3830 Troup Hwy, Tyler
(903) 561-2324

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Employees compliment my car sometimes and it makes me feel all happy and stuff 10/10

A Met (AudioClassics)

Very nice people and quick service even at busy times.


Love the nuggets, Mac n cheese and the lemonade tops it off with a cup of ice cream

Harmony Gouwens

These people make delivery drivers wait in their long drive thru when lobby is open, the food is ready and you can see it is ready but they will not give it to you, go wait in line behind everyone who still has to order even though the order is already placed. It hurts the customers whose food is sitting their getting cold and makes us look bad for taking so long. The other locations have this common sense. Will no longer be a customer or driver for this location

Ryan And Tiff

Great food, but what is going on with that parking lot?!?!? You go in a park and you are trapped - you have to go through the drive through to get out! Who redesigned this a toddler with a crayon?

Tim Reese

Fantastic customer service. Delicious food. Decent prices. Can't ask for much better

Doris Brown

Very nice I got gift card.

Katamara Ausburn

Always fast and excellent. And always have my order right.

Kelli Potts

They are so great that when a car I was driving for work broke down these two sweet kids actually pushed me all the way around the building to make it easier for the tow truck to pick it up. Then one of the ladies working the line asked if I would like a drink on the house while I waited. ????

Joe Spadea

Service doesn't get much better especially in the drive thru line. Very efficient! Food quality never varies. Food stays hot. Thr Mac and cheese us the best fast food Mac and cheese anywhere.

Mark Hicks

Got a catering order for my employees.Service was outstanding! And my food was ready by the time I arrived. Great job!

Kris Lynn

Got my food home and these are all the fries I have. This container was in the very bottom under my sandwich so no they were not eaten on the way.

Nonya Buisness

Asked for CFA sauce.CFA sauce on receipt.Did NOT receive CFA sauce.Traffic pattern entering location isn't a clear as it could be, food fair by Chick-fil-A standards.

Stacy Hatcher

Very quick, very friendly, and my food was better than perfect! I got chicken strips and was so very pleased! They were definitely hot! They didn't look perfect but after one bite, I did not care!!! Juicy, juicy juicy, but not run down your chin kind. Not greasy, this was juice in n the meat!!! And sweet, and tasty and so ready to eat!!! I was so pleased! Thank you for a perfect snack! Perfect chicken fingers!!

Billy Wallin

Every single time I’ve gone to this Chic-Fil-A in the last 6 months, they’ve got my order wrong. And I always forget to check it before I leave. Unfortunately I live very far away and can’t drive back when they charge me for a large fry, but give me a small. Or when I order 4 sandwiches and only got 3. I’m VERY disappointed in the quality of service at this location lately. It’s certainly has not been living up to the standard that Chic-Fila-A has set over the years. I’m upset that y’all are taking money from me. It would cost me more gas to come get my order corrected. Can y’all PLEASE just get my order right ONE TIME and stop stealing my money? Please and thank you!

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