The gogi

1861 N Central Expy #125, Plano
(972) 423-4057

Recent Reviews

Chris B.

We have been to many Korean places and this is our favorite. Great flavor! Unassuming location, not in a Korean area- but don't be fooled, it's delicious. We have been very pleased.

Mariam Tran

As a korean girl this is some of the freshest kbbq I’ve had. The server is such a sweet heart and was very attentive. The side dishes were great. Very clean.


Great food and great service. One of the best Korean restaurants in Dallas area.

James Adams

Amazing meet, side dishes were fresh, Ms Lee was amazing and upbeat. Yogi-yo!

J.R. Vazquez

Had a very authentic Korean dish, Bulgogi. The dish was soooooo good. The make their side dishes fresh. Have you ever had fresh kimchee? They have the best kimchee in the world.

Shahrin Shabnam Upoma

We walked in late, but as there were customers still eating, they served us. We ordered traditional bulgogi. The food was awesome. I have been to Korea and had the bulgogi before, and this restaurant’s food tasted the same! Lots of food for two people. Price was standard ($40). Will go again.

Michelle B.

Definitely coming back. Stopped in at lunch. They had some great lunch specials. I had hot pot bibimbap and it was delicious. Service was great. Felt like I was at home with my Korean Mom the waitress was so sweet. Very authentic Korean Food!

Janie Rios

The food was amazing and the service was incredible!! It was our first time here and we will definitely be coming back!!

daniel M.

The best Korean meal we have had since we left Hawaii. The bulgogi was so tasty I didn't even put sauce on it. Best mandoo ever. My wife ordered the spicy pork and it was excellent. My son had the kalbi and it disappeared. The sides were all good. We will be back with both son's.

Sohyeon Bak

We tried their kimchi soup (aka army soup) for the first time and it was definitely one of the worst ones we had. Kimchi soup is missing kimchi. Instead, they put CABBAGE in the soup. I spoke with the owner and she said that’s just how they make the kimchi soup. Also, the soup has 2-3 massive ground meat which taste really old. The ham was really tough to chew, smelled like they have been boiled over and over again. The fish cake from side plate was really dried and almost tasted like chips... it’s really disappointing because I really liked their food when they first opened and now their food is going downhill...

Nari Choi

Food taste has improved since I first went when they initially opened! Portions are generous and service is spot on. Will def go more often.

W Le

Everything was pretty tasty. Price is reasonable

Lucy M.

I've been to THE GOGI several times since it opened last year and I've enjoyed the food immensely every time I've come. The last two times our party did the tabletop grilling (2 meat orders or more) and it was fantastic! It is a little pricier than your typical dinner fare, and I recommend coming as a group so you can maximize the amount of meats you try and drive down cost per person. My favorites are the grilled boneless ribs and the grilled pork belly. The servers will come around and cook for you as well as tell you when your meat is ready to eat - I personally love the way the marinade on the boneless ribs caramelizes against the grill, and the last time I came our server put some more marinade right on the grill when she saw I was scooping it up with a spoon to pour over my rice. The seafood pancake and the beef head meat and rice soup are also excellent, and the restaurant provides a great selection of side dishes with your meal. Especially love the spicy anchovies and the sweet potatoes!

Jason B.

Awesome place, food was as fantastic and the service is exceptional, treated us just like family!!!


Very clean space, friendly service.

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