Aspen Creek Grill

1725 W SW Loop 323, Tyler
(903) 630-8370

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My wife and I went in on 5/4 at 5PM because in the past we had a good experience. The restaurant was not busy and the parking lot was about half full. We still had to wait 7 min to be seated. The server, John, took our drink order after about 5 min. After ordering our food it was 42 min before our food arrived. I was ready to walk. I ordered the 16 oz ribeye med rare and it was cook med. (pink) I did not complain because I can still enjoy a steak as long as it's not well done, and I did not want to wait another 40 min for another. The steak was tender but extremely salty. My wife ordered the fried shrimp and it was also salty. I usually salt most foods but the steak and shrimp were both too salty even for my taste. When will a cook learn that a person can always add salt but cannot take it away? So unprofessional. Our server had no personality and did not ask how our meal was, did not thank us for coming in, or really say much of anything. Considering how light the crowd was and the fact that I can cook a steak on my grille at home in 5 min med rare and fry some shrimp in 5 min, I don't understand why it took 40 min to get food. There are too many other places in Tyler for me to spend $50 that I will not return here. In the past we have been satisfied the couple times we have been but I wont give them another chance.

Fdrl L

Wonderful chicken fried steak and the shrimp was great. Sit at the bar area and ask for railey and she will take care of you. This was our first time and we will be back. Oh and get the artichoke dip !

Jeffrey Hickman

First time experience there friendly staff great food

Ann Hogrefe

We had the Rockefeller shrimp for an appetizer and it was delicious! But the shrimp and grits they have on the menu are hands down the best we've ever had! Would highly recommend this restaurant!!

Susie O.

We got there at 540 I called and told them we would be there about 7 I checked in early and there was no one there it's 753 and ya have set multiple tables the red head was nasty and the manager was worse we go there 3 times a week buy numerous cards for people to come we will NOT ever be back and I sure do miss the lady manager she would never treat us like the manager did tonight OVER THIS PLACE

Amanda Saxman (Mandie)

The food was delicious. I especially loved the corn elote off the cob. The fish tacos were also really good. Will definitely be returning.

Savion Johnson

This is my favorite casual dress and this is Aspen steak juice on it because aspen is to cheap to give everyone a paper bag and the plastic bag I got had a whole in it hence the steak all on my clothing. The to go girl was sympathetic but she switched out my steak to a new boxAt the front desk, which I didn’t even say anything because I’m already mad and didn’t want to make it worst…. STOP being cheap give out to speed bags or put the steak in something separate with better closures. $17 is now going to cost me $20 more for dry cleaning. I’ll stick with longhorn


What a great meal. This is only the second time I have been here and I will be back. The food was outstanding , and Kayla, our server, could not have been better.

steffani samples

Only eaten here twice. First time was absolutely wonderful. Second time absolutely horrible!! My husband and I ordered curbside, but when we got home with it (which is only 7 miles away) we could barely eat it. We ordered steak and ribs. The ribs were VERY hard like they had cooked under a light for a very longgg time. The steak was meh… had a lot of fat content. The potato was hard to eat as well. Just an all around waste of $100.00 probably will not go back.

Barry R.

We have been to Aspen a few time the service and the food have always really good. Well this time the service was really good but the not so much. My wife and I both had the 8 oz sirloin mine was supposed to be rare was more like medium rare and my wife's was supposed to be medium rare it was like medium well. But on the bight side my mothers birthday catfish was good. I'm not one to send back a meal so we just ate it I just hope that the next is better


The food was very good. Everything we had was great. The service was excellent. I will definitely return.

Ray V.

What a day! We looked at some homes for sale in Tyler, and we were just floored by their beauty. We absolutely love the NE corner of Texas and more to the point, the Tyler area. We were famished after looking at homes, and we decided to cruise the area for some restaurants. Our realtor gave us some recommendations, and Aspen Grill was one of the. Set the GPS, and off we went. Our wait was only 10 minutes on a Sunday afternoon for our large brood, which surprised me as this place looked very full and busy (usually a good indication of an recommendation). We started with apps and drinks, and WOWZERS!! The Potato Skins with Pulled Pork was muy fantastico!! Everyone loved them, and with that spicy sauce... wow! We ordered the fried pickles, as well, and they went pretty fast. A few of us ordered the Tropical Mule, a first time for all of us. It was really good. Very glad that we tried them. The wife and I like to share our plates, and we had the Bacon Burger and the Fish and Chips. Both very good meals and the fish fillets are of pretty decent size. The boys had ordered the Club Sandwich and each commented how good they were. Not every place can make a decent club, but no mistake... you'll be very happy. Overall, our service was great, the food was delicious, the atmosphere is very family style. Looking for a good meal? Check out some of their other menu items... they have a good variety for everyone. Have a beautiful Texan day and Happy Eating!!

Kizzi Hogan

Great place for American food. It was very clean. The bathrooms were spotless AND handicap accessible (I'm in a wheelchair so this is important). The food was very good but the portions were small. The Monte Cristo was good, the fried pickles were the best I've ever had and that says a lot because I get them at every restaurant that serves them! Great atmosphere, smiling faces and kind wait staff. If I were to complain about anything it would be our waiter, we had to constantly get his attention for refills because he was "chatting" with other wait staff. At one point he sat down at a table with 2 other waiters and we waited for 20 minutes just to get our check. But, that would not keep me from eating there again, good food always brings me back.

Shaun J.

This was my first time dining at Aspen Creek Grill and I must say the food was great, however the dining experience fell short of par. The noise level was ridiculous! I visited around lunch time on a Sunday and while it was moderately busy, the noise wasn't from the guest, it was from the staff yelling at each other! Even the manager was yelling at others while in the dining room area as he asked someone "ARE YOU GOOD?!" But I'd say the worst part of it was the kitchen staff cursing and laughing at each other to the point that I could clearly hear what each other was saying. Not an atmosphere that I would want my children in.


My husband, daughter, and I stopped in to grab a bite to eat after taking my FIL to the ER behind the restuarant. It was late by the time we were leaving and we are not one to usually drop in right as someone is about to close but it was 30 min to closing and we were starving. We had eaten at Aspen Creek in the past and were very displeased at how bland the food was but this visit...... they have a chicken fried steak that could easily rival Cotton patch or Cracker Barrel for best in the city!! There was only one hiccup where mushrooms ended up on hubby's sandwich and he has an allergy but it was immediately resolved and the manager was super helpful. We will definitely be back and hopefully at a better hour. It was such a pleasure being taken care of by this establishment. Now I know why people rave about Aspen Creek! Great job!

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