Texas Roadhouse

3940 Plank Rd Suite A, Fredericksburg
(540) 548-4900

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Marcos Rojas

Fantastic great food great service

Cathy Lytle Ackerman

I highly recommend Texas Roadhouse. The service is excellent,and the food is excellent.Our food was served in good time,meaning we didn’t have to wait a long time for it.Our waitress was very attentive and helpful.We very much enjoyed our experience.

LeAndre Bennett

We sat at the bar and had a few drinks while we waited for our takeout. Emily, our bartender, was fantastic. She was attentive, quick, and very friendly. Sidenote, the food was delicious reheated once we got home.

Harry Violett III

First time going me and my old lady went here to celebrate our 21 st anniversary but I was really impressed with the good food will definitely go back again

David P.

We ordered online and headed to the restaurant. We followed the text instructions to park in the TO GO spots and text back that we were HERE and what spot we were in. We waited. The text message from Texas Roadhouse said to stay in the car and they would bring the food out to us when ready. 6:27pm: Received text saying our food was ready. "Stay in the car and we will bring it to you". We wait....stomachs growling. 6:40pm: Still waiting in the car. Food getting cold. We call and are told not to come in. They will bring it to us. We wait....stomachs growling. 6:48pm: We go inside to figure out what's happening and are told to go back and wait. Not a chance. 6;50pm: We find our food order sitting on the shelf being ignored and getting colder by the minute.

Catherine Falco

Great steaks and service.

Gwendolyn Martin-Terry

I miss the peanuts, but I understand why they don't have them anymore. For as long as it took us to get our food I need a fist full of peanuts. Didn't get the potato skins till we were nearly finished dinner.The onion appetizer was delicious. I had pulled pork which was ok. Enjoyed the seasoned green beans.Had the "mango margarita" (think that's what it was called). It was frozen and got brain freeze 3 times, YUM.In all I'll go back with more patience.

Quamina Image

I called and used the curbside service. It was very easy as there are directions to the curbside pocket. The porterhouse steak was unbelievably good. I will check in again when I'm in Fredericksburg again.

Travis Granger

I will make this review short and get to the point. The issue I had was that my steak that I ordered was not at the temperature that I ordered, neither was my wife's steak. Her baked sweet potato was over cooked and hard through and through. The second round of bread that was brought out was doughy and not baked all the way through. The manager on duty corrected the issue that why I'm only giving it 3 stars. Staff was GREAT!! The food however was a disappointment.

Sam S.

Had family visiting from out of state and wanted to go out for steak. Our always go to for steak is Texas Roadhouse because they have never disappointed us but this last time everything went wrong. First of all the bathrooms were totally disgusting. Then we all had the 12oz Ribeye with baked potatoes and salad. They brought our salads out and there were pieces of brown lettuce. Then came out steaks and NO Baked potatoes. They said the potatoes would be out shortly. So we started eating our steak while it was hot but they were all over cooked. The steaks were so thin you could see thru them. There is no way these steaks were 12oz. We were practically done with our steaks when finally the potatoes came out. It was not the waitress fault of all these mishaps with our food it was the kitchen. As much as we love the Texas Roadhouse we may think twice before going back.

Ryan Fisher

The bartenders got locked into an argument with each other 4 minutes after we sat down. I can only assume this was a pressing issue they were trying to clear up because we sat there for about 15 minutes with no service. My beer was empty and we had yet to order any food. As I was trying to get their attention, I was looked at, and completely ignored. We were about to walk out, when Kayla, a waitress in another part of the restaurant walked by and I asked her to be our waitress because we don't like the bartenders. She agreed happily and saved the day! She was fantastic and stayed right on top of everything. The food was fantastic as it always is. I guess I will try to avoid the bar next time, there seems to be drama there that is more important than the customers.

Shannon Harrison

Wonderful dinner? The wait was only about 5 minutes. Our waitress was kind, helpful and on top of whatever we needed or asked for. I would go back anytime I can.

Celeste Wilkinson

The food was fantastic. We had a large part and called ahead a few days before. They took 45 minutes before they could seat us and another 45 minutes to get drinks and rolls. Once we had the meal it was good but we were pretty hungry by then...

Melissa Anderson

My family and I took my mom for her birthday, the waitress was the only enjoyable part of the night ( other than being with my family) both my dads and my steak wasn’t done, my brothers burger was raw, almost like the cow was put on plate. My fiancé only was given 6 fries. The manager brought my brother his burger back and said ‘ sorry’ ? took them about another 20 minutes for my steak, again all we got was sorry ?My dad told the waitress it wasn’t right. So finally they removed my fried pickles from bill?. I don’t recommend eating here at all. What was supposed to be a great night, turned into everyone eating at different times and I was full from snacking that I didn’t eat my steak!

LeeAnn S.

Service was great, honestly, but the food was such a disappointment. Given the wait even at 8pm and how packed they were, I really have to admit I don't get the appeal.. and I'm not hard to impress at all. The rolls were GREAT. I tried to order a $5 Long Island and was told they were "out and had been since a couple days ago" and they could "upgrade to the top shelf". Okay fine. Boyfriend and I were gonna share two entrees since we both couldn't decide between ribs and catfish. They were out of catfish and had been for weeks according to the server. No big deal... he got the chicken fried chicken and I ended up having a lot of ribs to take home. I got Caesar salad and chili with my entree. The Caesar had about two teaspoons of dressing and was over all bland, even with one piece of huge romaine being drenched in it. The chili was okay... some of the beans didn't feel like they had cooked long enough, but nice flavor overall. I'd probably opt for no cheese on it next time as it drowns out the flavor of the spices in the chili. The ribs... the sauce is great if you like something sweet but the actual meat is just...... there. I didn't expect smoked ribs or anything but dang even Outback has good ribs where the meat has a ton of flavor. Also.. they were a bit dry and overdone. I assume they're pressure cooked and then grilled and slathered in sauce to order because that's just how they tasted lol. We got rattlesnake bites and they were good but not great. Could absolutely use more jalapeño so that they're not 95% cheese and had more of the jalapeño flavor and spice. The onion petal sauce they served with it was... weird. It was sweet at first then became a slower burn. Not like a normal horseradish burn but the initial sweetness turned me off and we dipped the rest in ranch. Boyfriend got a house salad and said the Italian dressing was sweet which was weird but the salad itself was just fine. He said the baked potato was fine. I asked about his entree and he said it was okay but the white gravy wasn't good even after adding more black pepper. This dude loves white gravy, too. I didn't try it. Unfortunately we won't be back. From upselling the alcohol, not having catfish for quite a while and not mentioning or putting a simple sticker over it on the menu, the bland food.. it's too bad because the service REALLY was very good and appropriately attentive.

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