Kanak Indian Kitchen

385 Merchant Walk Square #400, Charlottesville
(434) 328-2775

Recent Reviews

Gator Batton

First time eating at Kanak and it didn't disappoint. The Chicken Patia was awesome.

Vito Ilacqua

We ate outside so can only comment on the food, which was fantastic even in a city that has its share of good restaurants. The dishes were well balanced in flavor, texture, and aromas, and managed a great combination of classic and innovative. That applies to drinks too. We were quite impressed and sent compliments to the chef. Great place for Indian cuisine connoisseurs as well as those just trying it out for the first time.

Rynn D

This place is crazy good. Photo-worthy drinks and dishes, a lovely and very modern feeling interior, and most importantly - food you won't want to stop eating. Do yourself a favor and eat at Kanak. ?


If you are looking for a great experience and good Indian food, this is the place to try out. We tried several dishes and all of them were fantastic. Drinks menu is eclectic. Staff was attentive and courteous.

Paris L.

The food here just keeps getting better and better each time we order. It's run by the same family as Milan (which has always been a good restaurant), but for some reason the food here is starting to blow Milan out of the water. Kanak offers a selection beyond the usual Indian restaurant dishes, so it's fun to be adventurous. But the standards like tandoori are great too. The chicken 65 is especially amazing and is just as good as the versions I had in India. It's also the first time I have actually gotten true "Indian spicy" food, so if you're a spicy food lover, you will be satisfied. But if you don't love spicy, make sure to order mild. I am hoping Kanak becomes more and more popular because C'ville really needed a great Indian restaurant.

Ashmitha Narayanan

The food was beyond heavenly! For the first time I was able to find tasty, fresh and authentic Indian flavors. The staff was pleasant and the food arrived quickly. I don’t know much about foods but I do know Indian food and this is the best I have had outside.

Jesse Rutherford

They have some of the best cocktails and curry in the area. Exceptional!! Always enjoy going there.

Elem M.

The food is excellent. We were in a hurry to catch a movie in the same building complex, so our experience was a little hurried. However this is a great little restaurant that would have been well worth a more leisurely meal.

Katrina Ostermann

Very attentive staff. Great flavor. Good portion sizes. Cocktails were delicious.

John Penn T.

We are loving the Kanak experience. The depth of flavor makes this our family's go-to for Indian cuisine! Get the Chicken-65. My 80+ year old father in law, who's taste is poor, would have eaten the whole plate and is still raving! Service is good- they are still sometimes understaffed because of rehiring post COVID so be patient. Please support our local restaurants as they are all working to ramp back up. Let's all help them be here for the long haul!

Gwen Wells

Late yesterday, friends from Richmond and Lynchburg gathered with us here in C-Ville to celebrate one’s birthday. We were a group of 7, and ordered delivery via Door Dash- a HUGE order, with many different dishes. My husband and I have eaten here before, and loved it, which is why we chose to order for our friends. Now, they love it, too. No kidding, we took nearly an hour selecting our dishes so that we could share and experience all the flavors and every single one was PERFECT. The ease of ordering, the quality of the packaging for delivery- the dishes were even labeled! The timing was accurate, but most of all, the food was delicious! We sampled sauces and small dishes we hadn’t tried before and had a wonderful birthday celebration experience! 10/10 recommend and will do it again!

Phenomenal Woman

I am passing through Charlotteville.va and I order vegetarian meal with add chicken and all I got was 2 pieces of chicken in my meal so the young lady were there and given my money back . I did not get her name. , but shout out to her. . Awesome customer service and and awesome attitude.But the food is really good and I was not expected a chicken ? leg but another would have been better.Thank you

Justin N.

I love Indian food, but nobody ever wants to eat it with me! However, that hasn't stopped me from eating it on my own. Curling up on the couch in my pajamas, watching a rom-com, and eating a nice plate of butter chicken with garlic naan is one of my simple pleasures. That's why I looked forward to my rare night of being a recluse-- to order takeout from Kanak. I'm so glad I finally tried Kanak. It is so so good. A new favorite Indian restaurant for me. The food I ordered tasted amazing. And when I went to pick up my food, the atmosphere inside the restaurant was nice, modern, and casual. The Samosas were large and tasty. They tasted great dipped in the two sauces. The Garlic Naan was flavorful, soft, and had a nice bite. It tasted awesome and paired quite nicely with the butter chicken. The New Delhi Butter Chicken was so creamy and flavorful. The spices and cream gave the dish an amazing depth of flavor that had me licking the bottom of my bowl. Overall, the food I had at Kanak tasted amazing. I can't wait to come back and try other dishes.

KimPop K.

Brand new center, new and contemporary, clean, outdoor seating. Lamb curry excellent. Medium is not hot, go hotter if yr culturally tempered. Bring patience and wait for good meal to arrive.

Mansimran Singh Kahlon

Pretty good ambiance and experience but you don't get the worth of your money. See pictures for the portion sizes. The naan was very crispy (which is a sign that it wasn't fresh) and the roti was just thinner naan (not a roti).Message to the owner or chef- either raise the portion sizes and freshen up the dough or reduce your prices to match what you serve.Staff was very nice!

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