Christian's Pizza

3440 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville
(434) 973-7280

Recent Reviews

Lindsey Sisk

Thin crispy crust and fresh ingredients. Staff was amazing and friendly.

Chester Decowski

Great pizza. Friendly

crystal Breeden

Great pizza! If u eat it fresh the crust is crispy and the cheese is gooey, owner made my pizza and it was perfect! All staff masked. Will def go again!

Shelly Cable

Great pizza. Good service.


The service was and the pizza was pretty bad. We ended up throwing our pizza away and finding somewhere else to eat.

Cesar Arce

This place deserves a 5 stars

Dennis Kocik

The downtown Charlottesville location is the best. Huge pizza pies that are always great

Caroline Carter

Thin crust with spinach leaves was delicious.

Dollie Cole

Stopped in to drop off a new car to a young man who worked there and decided to stay for a late lunch. I had a spinach calzone and my husband had a pepperoni calzone. They were delicious and everyone was very nice.

Marissa Freeman

Been eating christians pizza since I was in school 15 years ago and it's still amazing

Antwaine Campo

Pesto pizza is by far the best pizza flavor profiles ever!

Katie Batten

This used to be one of my favorite pizza places to eat. However the last few times I was in there it did not live up to its previous standards. Today it hit a new low. There was one person inside the building I was the only customer. The man in the building had on no mask, took the cash from me gave me my change and then touched some pizza on the bar without washing their hands. Then I watched him pick up something gross from the sink and wipe it on the same rag that he wipes his hands on around his waist for pizza dough. When I got my food, the piece of pizza they used as the base slice was at least one day old (at a minimum) and what cheese was there was very old and tasted like a refrigerator. He threw my toppings on it and sprinkled a little bit of brand new cheese in hopes that it would look better. There was no seasoning at all and it was the most bland slice of pizza I’ve ever had even with toppings. The crust that I normally love was flimsy because the pizza had been sitting so long. I had called my order in because I was in a rush but they didn’t have it in the oven until after I got there so I still had to stand and wait for five minutes for the pizza which was cold when I got it. And to top it all off… I found a hair in my pizza.

Samuel Ison Bey

If you like basic pizza, then don't come here,, but if you want Amazing pizza, better than everything else around with a selection you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE, it's so good I asked the owner to open a location closer to my home so I don't have to drive so far to get it!

Dustin Collyer

Great pizza as always

Jessi Davis

Best pizza in Charlottesville Va

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