Fujiya House Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar

1489 Carl D. Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg
(540) 785-0011

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Natalie H.

Love them !! I go pretty often . Sushi is great and Honestly all of the employees are really nice and that's extremely rare .

Lamar H.

I haven't eaten here in months, but this has been my forever goto for hibachi... today everything g tasted bland... the Wasabi for my rolls was not as fresh as I am use. The hibachi filet and chicken was not flavored as I am use to.

Nick Zagrocki

Service was great here. Food is just okay though. Not worth the prices they charge. Food is bland. Sushi rolls are mostly rice. This was the first and the last time my family will be coming here. If I’m going to pay Japanese Steakhouse prices, I’ll go to a real Japanese steakhouse.


Attempted to come here on a Saturday... I knew it would be busy, so I called earlier in the day to make a reservation, as I used to when coming here in the past. The lady on the phone said they don't make reservations anymore due to COVID. I told her that made no sense, as places are doing reservations now to prevent people bunched up and waiting for a seat. I asked her what the best time would be for a group of 4. She said 6PM, as they get really busy around 6:30PM to 7PM. So,i got there around 5:45PM and the place is packed and there are already 10 parties on the wait list. I was told the wait would be 45 minutes. When I mentioned that it would be nice if they offered reservations, she got a snippy attitude and said they don't do that anymore and they're already too busy and short staffed anyway. So, they clearly don't need my business! I'll never go back!!

CreeDo Lala

I see lots of 5 star reviews. Maybe the food here is great. But I'll never know because they simply ignored me, my friend, and about 5 other customers standing around up front. Between the bartender and 3 servers, you'd think someone would take a second to say "someone will be with you" or "carryout or dine-in?"... nothing. They just ignored us and wouldn't make eye contact like they hoped we'd go away. So we did.

Rita Smith

Excellent food and more than enough of it! Friendly staff and fun environment. Enjoyed dinner immensely!

Scott D.

Good sushi and Food made in front of you on a grill. They also can prepare your meal Gluten-Free if asked. During COVID they are not cooking in front of you unfortunatley which is why I come for the experience but normally, its a great time.

Tara G.

Our first time coming here was on a Friday night during COVID. Masks required, social distancing enforced. Would have loved to experience the live Hibachi, but all the cooking was done behind the scenes on account of COVID. We wanted sushi to start, and they have an extensive sushi menu. We ordered the California roll and the Shrimp tempura roll. Sushi tasted fresh and the rolls were packed nice and full. My husband wanted to try the Age Tofu, which is described as Deep-Fried Soft Tofu topped off with Bonito Flakes and Tempura Sauce. I was hesitant because I am not typically a fan of Tofu, but was surprised to find out that this particular dish tasted like warm marshmallows. It still wouldn't be something I would personally order, but it was surprisingly tasty. For our entree, we split the N.Y. Steak & Shrimp & Scallops from the Teppanyaki menu. It was served with soup (broth was delicious), salad (I didn't care for the dressing), and seasoned veggies. The steak was ordered medium well, but ended up being well done; a little tough and fatty. The shrimp was great, but the scallops, although cooked perfectly, were still quite grainy with sand and could have been washed better.Service was excellent and the place was clean, warm and inviting. We will most definitely return!

Casee Carswell

We were seated quickly, however waited over an hour to get our food. Other customers who arrived 30 minutes after us, received their food before us. When I asked about our meal, I could overhear the cook having an attitude. We had sat there an hour already without saying a word, so the attitude was not warranted. Zero stars if I could, will not be coming back nor do I recommend.


Had reservation for 7pm.... no need for rez , was seated right away without giving name. Waitress came to table to get order for dinner... we asked if we could order drinks first. Both ordered “adult beverages”... drinks came in tall glasses with 1oz shots. Not bad with short glasses but not tall soda glasses and thick straws. Btw... $8 for drinks. We ordered sushi, and entrees (chicken and scallops and filet and chicken).... sushi, salad, soup, and entrees came within one minute of each other... not minutes but one minute. Food was very good but would have been nice to enjoy food in stages. Never offered refills or anyone to table to check on us. When finished, we waited over 11 min for check as we don’t think we had a waitress/waiter. Finally a waitress from another section noticed us and brought us our check. Attention to detail - failed Food taste - very good Drinks - failed Customer service - failed There are too many businesses in town who are working hard to stay afloat to support this one. Picture is their cleaning supplies in the MIDDLE of the dining room... is it a pandemic? yes. But no reason to put this stuff in the middle of the room.

Stephanie Wright

Amazing food, great service, personable owners and servers. The cooks put on a really good show also. They are so funny and entertaining. Only Hibachi Restaurant in the area following Covid health code rules of not cooking in front of customers. As customers, we completely understand that this is not their fault. I really appreciate their integrity and transparency with this though. They also do amazing catering. The owners really care about their customers and try so hard to go above and beyond for their guests.

Jonathan Nazigian

What an amazing meal! We celebrated a birthday, and couldn't be happier with the experience. The sushi and entrees were outstanding. Our boys are still talking about their meals. It was busy on a Saturday night, but the wait was not long, and our servers were very attentive and friendly. We will definitely return!

Rebecca Larzelere

I eat hibachi a lot and so far this is the best hibachi I’ve had in the area.Updating this because I just read some of the other reviews and I find some of the bad ones super odd because I’ve literally never had a bad meal here! It’s always great.


Amazing food and service. We love Fujiya House so much. The owners are the sweetest, most personable people ever. They are always out and about, going above and beyond fort their customers. We are so thankful for this restaurant in our community. (They are also following Covid Health regulations! I applaud them on that.)

Steph W.

Best Hibachi Restaurant in town. Amazing food, great service, clean and beautifully decorated atmosphere. I feel very safe at Fujiya House during covid because they are following the proper Health Code requirements. Owners are always out and about serving guests and making sure everyone is happy. Family & locally owned! Check it out, you won't be sorry.

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Fujiya House Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar

1489 Carl D. Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 785-0011