Winners BBQ - Plano

3200 14th St, Plano
(972) 424-2400

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Glen Boettcher

Good for the price. I ordered the sliced brisket and pulled pork with mac&chez and baked been. Sliced brisket was good not great was very lean. Smoked taste was good and was moist but not huge flavor. Pulled pork was really good and good per portions. Sides lacked homemade taste and seemed to be store bought. BBQ is all good a lot to due to with preference. I will say there bake Patato plates look amazing and if I return that will be my choice. Was a good value.

Gary McCormick

The food and service were above our expectations. I really loved the atmosphere of this place. Wonderful spot to take my family out for lunch.

Dava M.

The meat was great but the sides need a little more seasoning... overall I liked the place

Robert Marshall

The Chopped Brisket meat was tender and good. Just to much salt on the bread hopefully just a one time mistake, green beans seemed canned but good. Baked beans had good flavor but little to much Sugar. Not Bad ?

Jenna Cabral

Worst bbq place we've had in Dallas :( the ribs and brisket were super dry- I didn't even eat them. Sausage, mac & cheese, and beans were okay, nothing special. Chocolate cake had bits of ice in it? Overall we won't be ordering from this place again. I'm still not sure where the 4/5 start reviews are coming from.

Katie L.

My experience at Winners BBQ. I visited this establishment several years ago and it was pretty good. I ordered the MVP Potato and it was pretty good. My second visit on Sunday 08/30/20 was not the same. I was in the area and decided I would stop by. I really should've kept driving by. I ordered the MVP Potato, Sausage, and dark chicken topped with cheese and sour cream. This is not worth $15.00. I am highly disappointed. I'm not sure if it's new management or what but ugh. The chicken was smoked but dry and not seasoned. The potato was dry tasteless. The two stars are because of the sausage which was the best thing on the plate. The sausage was spicy and well prepared. The sour cream and cheese were nonexistent. I had to add my own at home and I shouldn't have to do this after spending $15.00 on a potato. I can make this better at home :-) I've had much better "MVP Potato's" that were much more hearty and tasty at Fred's BBQ in Irving and TD's in Dallas. The drive is a bit much but it's worth it. This was my second time visiting Winners BBQ, there will not be a third time.

Stacy Ramsey

I've visited Winner's numerous times with a good experience. Today unfortunately, my food experience was far from acceptable. I ordered the 2 meat plate with 2 sides (ribs, pull pork, macaroni & cheese and potato salad. The ribs where undercooked full of fat and the macaroni was dry as if it had been sitting under a heating lamp. I asked the cashier about the ribs & was told, they smoke their ribs this is why they have the look the way that they do.....they're not going to have that burnt look. I'm not looking for burnt but they should be a little darker than what was given to me. The meat had more of a liquid smoke flavor than being cooked in a smoker. I'm truly disappointed appointed in spending $18 on food I can't enjoy.

Misty Cavalier

Food was good but salty. Also, bad customer service. Cashier was rude. They didnt call our order number so they let our food just sit there.

Robert Eden

Amazing brisket. Best brisket I've ever had, and I've had a lot of brisket! So moist and tender.... Sausage and sides are good, but the brisket is why I come!

Michael Casavant

I have been here before, but apparently I forgot to review it. So, let's fix that.The other day, I dropped in to have a two-meat plate and see how they are doing on their pandemic protocol. :-DRight off the bat, I was impressed that they had a dedicated entry and exit door along with a one-way flow of traffic marked out in tape. The tables were well-spaced to enable good social distancing, and they had plexiglass for the cashiers.For my meats, I had ribs and brisket, and for my sides I had green beans and mac n' cheese.The brisket was good, but it was overshadowed by the ribs, which were really good, some of the best ribs I have had. The sauce was good, but the ribs were good with or without it.The green beans and mac n' cheese were flavorful, and the mac n' cheese was nice and fresh/gooey/moist.The food here is consistently excellent and tastes great. Definitely a great choice to be your regular BBQ spot.

Panda McCurtain

Portions are great, just right. Meat is well seasoned, doesn't need any added sauce. The pulled pork so tender it fell apart in my hands, so flavorful the bun and BBQ sauce were left forgotten.And the BBQ sauce cups SHOULD be's the weak link in the menu.We had a Pulled Pork sandwich (was expecting Po'Boy style, but got mid sized Brioche type bun), a 2 Meat dish with Sliced Brisket and Ribs, and a soda.

Gerald L.

Food was really good with a lot of flavor like I like. Especially the brisket, good and tender.

Suzanne C.

I went to Winners on a Saturday around 4 and originally wanted the MVP potato but they were out so I decided to get the two meat plate with double macaroni. One of the greatest decisions I've ever made. Brisket and ribs were seasoned great, the macaroni looked like it was going to be regular mac & cheese but I was wrong. It was cheesy and had the right amount of kick to it. Food came out quick and they seemed to be very busy with take out orders. Coming back to get the potato!!

David Gorena

WOW! What a find! I could NOT finish my two-meat stuffed baked potato, and I'm a big guy! Great food, good prices, friendly service. You can't go wrong with Winners.

Joseph Jones

Turkey legs, chicken quarters, potatoe salad and green beans were great. Big portions on the meat. Food is definitely worth it.

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