Papacita's of Tyler

6704 S Broadway Ave, Tyler
(903) 581-7433

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I have been a customer of Papacitas for many years. I keep going back because the food is amazing and I love the family owned friendly atmosphere. The management and wait staff is always topnotch - courteous and professional - I love the familiar faces. I have tried just about everything on the menu and never been disappointed. And, oh yeah, the new flavored margaritas are fantastic!


best tex-mex and best queso, chips and salsa! this place feels like home!

Carol Glassford

One of my hard shell tacos was soggy, asked for sweet tea - - got unsweetened tea.

Cierra S.

WE LOVE A WOMAN OWNDED BUSINESS. The hostess was the sweetest lady, our server was precious, and the food was delicious. The chips and salsa were fresh, and amazing. If you come through town and want a cute, positive environment for a quick and good meal, this is the stop for you.

Jerry Page

A great family owned restaurant in Tyler. They have the best chips and hot sauce in town. The staff is friendly and the food is great. They’ve just finished remodeling.

Travis Hatfield

I ordered the nachos and they were fantastic, and I would go back for them. I would not however, go back to sit at the bar as it's not really much of a bar. It was just me so I was hoping to watch some TV and drink a beer but the one TV they did have was showing pet bloopers. I'll go back for the food but maybe won't sit at the bar this time.

Bill Tobin

Best chips!

James Holt

Time for reasonably quick lunch. Simple, traditional Tex-Mex and done well. I had a half order of beef nachos. Unfortunately I was working and could not try a margarita.


We in the past have visited papaclta' a couple times a week. Something has changed and not for the better. Today the service was terrible. The food was OK, but not as good as normal. The main problem however was the service. We had to wait 5 or 10 minutes before any one came to take an order, and we just could not seem to be able to get any thing refilled. We again had to wait an extra long time to get the check. Once we paid the check, it took 15 minutes to even get our change. This is not normal for Papaclta's. We have to wonder if they have changed ownership. It may be time for us to hunt a new restaurant.

Mandy Clague

Love love this place. The new drinks are amazing. Definitely try the Papacita Paloma( I believe this is the correct name). Its the grapefruits based drink. Omg! The cherry limeade margarita is also exceptional.. Food is amazing and the service and staff are the best..

Suzanne Vineyard

The food was great and so was our sweet server Candace. What was awful was when we walked in the door. I brought my mother in after picking her up from dialysis (she is in a wheelchair) and the *Child* they had greeting people totally looked passed us and asked the people behind us how many was in their party. Never looked our way, or even asked if we had been taken care of. An older lady comes up, totally ignored us also. I had to flag down a hispanic lady and let her know that we hadn't even been spoken to. Another lady, pops up and seated us and said she thought there were 3 people. I said, no, that we were here before the 3 people, but if she needed us to move we would. Now, I realize I looked rough, I had been working hard all day, sweating up a storm in this heat and I am sure I could have dressed better, but I was tired and just wanted my mom to have the meal she wanted. However, don't judge a book by it's cover. We frequent this restaurant very often and tip very well. Apparently there has been changes, perhaps a new family took over the restaurant. Anyway, I was so annoyed that I did not want to talk to any of the ladies running around attempting to run things. I have ran a restaurant and to me it was chaotic up front. I felt it was very rude to be ignored by 2 people and people behind us taken before us. There is more, but this is what made me the most aggravated. I have noticed this restaurant has a high turnover of waitstaff, why? I hope your servers are treated well because that helps bring people back. Seems like everytime we get a server we really like, they are gone by the time we come back. I hope this place irons out the issues.

Russell B.

Absolutely delicious. Crazy good chips and the salsa had just the right amount of heat. We were just passing through town and Yelp led us here. If we are back in Tyler when hungry this will definitely be a return stop.

Ralph S.

Oh my god!, the chips with seasoning are outstanding!... and the salsa was delicious. I had the Mamacita and it was wonderful. I have had MANY cheese enchiladas in my life, none like the one I had tonight. LOVED it!

Jessica N Snow

I have been going here since I was a kid so 20+ years and it has always been amazing staff and food, however today to find out they are charging a roughly 18% service fee for party’s of FOUR or more is ridiculous! That’s any average size family or even just 2 couples meeting to go out. And then what’s even worse is finding out from your staff that the restaurant is profiting off of that fee and that it’s not going to the wait staff is even more sad!!! Do you know how many people are not going to leave your great waiters/waitresses a tip just assuming that fee IS the tip? That’s not fair to your costumers or your staff. I have to say for the 1st time ever I’m highly disappointed in this restaurant.

K Red

Great food and we had a super awesome waiter, and all the staff were so friendly & awesome. Just like restaurants used to be.If you stop by, you won't regret it. And it will always stand out in your memory.The food is the best that I've had in a very long time. Of course there weren't any left overs, if it weren't for the great Margarita's & beer, we could have afforded a bigger tip to the awesome man who waited on us. We never ran out of food or drinks, or chips & salsa. Best place I've eaten at in ages.Thank you all for having your place with such awesome people open, so people can see that nice, fast friendly service with real down to earth people who have hearts, souls, respect & skills, does still exist in this world. God bless each one of you.

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