5859 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk
(757) 461-1628

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Joan Scoggins

Food was good. Stop and got grandbaby a 2pc chicken dinner and got a extra 2pc snack for me and my aunt split. Chicken was fresh and crispy

giles nowaks mustache (fumanchuman)

they forgot to put the bacon on the bacon double cheese burgers i ordered. The wrapping paper correctly identified what i ordered, but NO BACON

Derek Davis

Service okay could be better

Jessica Bailey

The employees on the drive through speaker were extremely rude. There were 2 different ladies who shouldn’t be working in fast food with those attitudes or anywhere near customer service. Then it was an older black lady who seemingly was the manager and she was the rudest of all. We asked for something at the window and she said no literally said no so we had to go all the way around and order again. We won’t return. I see why blacks are treated the way they are. They have no customer service skills and do not know how to talk to people.

Lisa Harden

Food was hot and fresh. Employee at drive thru window was nice. Will be back

Ken Roller

Best biscuits!The eggs were dried out and the bacon mediocre this time. This is unusual. Maybe they sat for awhile...

Nicole Sampson

Quick service, however the some of the food items were not fresh, did request an item to be replaced, was promptly given a great replacement. Please check your order before leaving the window, if using the drive thru!

Brenda Reiver

Ordered a sausage and egg biscuit. Only got a sausage biscuit, it was good but not what i ordered or paid for.

Troy Nahrwold

Rode my bike to the restaurant and went through the drive thru (which is not a problem at most fast food places, and hasn't been a problem here in the past), and was told that I need to goo inside the restaurant to order. Went inside and there was no counter staff. The manager was taking orders for drive thru with another employee serving drive thru. When I asked for a manager, she came to the counter to take my order (but still did not identify herself as the manager). I complained about the lack of service and the need to come inside during COVID, and she ignored the complaint, saying "You're on a *bike* it's a *drive through* for *cars*." with an attitude. When she handed me my change, she gave me the bills, then thought about it and slammed my coins on the counter (I may have laid my payment on the counter a bit hard, but this is still no attitude for a manager you have). When I asked again for the manager, she said "I *am* the manager, and when I then asked for the number for the main office, she told me out was posted on one of the doors singers and I should look it up. When I asked for her name before I left, she refused to tell me and walked off into the office.Overall an extremely unsatisfying trip to a fast food restaurant. The mushroom Swiss burger was good and the fries crisp, but the experience was destroyed by the attitude of, not an employee, but the manager of the restaurant. If you decide to get your food from here, you may want to order beforehand on their app, and avoid contact with the employees.

Vermona Johnson

Love Hardee's but sometimes they don't have some of the items. I will recommend them to everyone

Bruce Gordon

Entree seemed to be cold just after being pulled from bag. Things happen.

Valerie Williams

Not only is the food great, they are over the top friendly which makes for a pleasant day for me

Mark Dial

Drive thru order taker rushed me through my order and would not answer any of my questions, also gave me half my order and asked me to pull up when I questioned where the other half of it was. They were going to send me on my way without it. My food was old and fries cold and not salted. One of my worst fast food experiences. I usually go out of my way way to be super nice because I used to working fast food.

Westley Young

The food is good here.

Roger Winston

I been to this location twice in the last 3 days and the customer service was excellent and the food was great. The black guy manager and is team are hardworking and efficient.

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