Benny Vitali's

722 Caroline St, Fredericksburg
(540) 368-1690

Recent Reviews

L G Jr Wilson

Biggest and tastiest pizza ever!!!


Great customer service, out of the oven hot pizza, and it is delicious Ny style. There is a wait however for all good things there normally is. Highly recommend..

Saeda Stone

So. Delicious. I can't say enough good things about this place. Please try the joe tea it is SO good. The pizza is more on the thin crust side but otherwise everything here is perfect.

Bradley Melnyk

This place is awesome. It was packed when I got there but was worth the wait. Just went simple and got 2 slices of pepperoni, which tasted amazing!!! Would recommend this place to anyone I know.

Clint Hayden

Pretty good slice. Ask them to make the undercarriage toasty for a no flop fold experience.

Daniel “DanTheMan”

We all have those times where we want pizza but a slice isn't going to cut it and a whole pizza is overkill. Benny Vitali's solves this problem. Their massive New York style are the perfect ratio of cheese to sauce to bread. The slice for only $5 will satisfy your craving for pizza and fill you up.

Brian Bowen

Great local place that creates giant slices and full pizzas. I thought the sharp cheese and sauce was good. The options are a little limited but I get it because they make the giant pizzas to cut the slices. If your in the area you should stop in and enjoy the experience

Melissa Delaguila

On our wedding day. We snuck out to get some bennys. That’s how good and quick they are!

Kristi Riley

LOVE this pizza. Great place to go downtown when you're in the mood for pizza. One slice of pizza basically is the size of 3 other slices. It takes two plates for the pizza to fit on. You definitely get your money's worth. Everyone is friendly and professional.

C-pher M.

It's our favorite pizza when we visit. The special slices are always good, and you can t beat the price for what you get.

Kent W Purdy

Great Large Slice of Pizza

Josephine Y.

Biggest pizza I've ever seen--good eats. Crispy flaky crust. You'll probably take some home.

Sara B

Amazing pizza. Huge slices!

Dave Vrtis

Great pizza here! I had the pepperoni, daughter had the cheese, and wife had the bruschetta. All were great! Small place, not a lot of seating. Great selection of beer and canned/bottled drinks.

Cheyenne Pearson

Love the pizza. Huge slice for cheap price. And it tastes amazing

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