ADDA by Jimmy's

744 S Central Expy Suite #230, Richardson
(214) 272-9737

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John W.

Great food. Great experience. Anyone that had a bad experience honestly just came in on a bad day. The food was excellent and exceeded my standards. And service was awesome too. Hope it stay this amazing.

Isra W.

Very disappointed overall. We have been looking forward to visiting this restaurant for a while. We love desi food and wanted to support a halal small business, but we will not be returning unless some major changes are made. First off, the menu and hours are pretty confusing. The website says one thing, the instagram says another, and they never pick up the phone (also no voicemail). The first time we drove by, it was 3:18 PM on a Saturday, and they said they were closed, but the hours on the door said Saturdays are open until 10 PM. The second time we came was a Friday evening at 6 PM. They were open thankfully, but we were not happy with the customer service nor the menu selection. First of all, the worker at the front counter was very curt and rude, and was not wearing her mask properly (which still concerns me even though she might be vaccinated). Second, regarding the menu- they handed us the soft opening menu, which was not what we saw online. I asked when the full opening would happen as they handed me the soft opening menu and they said we're already fully open (but no full menu, I guess). There was also only one beef option available at the time- chatapati beef boti. So no Bihari beef and no biryani on a Friday night, four hours before they are supposed to close. Also, they only have off-brand sodas :/ We placed our order anyway (five lunch bowls) and waited. The food came out in a timely manner, and we also were served some chips while waiting which was nice. However, when we got home to taste the food it was a big disappointment. The chicken dishes were great (chicken bowls and wings), but the rice was underdone and the naan tasted bland, as if they didn't add salt to the dough. The chatapati beef (the only beef option available) was a measly 5-6 pieces of beef that looked like leftovers thrown into a big box with some sliced onion. Even though we enjoyed the chicken, I know I can get good tasting food for the same price and better service elsewhere. TLDR: this was not worth breaking my diet for :(

Nasser A.

Probably the most overrated desi restaurant! Over priced and sub par food quality on some of the items. Let's start with positive, ambiance was great, tea was good, chappli kabob burger were good too. Chicken briyani tasted good but extremely skimpy on chicken, you can see in the picture that ONE tiny piece. Worst thing we tasted was Bihari kabob extremely dry, chewy and served barely warm, though sauce on it tasted good. Also Peri Peri shrimp were previously frozen and tasted as such, sauce tasted more Buffalo vs peri peri. Lastly the service was very disjointed and pacing of the food was haphazard. I really wanted this place to be good and I don't mind higher prices for that and this place has high prices. They have to fix service and food quality for me to visit again.

A L.

This review is for the service only. I really wanted to like this place and I don't like disparaging small business. In fact, I was so excited for the soft opening. I arrived at around 4:45pm on a weekday to try Adda. And many things went wrong and I'm deeply upset by my experience. When I went to order I was informed that the place closes at 5pm and reopens at 7(what?). So we decided to order to-go to respect the hours. When I was ordering my drink, I was informed the soft drink machines aren't set up. Fine, I'll take the bottle water I didn't need. When I was waiting for my to-go order, everyone before and after me had received their meals at their table. I waited more than 20 min for my order, which surprised me. The staff went around greeting all the patrons but didn't bother to inform us the food would take longer. When I arrived home, I realized the staff didn't give us the waters for my meal. That's weird. When I called Adda to let them know about the mistake, the line went into dead zone because there was no voicemail ,and no one would pick up. In case if you're wondering, I tipped fully so am surprised and upset to be treated so poorly as a first time customer. We order two normal lunch bowls so nothing out of the ordinary. I am speechless.

Mohsin S.

I just stopped by there. The place was open, no customers and apparently no one manning the store either. I called out first to see if someone would alight from behind the employees only door.... No such luck. Then I beat some utensils together on a table followed by actually yelling to see if anyone was around. No one. After 8 to 10 mins of this I went next door and enjoyed some tacos at OMG Tacos !

Sarah K.

I came here during lunch time for their soft opening and definitely had a memorable experience! Here's my break down: Ambiance: this place is def modern vibes with the classic industrial look and feel with a pops of color on their tables and even have a cool green shrub wall in their patio perf for pics! There is plenty of seating inside and outside for large or small groups. Even with the place half way full, it never felt too loud which was great! There are def quite a few Instagrammable spots so make sure to take some cool pics! Service: you are immediately greeted by friendly staff after walking in and presented with a menu at the counter. The servers thoroughly went through the menu and gave recommendations as well. I told the lady at the counter it was my friend's birthday and asked if there was any dessert or anything special we could do. I know they didn't have any dessert on the menu since it was still soft menu, but she said they'll definitely accommodate some dessert for us. She let me choose from kulfi or cheesecake after checking with the chef and I was super excited to try the kulfi! Our food come out super fast - within 8mins of ordering. The chef and owner also stopped by our table to ensure we had everything we needed as well as multiple staff members checking in on us throughout the meals to make sure we were more than satisfied! Excellent service! Food: everything we tried was exceptional! The lunch bowls were large in portion esp for only $12! Everything was super fresh and tasty! We tried the butter chicken and Bihari kabob bowls that came with rice, salad, and garlic naan. We both had leftovers to take and were given biodegradable to go containers (so glad they aren't using styrofoam - Go Green!). We also tried the chai and lassi which were all made with the right amount of sweetness! I really loved the creativity of the clay pot for the chai - super cute! Finally, the kulfi we had tasted homemade and was just so creamy yummm!! Can't wait to come back here soon!

Nemal K.

Everything was amazing- so delicious! The customer service exceeded our expectations! I'm glad we were able to try out the buffet during Ramadan. My husband said it's his new favorite desi food spot. We will definitely be back again iA. Thank you Adda!

Noor Z.

This is a great spot for solid Pakistani food. We came here during Ramadan iftar and they had a buffet set up with tons of delicious options. Each item was really good so it's hard to pick just a few to review! It's also a very clean place with sleek, industrial chic decor so added points for nice ambiance! The service was excellent as well, all staff were very attentive and courteous. All around a great new Desi restaurant to check out!

Omer A.

Adda is top notch. This is the best Pakistani food I've had at a restaurant in the United States. Service is excellent. Food is exquisite. Really. You need to come here.

Zahid Zafar

Food was delicious. Highly recommend it to those who haven’t tried it yet. Service was very fast and efficient. Most likely will come back again soon

Taha M.

The place is very clean and has good vibe Delicious food, well balanced and lot of choices Special thank you to chef Assim

Maryiam R.

Food was great and service was even better. Went to a buffet in Ramadan they had their regular items but as we were eating they brought out shrimps and little beef burgers which was nice surprise lol

Shamiha A.

Great food and amazing environment! Great for families and reasonable price for the amount of food and variety!

Ali Imam

Excellent food, excellent service! This place has the cutest and tastiest little modern twists to their authentic cuisine. Really enjoyed our experience and much respect for making me and my family feel right at home!

Faria Jahan

Excellent food, all of the items taste awesome. A little congested sitting but understandable considering the high demand. Will come back again surely.

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