5716 S Broadway Ave, Tyler
(903) 534-4692

Recent Reviews

Zantwain Alex

Wow! This is the first time I have given Chick FIL A a real chance to satisfy me.This location DID JUST THAT.I purchased a grilled chicken sandwich combo with a lemonade no ice.I throughly enjoyed my pre- workout meal.Good environment, Good location, GOOD FOOD!

Sue G.

Don't be afraid of their DOUBLE LONG LINES in the drive thru........this place has a system that will get you thru faster than any place in town. And the best part, the food is HOT and DELICIOUS.......unbelievably good!

Marcus Becker

Standard excellence that you've come to expect. Traffic is well maintained through lunch rush

Myrl Bowler

WOW!!! The young man who served us was the most polite, helpful, courteous person that I have ever encountered at a fast food restaurant. Chick-fil-A, place was spotless, food was great. This Chick-fil-a I hope wins best store of the year

Daniel Baker

Always great chicken burgers and they gave perfected the two line drive through. :)

Joshua Shepard

Great staff! They care about all the details, to help their company succeed.

Karen Latham

Always love Chick-fil-A. I'm on keto now so I can't eat most of what's there. The new salad is so good! You just have to modify it to suit your keto needs.

Abagail Brock

Never have I been to a chick fi la that they have messed up my order and this location has messed my order up 2 times now . I went today and ordered a 6 piece nugget and I only had 5 in my box . Another time I went and ordered a sweet tea and they gave me a lemonade. I guess the employees here don’t know how to count to 6 . Expected better from a chick fi la .

KeriAnne Gunz

The drive through is so efficient, it makes it so easy. The food is always good.

Christine Vargas

Awesome customer service always, food is always prepared exactly like I ordered it. Been a fan for years never been disappointed. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

Craig Reiland

After a much too long wait time for the new spicy grilled chicken sandwich & my complaint, the restaurant made it up by giving us some excellent chocolate chip cookies. As a foot note, there should be some warning the sandwich may be to spicy for certain guests

Margaret Caddell

They know how to get everyone thru a multi lane drive through efficiently and fast while still maintaining great customer service.

Kayli Perry

Great service never had a rude server there. Always welcoming. Food is always warm and gives you that fuzzy feeling. Even though it's fast food it's not greasy and gross. I will always go there. It will always be a go-to place.

GreatCity SportAction22

Very awesome place. Good food, nice employees, and good service. Chick Fil-A deserves business.

kalen tyler

I pulled in a full minutes before closing and got in the drive thru line. There was a couple cars in front of me. By the time it was my turn to order the kid on the speaker said he can’t take any orders after 10pm. It was 1001 and he just took 3 cars in front of me I had been waiting behind as normal. I said I was in the line, the sign said open, it then changed to closed while I was waiting in the drive thru, he said couldn’t help me. When you are in the waiting line for multiple cars inside the covered drive thru and it says open you should serve the line out! I always grab a chicken sandwich from there every Saturday night and take to my grandmother for her Sunday lunch. What a disappointment. I really wanted that and should have not cut it so close. Beware if your in their line at closing, they won’t serve you even if it says open and switches to closed while your sitting in line.

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