Tommy Bahama Restaurant, Bar & Store

7501 Windrose Ave, Plano
(214) 501-3600

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Carruth

Great food, fun atmosphere. Great time.

Clifton Neal

Excellent food and located on a Richie rich shopping arcade with very pleasant views and nice people and cars. Great place to escape.

Jana Been Fancher

Awesome food and great service! Will be back

George B.

This is MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT Here in Dallas!!!!!!! I just back from Cabo San Lucas & I'll Put Tommy B's up against any in Cabo!!!!!!!G Dallas

Kacey Deegan

Food was amazing, service was even better, we were here on vacation for my girlfriend's birthday and Scott was our server and he made the experience the best place I've eaten in a long time. Scott if you're reading this thanks bud you're amazing.

Bob P.

My wife and I have been to Tommy Bahama in Plano several times. Some experiences are better than others with this one taking first place for the WORST. It was 9/19 @ 1:30 PM we sat at the bar and were greeted by the guy, didn't catch his name as he worked the service bar, ONLY!His partner was a Lady didn't catch her name, who it appears that it was her job to serve the 6 patrons at the bar with the rest of the place at 50% capacity. That left the guy bartender tending to the service bar and two guys, leaving 4 of us to the lady bartender to assist us..oh and the Corvan wine dispenser. Finally she took our drink order, and we ordered a burger for me and a grilled chicken salad for my wife.The lady bartender then wrestled with Corvan wine pour system and had to have the service bar guy help her several times for all her pours. Then...she disappears....I guess frustrated by the wrestling match between her and the wine system and her apparent loss.Food comes and is set by whomever saw it in the window, I guess. No sight of the lady bartender to ask about my food cause if she had I would have sent it back!!!!The salad looked like it was old, and according to my wife and it was!! My burger was underdone, rare on a med order and the lettuce and tomato were old and brown.I tried to flag down service bar dude to left him know but he kept himself busy at the service bar tending to overtly look away in our direction while shooting the BS with the 2 dudes on his end.We choked down the food, while trying to gain the attention of anyone who walked behind the bar. Occasionally, I would see the lady bartender walk around, and stop in front of the service bar, but suspiciously avoiding us....After we finished what we could, out plates were taken by another waitress to whom I commented..."where are the bartenders "?Finally, 10 minutes after finishing what we could and plates taken away and with drinks gone, the lady bartender shows up with that tricky wine opener and glass and looks at us....I immediately put out my card and she made some "comment" about her hands being full, finally relenting to take my card snapping it out of my hand.Man, I did NOT want to watch another wrestling match with her and the wine opener only to have her "disappear" into thin air whilst we sit in parched silence and listen to cast away jabber of the "service bartender", so I pounced on the opportunity to "grab her while I could". Sorry...I guess.....We finally made it out of there noting that we were done with Tommy Bahama and their restaurant.As I mentioned before, I have been to the Plano location many times as well as locations all over the US. My clothes are mostly TB and I guess you could say I'm a huge fan. But I will think twice before I subject myself of friends to a trip to the Plano Tommy Bahama.

Valerie M.

I sadly wasn't too impressed. I had wanted to try this place for a while but we just never made the time to go. Came here a few weeks back and started with a pina colada which was more suitable for a 21 year old bday party as it was pure alcohol and not tasteful. I then switch to a classic mojito which quite opposite was all club soda and ice. The salmon salad was smaller than expected but had little flavor or grill taste. The crab cakes were good with the slaw that was given so if anything we'd go back just for that. Maybe I had a new bartender though. Apps and drinks only next time just give it another chance.

Lisa P.

Love this restaurant!! Always a great time! Live music, atmosphere, delicious food and great service makes this place one of our favorite restaurants! Tanner is a great server and always provides the best service!!

Rhiannan H.

It was a nice experience, the environment and the atmosphere were pleasant. There was live music that was kind of loud and right in front of all of the tables. Only complaint I have is that the menu is very very overpriced and the food was mediocre. Drinks from the bar were not made good at all. Friendly staff, and the COVID-19 rules are being enforced. Parking is crazy on a Friday and Saturday night so be aware

Kathy O.

Sad to give 3 stars. Food was phenomenal!!! Better steak than any 5 star restaurants I've been too. But the service was horrible. The kid who served us, seemed to have better things to do. He didn't look at us once. So it would have been. A 5 star for the food/cooks. But service is definitely lacking.

john ousby

So much better since change of ownership, used to avoid this place due to bad service, but now they completely turned it around. Attentive service, interesting drinks, shaded patio with well spaces tables and all staff wearing masks. Scott is an awesome server if you're lucky enough to get him.

Gary L. Aguirre Jr.

My experience at the Legacy West location over my last several visits have been exemplary and I believe this starts at the top with such managers as Madison Collum and Zach White. All of the staff have been great and in the best of spirits on each visit. I always look forward to returning, whether it’s for the dining or the apparel shopping next door. I’m definitely a fan of both now and hope my experience encourages others to enjoy as well.


Good food, friendly staff, and great ambience. Gathered with friends and had a great time. The live music was cherry on top. The ribeye was cooked to my specifications and my friends also appreciated their entrees.

Edmond Schaider

Great customer service and menu items. Very relaxing patio space as well to enjoy.

Howard Duck

I treated my family here to dinner on August 08, 2020. I made a reservation so we got our table right away. At first, they thought we wanted to sit outside, but I didn't. It's still too hot for that IMHO. I will try the outdoor seating in the fall when it's cooler. Anyway, they sat us at a nice socially distanced table near where the large-screen TV was. I noticed the restaurant was pretty much packed inside and outside, but we still felt like we had space - like our own space. Oh my gosh, the food was AMAZING. We ordered the six-piece coconut shrimp appetizer to share as a starter. Unbelievably good. We also each ordered drinks, and the drinks were FANTASTIC. Then we ordered the short ribs, crab cakes, and snapper. Everyone was making happy faces and such bc we were elated at the deliciousness of the food. For dessert, we shared a key lime pie and pineapple creme brulee which came in a pineapple!!! OH MY GOSH. DIVINE. Also, our server was PHENOMENAL. He never rushed us at all. We took our time, and he was a great conversationalist too. Needless to say, we all agreed Tommy Bahamas restaurant in Plano will be our new hangout moving forward. Five stars all the way!

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Tommy Bahama Restaurant, Bar & Store

7501 Windrose Ave, Plano, TX 75024
(214) 501-3600