of Thai Plano

3205 Alma Dr #401, Plano
(469) 786-0202

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Wonderful food and service, every time. I have tried several of the fish dishes, several of the duck dishes and several of the noodle and rice dishes. Not a one of them has ever disappointed, quite the contrary actually. The best Thai food that I have had so far has all come from this establishment. I highly recommend, and if you love spicy, just let the staff know and they can kick it up a notch or ten for you no problem. Their spice rating is 1-5 or 15-20 if you prefer very spicy Thai food. Also, try the specialty spring roll, it’s a house recipe, and oh so good.

Kendra H.

Ordered the Drunken Noodles with Tofu and a spiciness level 3 (out of 5) here for take out and they were absolutely delicious. The noodles still tasted great even after a drive home from the place. From the customer service to the food portion size and taste, this place is absolutely amazing. If you want to grab a quick bite of Thai food, this is the place to go. The order also came with a salad on the side and the dressing seemed like it was a special in house dressing as it was absolutely delicious. I would definitely order take out from here again as the portion size is pretty decently sized (unlike some other restaurants I've been to where the take out food option has a significantly smaller portion than the dine in option).

Joel A.

Go anywhere but this place if you want to do carryout. I called an order in, then mistakenly showed up at a different restaurant nearby, whoafterwaiting 5 minutes outside in a hot un-airconditioned car tells me by text that I have the wrong restaurant . So I found the number I called to order, try to get their location and get a vague runaround about the corner of Parker and Alma then ask again how to find them at "Parker & Almar Rd. More run around, then the guy gets aggravated because he can't even say which street they face or which corner and tells me to F**k Off and HANGS UP!Good luck with your abysmal phone manners and business values. There are half a dozen Thai places within 2 miles of you. Ones that have nicer decor than your store front place, who have real Thai people and friendliness.

Tina Hamilton

DINE IN IS OPEN!! Our new favorite go to Thai Restaurant!! SUPERB garlic duck and THE BEST teriyaki chicken! They get their duck from a farm in Indiana and I have never eaten duck that I liked…until now! The husband and wife team here is awesome and so friendly!

Patty L.

I was craving som tum and my husband wanted Panang, we also ordered pad Thai, pad kra pow, and pad see ew. The som tum was okay, nothing special and not like home. I don't like when they use chili sauce instead of fresh Thai pepper to make it spicy. They do the same with the pad Thai and it takes away from the freshness of these dishes. I couldn't eat the pad Thai, it tasted like the bottom of a dirty wok. The Panang had no flavor. It was very Americanized. The only flavor is pretty much coconut milk. The pad kra pow was fine, flavor was there, very greasy though. Pad see ew was the best thing we ordered even though it wasn't special. Not enough to have me going back.

Stephen Childs

irritated that i didn't know about this place before covid. delivery was perfect and the food has actual flavor. worth a try.

Portia Shewmaker Stephens

Excellent food and lots of it.

Ryan H.

Really good, and I have been picky when it comes to restaurants. I like Saucy's Thai and Pho in Plano and then another place in Wylie too, and glad I found this! Dig it!

Jacqueline O.

Amazing customer service and most importantly, delicious homemade food. We We will be sure to be back to enjoy more from the menu!

Nicole Richardson

The food is always so good. There are several dishes that are unique to the restaurant. But even if you can have a dish that is served at oth restaurants it will taste fresher here. The special chicken rolls and the chicked peanut stir fry are two of me favorites. It is a small place so it can get crowded at times. The owners are there cooking and serving. They are so friendly and take great pride in the food and service.

Rachel Holman Mark

The best Thai food EVER. We drive from Ennis to enjoy this place!

Miki N.

Ordered non spicy curry but the brought very very spicy one! It's not a first time. Other foods are not so good...


This place is absolutely amazing! Super friendly owners we chatted with during our meal. Everything we had was terrific! Definitely will go back next time we are nearby!

Dara F.

The yellow curry is soo good! Make sure you add some spice. It can feed two people give or take. I just wish the side of rice was bigger

Holly N.

This place is pretty decent and pretty authentic! My friends and I ordered from this place a few days ago and it satisfied my Thai cravings. We ordered all of our dishes level 3 spicy. It wasn't that spicy in my opinion. Next time, we'll probably order 4 or 5. Beef pad Thai (4/5) it was pretty good! All the flavor was there. The only thing was that there were carrots. I didn't really care for it. It was mixed into the pad Thai and idk if it was supposed to be a garnish or what but anyways carrots aren't my cup of tea for pad Thai. Tom yum soup (1/5) my friends and I were really disappointed in this soup. I did not taste like Tom yum at all. I don't even know how to describe it. My friend thought I ordered her the wrong thing and I said nope I ordered Tom yum. It was not the sweet and sour I was expecting. It was more so bland. I couldn't even taste the lemongrass in it. Chicken larb (4/5) ooOoo the larb was good!! FLAVOR WAS ON POINT!! I really wished that they didn't put the larb on top of the lettuce. My boyfriend and I like to eat larb like lettuce wraps and we couldn't do that because the lettuce was all wilted from the heat of the larb on top of it. Other than that, I would totally recommend. Basil fried rice (5/5) can't go wrong with basil fried rice. It was yummyyyyy! Chicken satay (3/5) I've had better chicken satay. I did like dipping it into the peanut sauce! However the taste of this chicken satay wasn't how I like it. Idk maybe it wasn't grilled to my perfection. This place is right down the street! I will be back because of convenience and I always crave Thai.

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