Genroku Sushi & Grill

400 N Greenville Ave, Richardson
(972) 783-8688

Recent Reviews

Ren55 M.

Great service!! Sushi was also good.

Mister D

Excellent lunch at Genroku. Professional and attentive serve, delicious food.

Amber F.

S&M Maki Thursday Special. $5. No bad. I give it a 7/10. I would recommend. Not crowded nice staff. Chill atmosphere.

Willa Elaine Gruen

Delicious and the Atmosphere made me feel like I stepped into a small hole in the wall in Japan and it was great!

Lisa Land

We had the grilled salmon bento box & shrimp tempura bento box. They were both excellent .

Jonathan Hopkins

Amazing food across the board. Epically the Taiwanese dishes. Try the basil chicken and twice cooked pork 10 out of 10 every time. Owner is very kind and attentive, staff is helpful. Well priced for the quality that you get. And most of the dishes are as authentic that you can find in Dallas.

Nate Worley

If you're looking for an authentic experience of a traditional fusion of Japanese & Taiwanese cuisine, this is the place! I've eaten here for over the past 8 years and can tell you their food is incredible. If you're lucky enough to be served by the owner nicknamed "crazy mama", she treats everyone like family! Located in the heart of China Town | DFW, Genroku is a great place for family and friends to meet together and share a meal with great taste, value and portions. Would definitely recommend checking this place out!

Lara C.

This place has been in business for a very long time and their food is consistent. The staff is very attentive, fast, and polite. I really enjoy the Taiwanese food here and have not tried anything from their sushi menu though. The Kung pao chicken and spicy wontons were ok. I thought the fried soft shell crab had too much batter - I What I would order again: seasonal veggies with beef and mapo tofu- these are so good over rice! Ask the waitress about seasonal veggies - it's usually snow pea leaves.

Tran H.

Being rude. Worse customers service ever. One of the lady who work there got mad about our tip and asking us to give tip more.

Bo T.

Rude. Worse customers service Ever! They charge our card but they did not give us the foods. Udon doesn't tase good, they taste like water. The women who work there also got mad about the tip and told us to give tip more.

Duane Luis Magpali

Freshly cooked Taiwanese food!

Terry Jones

Absolute gem of a restaurant, everything on the menu is great. Go there! And it's authentic.

George Peralta

Their meals are delicious!

Andrew L.

You may come across Genroku and think that they only offer sushi, but if you're ever looking for some delicious Taiwanese food, this is the place to be. Having been for over 10 years now, I love the consistency in quality that Genroku has offered over the years. Mapo Tofu is a MUST if I decide to come, and I believe that they have the BEST Mapo Tofu in Dallas. I've tried other places, but they don't do it like Genroku does. The tofu is full of flavor and is just spicy enough to make it satisfying. Another dish I always get is the Basil Chicken (or 3-Cup Chicken). I could eat the sauce that comes with this all day. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful, and I always love to mix the rice with any leftover sauce - it's absolutely perfect! Other favorites include the Salt & Pepper Pork Chop, Beef w/ Jalapeño Pepper, and Stir Fried Tomato w/ Eggs. If you're ever looking for a new restaurant to try, be sure to check out Genroku!

Jette M.

Great service and dishes! Came here with a group of 4 on a Saturday night and the staff was attentive even though they were busy! A lot of menu options, but each person got something different and it was ALL spot on!

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