633 W Main St, Charlottesville
(434) 979-6292

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Debra Burleigh

Nice outdoor dining! Food was very good, nicely presented. Will definitely return.

Michael E

Wife and I came here while on vacation and had a wonderful meal. Staff were friendly and attentive, food was yummy. Overall would eat here again next time we are in town.

Wade Boggs

Great restaurant, great food, great staff. However, I will not submit my medical history to attend. I am very disappointed in Peter and the management staff for imposing vaccine passports and this company will no longer receive my money.

Patricia Flowers

Nice atmosphere, great waitstaff. Food.? Fish was dry, cornbread was so dry I had to put it in my collard greens. And the collard greens were healthy. Not ones made with a ham hock. Guess you can say I am use to a certain type of corn bread and collard greens. We started with the fried green tomatoes. Nothing worth mentioning.

Guy 1620

The owner was great (glad he happened to be there) and bar manager is awesome (his drinks are too). And the food ... you gotta check 'em out! A great place for dining & drinks.

Roxanne Carter-Johnston

We are loyal Maya customers! Food was great, drinks were great, our waiter was great, hostess was great… unfortunately, the manager, I assume - needs to work on how he greets customers (dark hair, had on a red or pink-ish shirt last night 7/9). Had the hostess not grabbed my husband and I we would’ve left. No exaggeration, we walked in the door, waited to be acknowledged while he stood there, and his “greeting” was “oh, the bar is open you can sit there but we’re not seating.” I let him finish before I said “we have an 8:30 reservation”. Again, loyal customer… I give MANY clients gift cards to Maya, but this left a bad taste in my mouth. I heard another customer complain as well. I hope he was able to get off early or whatever the rush was… thank you to the rest of the team for making it an enjoyable experience.

Thomas Lafferty

Fabulous, they accommodated us even though the kitchen was closing. The restaurant closes at 9:00 PM and the bar is open until 12:00AM. Who knew?


Great servers, Green Salads was good

Kim C.

My husband and I did not make a reservation for dinner so we waited at the bar until a table was open. The bartender working that night was actually the GM and it was extremely friendly and a pleasure to talk to. We finished our drinks and got a table. I'll keep the review short. Everything was slow. Mind you, this was a Wednesday night. The waiter was slow to take our first drink order. The food was slow in coming out. The food was decent, but lacked flavor. We had the scallops, Mac n cheese and Brussels sprouts. Regardless of our experience, I am always appreciative of hospitality workers. On my way out, I said " thank you ! Have a great night! to the tall gentlemen with glasses that was the host/food runner and after I walked through the door he mocked me as I exited. I know this because my husband was several steps behind me and heard him. So I won't be returning to this establishment and supporting a business that mocks its patrons.

Hazel Sun

Been here twice. Super friendly and lovely service. Loved my entrees both times: trout and duck breast. The Brussel Sprouts side and mash potato were also delicious. Would come back again.

chris c.

Our first impression was a little concerning since they were already fully booked for the night and we didn't have reservations. But the staff was great and found us a spot in the bar area. Service from Micheal C was great. He took great care of us on what looked like a busy night. The drinks were great. I had a couple Smokey the Bee and my gf had a mango margarita. These were creative and delicious drinks. Michael was very good about making sure we had more if we wanted, but not being pushy! But you are thinking about the food. We had baby back ribs, trout, and cobia. While plating might not be up to Michelin standards, the food was! The ribs were smoked to perfection with the meat falling off the bone! Both fish were tasty and seasoned to perfection. Skin was crispy, meat was moist. Side dishes were all very good as well. I had to edit this section since my gf feels her sides were superb, not merely very good. We were just in town for the weekend, but if you are visiting Charlottesville, be sure to give Maya a chance! Ok

Vida R.

Spent the weekend in town and people recommended this place to host a big group of 10 people and it sure did! Delicious delicious food. We all sampled each others plates and no complaints. Mac and cheese was good, the steak and drinks too!

Bob Sacamano

Cocktails are the best in town. Ted is the best bartender, definitely make a stop in there.

Kasoondie F.

Let me just say in the beginning why I only gave 3 stars. I found the fish to be just OK, my macaroni and cheese was no better than boxed macaroni and cheese, and the collard greens were nothing to write home about; over boiled in water with not much flavor. Will all that being said, there are still quite a few good points and that follows in my review!

Amy Schwartz

They were having a busy night and our server was stretched thin. Michael was amazing and came though with service recovery. The food and drinks were amazing. We will be back.

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