True Food Kitchen

7601 Windrose Ave Unit 100, Plano
(214) 291-9591

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E Chapman

The perfect lunch...outside seating, delicious seasonal food, and refreshing drinks. Excellent service too!

Vanessa Webb

This place is pretty good! Lots of healthy options! I mean that's what they are known for. They boast Texas raised, all organic ingredients. (They even have decorative herbs at the front door to prove it haha!) They have plenty of vegetarian options and many vegan options. They even label their gluten free options. They also have foods like, burgers, pizzas and tacos!I couldn't decide what to get so I got both the chicken sausage pizza and the Korean noodle bowl. The chicken sausage pizza was sooooo goood!! The Korean noodle bowl was really good too! The prices are reasonable. It's about $20 per person if people get one meal unlike me . Haha!In reference to COVID-19, they make sure that they sanitize tables very well, wear masks and there is seating outside if you prefer that. Also, virtual menus to prevent the spread of germs!

Lynette O.

Had great food thanks to Cooper giving great suggestions He is awesome at his job and is an asset to True Kitchen they should know he does from the time you sit down to when you leave a above and beyond job

Phuong V.

A great place to dine at when you have a group with different dietary needs (they have different Meat, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options!). I got Teriyaki Quinoa (didn't like it as much as I expected because it was a bit oily but other dishes that my friends ordered were good!). I will come back and try other dishes on the menu at some point in time. Ordered: - T.L.T sandwich (Vegan) - Herb Humus (VEG)- Edamame dumplings (VEG) - Teriyaki Quinoa (Vegan, GF)

Chris L.

We had a special occasion to celebrate and we love clean ingredients and great food. Bruno the manager met us with excellence and introduced us to Cooper (our server). We had a great dinner. Grilled salmon was amazing. Squash pie for dessert is a MUST!! We will be back and hopefully get to see Cooper or his wife Jennifer. Thanks Bruno and Team!!

becca val

The menu and atmosphere are wonderful!!! Freshness and healthy options are abundant. Dining here is a win-win.... between what you order, how it's prepared, that items are sustainably sourced, Etc. It's always a pleasure dining here. May you and yours enjoy a visit to this vibrant jewel...

Cynthia Lockhart

First visit but won’t be our last. Spaghetti squash casserole made with ricotta cheese that is really cheese made from almonds -it tastes exactly like ricotta cheese.Vegan gluten free margherita pizza that husband devoured. He even ate the crust, which he never does. Very clean. Socially distanced tables. Prompt service and attentive waiter. Inviting atmosphere. We also enjoyed their key lime mousse, which was light and delicious.

Amanda Nour امينة نور

So honestly, this place made me cry. Tears of joy, though.My family and I are very health conscience and environmentally conscience. I also have a child with complicated allergies to A LOT. Dairy, Nuts, Gluten, Eggs, and Nightshades to name a few. On top og that we seek organic as much as possible. And lastly we are a religious family and eat only Halaal food, served without alcohol.My son is 4 years old, and has only eaten in a handful of restaurants in his lifetime. Usually we have no choice but to cook at home as restaurants generally do not have any choices that can work for my families diet, let alone tastes and cravings.Well by God. True Food Kitchen delivers.Mrs.Amber was a rockstar server; I was never rushed even though I took way too long going through the menu items. And Mrs.Cassie - the manager- was so amazing. When she learned my son had allergies, she came to the table twice when we were ordering to answer all my questions and concerns (with a good attitude too) and once again when food was delivered to check on a few forgotten ingredients.She said "We love a good challenge and we want everyone to feel welcome."So we ordered:- Herb Hummus (no cucumbers or tomatos) with Lettuce cups and Extra olive oil, and olives-1 Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl with Salmon that my 2 boys shared- 2 Grilled Salmon dinners- THAT CILANTRO PESTO WAS AMAZING!Next time I will add the Chia Pudding dessert.This is one happy Mama...and one happy family.. Also I didn't have to wash dishes either! ??

Michelle N.

Great place you can never feel bad about eating at. It is pretty pricey, I would say you're minimum bill is going to be $20 with a drink. I always love the Tulsi Tea no matter the time of year or weather. Great options to choose from with creative takes on healthy dishes.

Tina R.

Love, love, love this place. Absolutely one of my favorites of all time.Great food options for all types of appetites. I am a vegan and I appreciate all the food options. During the fall winter holidays treat yourself to squash pie. It is better than any pumpkin pie you will ever eat!

Lilly ..

The ambiance was amazing - everything from the decor and the staff was very inviting.Menu selection was small but all very interesting food options.We had an appetizer and two entrées - roasted corn flatbread, squash casserole and turkey burger.The watermelon lemonade is delicious!Price point was about average for the food and location.

Za S.

Yummy!!!! I ordered the 2 salads 2 pizzas for 40.I'm pescatarian-non dairy at the moments so the spinach mushroom pizza was perfect along with the season veggie salad with the parm omitted. I didn't taste the other pizza or salad. But they seemed to like it. Said it was veryyyy good. I'm just happy I didn't have to go to bed feeling sick. And finally a vegan pizza that I can eat and doesn't taste like cardboard!!!

Jeff C.

A very open and spacious restaurant. The atmosphere makes the restaurant unique. The food taste very clean and you can tell right off the bat that they use fresh produce and ingredients. The dishes are in the healthier side so if you're a health freak, definitely give this place a shot. The waiters and waitresses are kind and they'll tend to you with every need.

Jai L.

My date is an extremely selective vegetarian and he was beyond impressed here. The hummus is the best in the Dallas area, so far compared to what he has tried. Despite a wait list, we didn't experience too long of a wait. Will return.

Ebony R.

Food was really good. I had the Margherita Pizza and even though it took a while for us to get serviced, the food made up for it. I would go back & try something else again.

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