29 Banks Ford Pkwy #101, Fredericksburg
(540) 286-2668

Recent Reviews

Jori C.

Was surprised to see one of the workers not wearing a mask. Worst part was that this young man couldn't get his gloves on so he started to blow on them to get them to open. Unfortunately won't be going back.

Tim Miller

Very good steak and cheese wrap.

Karola S

Friendly staff! Always a good sandwich!


2 incredibly kind employees! Made my day and a great sandwich. Thank you!

Grover Taber

There was way too much mayonnaise hardly any meat at all

Maximilian W

I picked up a few sandwiches here for my family. I had ordered them beforehand, but when I arrived they took an addition 15 minutes to get them made. That was inconvenient but not a huge deal.When I got home we opened them and all of them were incorrectly made. All five. We called to see if we could be given a refund or some form of compensation. We were refused. The woman kept making excuses and not taking any responsibility for the mistakes. Very poor experience, I do not recommend eating here.


Tried the new brisket sub, truly was disappointing. 2 thin slices of meat and a sprinkle of cheese. Not worth the price much less filling.

Scott Caskie

So much for ordering ahead. Guy in line got two subs in 4 minutes and I called my order in 15 minutes earlier! The very last time I will ever walk into a Subway. Just wish that I could have put a negative rating. Sorry for you!

Zafrullah Malik

I went to buy the sub of the day for 6.49 which was oven roasted chicken. My order came out to nearly 8 dollars. I paid it in a hurry and got home to realize I was charged for a turkey. I wouldn’t visit this location because they have lost my trust.

Terry Cosgrove Grenier

Tried the new brisket sub, truly was disappointing. 2 thin slices of meat and a sprinkle of cheese. Not worth the price much less filling.

Vincent Yao

Standard subway but friendly crew

Tatiana S.

My boyfriend and his family have been going here for years! I absolutely love their flavorful food, really one of the best Chinese restaurants in Fredericksburg.

Billy Christ

God is great beer is good and people are crazy, it's a really good song that played while I was there, the staff were amazing and the subs were just splendid

LeeAnn S.

Got delivery finally. Amazing. Got spring rolls, hot and sour soup, and beef and broccoli. The beef was SO GOOD. Best I've had from any Chinese place. Tender cuts of high quality beef and the broccoli was fresh and crisp. The spring rolls are awesome. Again, best I've had from any Chinese place. The hot and sour soup was way better. It's worth it to say we placed a delivery order about 35 minutes before they closed and everything was fresh and delicious. I was told a 45 min wait and it was here within 25 min. Definitely ordering delivery again.


Sandwich was bland. Cud have been better

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