Mom's Siam 2 Restaurant

1309 E Cary St, Richmond
(804) 225-8801

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What a gem of a restaurant. Everything on the menu is delicious and what a cute quant street this is on. Sit in the window seat for the best view

Douglas Quackenbush

Covid sensitive. Great food. Great staff.

George Rider

Discovered this gem just down from our hotel, my wife loved the thai food and I loved the sushi. Really glad we found it

Rafael Dietsch

Great food! If you are in Downtown Richmond and like Thai or Sushi Mom's Siam is a great alternative.

Haseeb Mohammed

This place is definetly a hole in the wall find. The food was super tasteful and really healthy portions. Sushi was nice and fresh and the food had a great kick to it. They accidently messed up my order so they gave us that plate of extra food which we ended up giving it away to someone in need.The staff was Super friendly and gave us great recommendations.The inside was super nice and clean and so were the bathrooms.

Carla De Lellis

Delicious. Friendly Staff. Cool Vibe. Local Biz. Big Portions. Take half home. Mom's Siam - please change from styrofoam doggie bags.


Let's be honest, this whole thing about Richmond having good restaurants is a little overblown. We live in Manhattan and the restaurants are outstanding. We have eclectic food on every street with authentic spices. I went to Richmond for a wedding and someone said "oh they have a great food scene". No they don't. They have different types of food rather than just fatty american stuff. I applaud richmond for trying but lets all calm down with the food hyperbole. Mom's siam was pretty good though. Spices on the food were great, seemed fresh, solid portions but not overly fat sized american portions. My wife got the ginger entree which was great. If you are in town for a bit and are looking for some nice interesting cuisine rather than Jimmy Johns, try Mom's siam.

Avatar Davis

Good food. Knowledgeable servers. Great service. Enormous portions (come hungry or share)

Reece S.

Ordered takeout since I'm staying just up the street at the Omni. An appetizer of fresh spring rolls with shrimp which were cooked nicely and packaged well for takeout. The peanut dipping sauce was great as it was warm and a nice temperature contrast to the cold veggies in the spring roll. Got the pad thai with mixed seafood as an entree. The seafood was cooked nicely. Where it fell short was the fact that there were no peanuts sprinkled on top, a lime to squeeze was not given, and frankly the other veggies were also lacking presence in the dish. Overall it was good, but I think I'll stick to the original location vs this one here in downtown.

Robert Stafford Jr.

Great food! Nice staff.!!

Donnie Davis

My server is probably the coolest dude I've ever met. His name is Colton and he knows everything about the food here. He was patient with us and recommended us the perfect combinations of food and drinks. I love this freaking place

Kevin Taddeo

Wow! One of (if not the) best Red Curry's I have ever had. So so good. The staff was very attentive and kind.

Wolf P.

So so good! We had the drunken noodles with chicken and the drunken fried rice with beef and chicken. We got the food to go and it was still piping hot when we got home. Full of flavor and huge portions. The Wonton Egg Noodle soup is delicious as well. Can't go wrong with this place if you're in the mood for some good Thai food.

Samantha C.

While preparation was quick, the pad Thai was not very good; it did not have a lot of flavor/seasoning to it, and while I did not expect it to be excessively spicy, it had absolutely no heat to it. Definitely not worth $20.


We arrived for an early dinner and ordered two entrees (duck and chicken). Both were good, even when the Bangkok chicken was a little salty to my taste. However, after getting the check and my husband paying for the meal, I had a feeling that the prices were different to the prices I had seen on the menu. When I checked one of the entrees, it was $2 more. I told the waiter who had the guts to say that the menus were old, but that the new price was the one charged! He gave me $1 back even when I was sure that the chicken's price was also higher, but did not want to make much of a fuss. Since we gave the tip according to the total, this is how they cheat. Beware of this place.....Probably not many people check the prices!

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