Blue Moon Diner

606 W Main St, Charlottesville
(434) 980-6666

Recent Reviews

Diana Hambrecht

We had a lovely outdoor brunch today. All of the staff was pleasant and efficient, and our food was delicious! My husband and I both had omelets, which were very tasty. Start with the beignets to share!

Vera-Ann Talamoa

An absolute staple of Charlottesville where all are welcome and celebrated. Do you have a hangover? Look no further. Do you want to get hungover in the middle of the day? Look no further. Do you want pancakes that put cherub buttcheeks to shame with their decadent softness? Look no freaking further! For the love of God, why are you still reading?! Stuff your faces!

Mary Alvarez Valverde

Delicious food and very pleasant staff! We were able to get immediately seated at this cozy restraunt which was great on a Saturday morning. We ordered the special pancakes and shakshuka and they were both well done and came out quickly. Price was reasonable for the quantity of food and flavor. Highly recommended for a casual brunch

Jen Caouette

Came in a group of four, ordered thru QR codes. The food was great, drinks were good, and friendly service. Would recommend.

Bob G

Was staying in town and looking for a 'local' spot for breakfast ... came across Blue Moon and glad we did. I would highly recommend making reservations - this is a small place and very popular with locals (and the college students weren't even back yet). The QR code / app ordering thing is a little awkward but once you get the hang of it you're good. Coffee is delicious / breakfast was awesome / atmosphere is unique. If you're into funky, local places this is it!

Sandarva Sharma

A must go place when you are in Charlottesville, VIRGINIA. Happened to go to this place by chance. Not a conventional diner but you get all you expect in a diner. Food is of great quality and taste.

Joe Thomas

We went without a reservation and were sat immediately. The service was great and the food was even better. I would definitely visit again!

Christina Monteleone

HOT but good food and gluten free options

kim biby

Hole in wall experience! Unique food selection, with an old school atmosphere feel. Loved the rooftop deck!


For six in our three generation family, Blue Moon offered what everyone wanted. Our two grandsons ordered chocolate chip pancakes. We and their parents selected a variety of omelettes and other specialties. Service was attentive and friendly. The price was reasonable.

Lexie West

Breakfast was delicious! I had the shakshuka with a coffee and extra side of sourdough toast. I would definitely come back again. I also loved the ambiance, decor, and music.


Nostalgia can be an irritating, maudlin trait, but I recall enjoying the Blue Moon while I was a student at UVA in the early 80's. It was funky and charming. I returned in the next century with my own UVA-attending children, but the charm seemed to have given way to an indifferent hippy brittleness. I can happily report that the Blue Moon has returned to its former state but with a modern twist. It now has outdoor seating on the roof, and all ordering is done on your phone. The ordering process was a bit confusing, but it eventually worked. We soon had hot coffee and delicious food. The hostess was fast and friendly. I hope to return soon.

Jeff Carr

Had a reservation. Sat us in the only table outside with no umbrella. Requested a table inside or under umbrella and they declined. All this while folks off the street being seated indoors. You have to order online, and after 10 minutes of sweating in the 85 degree sun we left.


The simple space gives so much room for the eyes to find subtle art and for the ears to hear speakeasy music. Meanwhile, when you think your table tour of the place couldn't get better the happiest food that will ever meet your taste buds will arrive like a jig on a dance floor. Music, art, and food are the gateway to the soul. This place has mine.

Jenn Caffey

Great atmosphere. Love ordering and paying by phone at the table. Food was good. Staff was nice!

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