Southern Kitchen

541 N 2nd St, Richmond
(804) 729-4141

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opentable dinner

Wonderful food with a great vibe! Definitely a must if youre in the Richmond area!


Was really looking forward to the take home cupcakes. The food was good so we thought we'd take home a cupcake for later. Very dry and not what we ordered once we got home.


Very pleased....the location & parking is the only downfall....we enjoyed ourselves....and the portions are plentiful. Love the complimentary cornbread.


Great place enjoyed our time and can’t wait to go again.


This was my second time visiting! Food was amazing and service was great!


Never disappoints. Food was amazing. Service was on point. We will be back again


Food and Service was outstanding and the restaurant and rest rooms are very clean


Very, very nice place. Large servings! enjoyed it


Everything was amazing! The food was to die for. They even had a live band and they were jamming. There’s so much on the menu I want to try so it’s safe to say we will be back. They bring out courtesy cornbread muffins. They were topped with butter and hot out of the oven. I crushed it in under two minutes. I knew then I was glad I didn’t have on a belt LOL! For a starter we ordered the southern roll and the apple pecan salad with grilled shrimp. A+++++. The southern roll was deep fried to perfection and seasoned to perfection. The salad had the freshest sliced apples and pecans I’ve ever tasted. The shrimp were juicy and grilled to perfection. For our entree, my wife ordered the crab cakes and her sides were Mac and cheese and yams. The crab cakes had NO FILLER! All lump crab and worth every penny. I ordered the white meat fried chicken which came with two wings and a breast with collards and Mac and cheese. Let me tell y’all… that chicken was seasoned down to the bone. Fresh out of the grease and right into my mouth. Both the Mac and cheese and collards were singing lead. I would go back again and again and again. Next time I want to try the meatloaf, turkey wings and their fried seafood platter. I’m from the south so I grew up eating this very menu, but it’s nice to know that folks can still cook southern food like my mom and grandmama’s. Well done, Southern Kitchen. Oh, I almost forgot. Their sweet tea and lemonade is banging. That lemonade is freshly made. Ain’t no fountain drink there!!!!! Sorry, but we had already started nibbling before I decided to snap a photo ?

opentable dinner

I have all 3 and I enjoyed it so much


Always a must for us when we are visiting our son at VCU!

opentable dinner

I love Southern Kitchen. The food is always delicious! My go to meal is Big Mama’s Fried Chicken


My Baby made reservations to Southern Kitchen on Saturday, but wound up accepting an available slot on Saturday. This was my first time going to this restaurant. I was pleasantly impressed throughout the whole process. We arrived on time and were seated promptly. We ordered drinks and ate on the delicious hot cornbread glazed with butter. I ordered the fish and shrimp, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Bae ordered the turkey wings, mac and cheese, and candied yams. They ran out of the regular shrimp that came with my meal, so the substituted it with these huge tempora shrimps! Can I say that every single thing was amazingly, mouth watering and delicious! We had such an amazing time that we are planning on doing it again soon! Well done!


Amazing food and service! Recommend getting the southern rolls as an app.


Wonderful place to eat! Southern Kitchen is a beautiful place to go and eat with friends and family.

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