The Boiling Stop

1110 E Parker Rd #108, Plano
(469) 814-0045

Recent Reviews

Brittaney Hollins

The food is always amazing! If you are ever in the area you should stop by, ask for Brittney or Hampton they give fantastic service and are very personable!

Jubril Ajayi

I don’t know what kind of employees are here, but they being soo rude. Imagine the store charging me twice for an order and the employee telling me there’s nothing he can do. So rude and unprofessional!

Money Spencer

Husband ordered 2lbs of shrimps on 9/17/20 the sauce was like water I could have dranked it through a straw.The sauce used to be thick with chunks of garlic but now they giving you water down sauce. Want be back what a waste of money!

Timothy Lee

Delicious! Messy as hell. But delicious. Service above par. I tipped 30 percent. They deserved it.

scott w

Love this place. Red beans and rice to die for. Go ahead and shell out the $40 for king crab. Well worth it. Service was excellent. thanks Brittany for the attentive service. Will be back.

Sharon Quiñones

The service was great, but the taste was not there. One of my least favorite seafood boils. The corn was the only thing that seemed to capture the flavor.

Bin Hiden

My Guy Hampton, keeps Us right Everytime ?

Donny W.

I went there bought 2lb crawfish last night . The crawfish is super small and meet is dark (some of them even empty) I think they use frozen crawfish . the taste is not good too .(very strong lemon flavor and nothing else) Very bad experience won't go back again .

Kimberly B.

This place have the best cajun/creole food in town. A but pricy but really awesome service and food

Vanessa Webb

I was excited to try this place because I've seen it everywhere. I got the crab and shrimp combo and the fried catfish meal with cajun fries. The best part were the cajun fries. The shrimp were drenched in sauce but somehow still bland. They were also a little overcooked. The crab legs, corn and potatoes were okay. The catfish was too crispy a had very little meat inside (maybe they fried it too long and dried the meat out?). The cajun fries were actually pretty good. I wanted crawfish but they were out. Seeing how the shrimp turned out, it was probably fir the best. I would expect the crawfish to be just as bland as the shrimp. 3 stars instead of 2 because it's not terrible. But I wouldn't go back.

Mai Mahmoud

I am not sorry to say that I will not be going back to this place. The worst. customer. service. ever. What kind of restaurant asks their customers to never come back when it was them who messed up two parts of the order? What kind of restaurant implies the customer lies when the customer says they found pork in one of their orders (it was confirmed multiple times to make sure there's no sausage!). There are other things I will not mention only because I don't want to make this any longer. I would much rather go to The Boiling Crab anyway where the food is 10x better and it's only 5 mins away

Linda Pena

Pregnant drove 45 min to get to this place ordered 30 min in advance and even spelled out my boyfriends name to pick up because I was not getting off and when he asked for order no where to be found I called very upset and they just apologized thats it I was very looking forward to this meal and now I'm livid because the same guy that took my order is same guy who says he doesn't remember. He even gave me a total it was like 20.47 soooo upset worst ever....

Hussam Gharraph

Very poor customer service , make sure you check your order before you leave, you might end paying for completely different order and not get refunded for their mistakes .


The Boiling Stop is GREAT! I ordered the colossal combo for the traditional seafood boil my wife and I have every year for our anniversary. The king crab legs, shrimp, clams, mussels, sausage, and corn were outstanding! The seasoning was rich and spicy enough (medium) to enjoy without burning your tongue. The red beans and rice are terrific. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Omar I.

Long story short, if you are ordering a pick up, check your order before you leave. They will trick you and give you a wrong order or they will miss an item and they won't refund it. Basically will scam you. If u have time, here is the story :) I placed an order for a pick up on 7/18/2020 at 6:41 pm . In which, we specifically instructed them not to have any sausage ( or pork) in any part of our order as we don't eat pork. We picked it up around 7:30 pm as we live about 40 min away. Took it back all the way home to open it and found out that we are missing 3 meals/baskets. And one of the meals has sausage in it. I called them back right away around 8:30 pm and explained to them what happen. Instead of admitting their mistake they tried everything they can to get out of it. 1-They started by saying they will check the camera to make sure I didn't take it. Although I was shocked from this request ( basically calling me a lair indirectly), I said ok go ahead and do it. Gave them my contact number and waited a little but no one called me back . 2-I called back around 9:00pm. they are like, all what we can is to give u a 10% discount in your next order. I insisted on a refund. Then they asked me to get the item back to give me the refund. I'm like that's a missing part how will I get it back . I can only get back the pork containing item. 3-Then they asked to see for the receipt in person to do the refund in cash ( I paid with CC). I told them I live 40 min away and to come back is an inconvenient. That should be done remotely as I paid with CC over the phone so the refund should be the same way. They had the receipt number and the order number . Again they tried to do all what they can not to give the refund and at that point it wasn't a money issue. It was someone trying to take advantage of me and I wasn't going to allow this. So I told them I will come tomorrow with the receipt and with the pork containing item to get the refund.4- When I went the next day, they spook to the owner and he instructed them not to give a refund because I didn't call within 3 hours within placing the order. I showed them the time stamp on the receipt and she checked her caller ID and found out that I called within an hour. Then she told me that the owner told her not to issue a refund and she can't do anything.I'm not sure if the business is going down or struggle for money but that's not an excuse. We all are trying to help the business/ restaurants that we used to love during this difficult time. That's why we kept ordering pick up orders. But this isn't an excuse to scam people and refuse to refund them knowing that you made a mistake. That's basically stealing . Getting people money and don't provide the items or the services that you promised is stealing. For sure I will fight it with Better Business Bureau and even civil court. I won't let them go with it but just wanted everyone to be carful :)

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