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15770 FM2493, Tyler
(903) 939-0002

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We met our family for a birthday lunch and was so disappointed in the overall appearance of the restaurant. While the food was good, there was food all over the floors. I went to the ladies room and one of the booths had spaghetti all over the table and floor. No one was bothering to clean it up and it stayed like that during our entire meal (over an hour). Normally I do not like the floors to be swept while I'm eating, but this should have been cleaned up. It was a mess.

Nathan Threet

This was our first time. We started with bread and Alfredo sauce. Have to say the sauce tasted like cream gravy .. the pepper was really the dominant flavor. Couldn't taste anything else. The bread that came with the Alfredo was ok. Now the rolls with the meal.. they were outstanding. Really should serve the rolls with the sauce instead of the loaf that comes. The lasagna was really good. The 1/2 order was a huge meal. We will be back,

Tamblin Northcutt

I love Brunos. Service is always excellent. The food is always hot and Fresh. The salads are unique and delicious.

Joe Murphy

pizza and salad are delicious and very good service. GIve them a 99 out of a 100 %.

Harry May

Sad, in the past was always happy to go here,. But tonight very bad experience (one of worst times I have had anywhere). My wife and I ordered a calazone and waited a full 40 minutes till it arrived. Customer next to us was drunk, playing music very loud on his phone, and vaping constantly. My wife is very sensitive to smoke. A Couple bedside us, just left, rather than waiting and putting up with this. I felt sorry for another couple with 3 small children. When I tried to complain to "manager" supposedly manager was the one serving the customer more beers and was aware of the vaping and loud music. Calazone was good , but we couldn't finish eating and left.

Micah Anderson

My buddy DH recommended this place. Thanks DH!!! The whole fam loved it. We got the 18 inch meat lovers and it was awesome!

Ken Shade

Everything is fresh and awesome.

Debra Cassady

Rented the party room. Blain was our Waiter. He was Awesome!!! The room was set up when we got there. We were able to park close to the door and bring in all the decorations we wanted. Food was wonderful and when it was time to go he told me to leave any decorations, balloons etc. I was going to throw out.and he would take care of it. This momma will definitely revisit for my next event!!!

Unique Finds

Good food, fair prices. Pizza is great.. A Tyler favorite and tradition.. Great service. Would like to be able to check out with server instead of front desk. Courteous service by all.

Cheryl Manker

There is literally nothing about this place we don't like. Vine Street location, (sorry) is our fave.. THE original. The pizza is fabulous, toppings plentiful and fresh. The salads, SWOON... so big and filling. Great for families.

Bob Arthur

Not what it used to be. Been eating at Brunos for over 25 years. In the last year have noticed the pizzas are "skimpy" on cheese and toppings. In attempt to get the good Pizza of old, I ordered a DOUBLE sausage and pepperoni 18" pizza. It had been a while since we ordered from here because it's been disappointing. Yea, the pizza had a very average amount of sausage on it and to top it off, there was barely enough cheese on it to make a very thin layer. Was charged 2.50 for the "extra " sausage. Probably won't be back. Its a real shame. Nothing lasts forever.

Jamie Ellis Lay

Excellent service, staff, and delicious pasta and lasagna. Highly recommend!

CJ Meyer

great party room. friendly staff.

Marsha LaForge

Really good, Huge Pizza!!! Very reasonable price! Our server was very attentive. His 1st time covering. You have earned a place on our favorites list! We will keep coming as long as you take care of us like this!!!. You made our night. Thank you. And God Bless!!!

Marty Guthrie

my family and I absolutely love the place.

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