Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

5602 S Broadway Ave, Tyler
(903) 561-8997

Recent Reviews

Vale Shia Mccuin

Service was great,I had an excellent waiter,the eggs weren't hot but everything else was great, the bacon was cooked to perfection and to top it off there was not a lot of patrons we really enjoyed breakfast.

Jamie Briones

Food didn't taste good but we were in a hurry to get back to maybe next time

Kathy Johnson

My husband and I love eating here. One of the few places left to eat great food and not have to pay outrageous prices.

Emmett Jarvis II

This is one of the best Golden Corrals we've been to in years. Fantastic choices to choose from, clean everything (including restrooms), great people. Food was cooked very well, was fresh, and tasted fantastic, not like a formula. The food had a local quality to it as if the cooks took what they were given and put their own touches on it, and the result is a treat for the senses. Cleanest place we've seen in that long as well. Truly a hidden gem.

Loretta Humble

Our Favorite Place to eat in Tyler. What a bargain. Lots of great food, where you can choose to eat really healthy or just stuff your self on comfort food and lots of great desserts.


Buffets to go were a little expensive but so good! They didn't get stingy with the steak either.

Josh Taylor

The food is always excellent staff has been very nice and the service has been Timely

Rosa Matheson

they have a great selection of food

Grace Karsmizki

Friendly people, good food fast service, clean bathrooms

Velva Mccann

Went to get s to go order and young girl who greeted me was rood! Stated they were not open until 1030. I told her time on website was incorrect. Showed as open now. She asked me if I was on ztyler location. I told her yes. It has since been updated. No use in being rood if your in public service.

Monica Walker77

Giving 4.2 rate. Food are good and dessert are good. Great service and good atmosphere. Only one that I wish there is more. Other than that....good job.

Jake Jones

Great food, kids didn't like it so it made it that much better!!

Amber Smith

The food was ok but there wasn't alot of a variety like there use to be. Service was great.

Jennifer S.

I went there today. I got the pot roast. It was pink almost red and I told the manager. She said that was a normal color. I got sick in the parking lot after leaving there. I also got my money back and won't be coming back.

Dan Lueking

Variety was awesome! Clean facility and well staffed with very helpful and friendly people. What else could one ask for?

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