1094 International Pkwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 752-0061

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Kevin Lee

Staff was very friendly. Food is what you expect from Chick-fil-A. I ordered online and the order was filled correctly with very little wait. This is one of my top 5 Chick-fil-A's I've visited.

Barbara A.

Such an amazing Chick-fil-a!! I want to especially give a shout-out to Alex-his customer service is top notch and he is such a hard worker!!

A.S. Cruz

We’ve been 4 times since moving to the area. Food was fresh and prompt. My main complaint is the LACK of rewards. Our Haymarket and Gainesville Chic-Fil-A were so generous. Via app alerts, we’d receive a free treat every couple of weeks, prompting us to make the trip. It was great and we prioritized them as our biweekly choice. Now, it’s radio silence and we rarely choose this restaurant, especially with so many contenders.

Otto Banghart

I got the grilled chicken nuggets, they were fatty and very chewy. I ended up throwing them out. The fries were good and my wife had a chicken sandwich that was just ok according to her. I went through the drive thru and the employee was very inpatient and repeatedly asked for my order even when I asked him to give us a minute. I don't like fast food places and will continue to avoid places like this.

Jonathan Ellison

Chick-fil-A always has a good experience, Everytime I've been there whether it's in the restaurant or drive thru. The experience is always good the employees are nice and the restaurant is always kept in good shape and maintains supreme cleanliness.

Sheri Doggett

Delicious ?food and the staff are always so very well mannered and polite, always a pleasure to dine with chik filet!

Jennifer Oliver

Great customer service and no matter how busy the line is get in and out of there quickly.

Barbie Smith

We love our Chick-fil-A, but we’re disappointed tonight! Requested two of the advertised Peach Shakes, and could hardly tell they were peach! Basically, they were vanilla with a tidbit of peach. So disappointed!

Alex G.

I preferred 2 medium fries and hardly got one filled. They literally put not even a full serving of a SMALL fry in one of the containers and then put the sauce on top to make it seem full.

Archer Mavin

Awesome.... love curbside pray it never goes away...only problem is backing out the parking spots... but that's because sometimes people drive to fast coming around the building

Alberta Bazaar

So sad dining room wasn't open yet even though all COVID restrictions were dropped. Traveling through. Didn't want to eat in the rental car.

Wanda 003

Used to be my Thursday gig but going to lay low for a while. Prices appear to have gone up and the portion sizes appear to have gone down. Two Thursdays ago ordered large fries with the meals and one regular meal and fry. We noticed the large fries were a little smaller than the medium size. This was for both large meals.This past Thursday I switched to a salad, my fav being the Market Salad with chicken. I used to get a nice little piece of chicken sliced on top. This time the chicken was almost not there and already in the salad. There must have been a single strawberry sliced and I found three blueberries. Not the salad I am used to seeing.But on the other hand everyone is very pleasant and you get through the line quickly.

John Chittum

Great place to buy a healthy lunch all of their items are made with good ingredients, tastes better, and is cheaper then the competition.

Chase Salkey

Service is always quick and courteous. Food is always fresh and delicious. It's my pleasure to eat here once a week.

Roberta Robertson

As usual, excellent food, fast! Staff are friendly & smiling like they really enjoy their job.

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