The Hop Craft Pizza & Beer

1600 W Cary St, Richmond
(804) 353-4677

Recent Reviews

Michael Tod Murphy

In town moving our child to VCU. Great food and service. Pizza was amazing. Recommended.

Ben Johnson

The calzones are so good! Pizza is decent.

Arcadia S.

Vegans will find a wonderful selection of build your own pizza ingredients at The Hop. Tonight our family celebrated the birthday of our teenager, and he was very pleased indeed w the vegan meats and jalapeños loaded on his pie. We ordered a second pie for the less adventurous palette, just mild veggies, but on both we opted for the "unmoo" vegan cheese which our server told us was a locally produced cashew based cheese, and a RVA fave. Our server, Hannah, was excellent by the way. She did a perfect job of accommodating our queries and advising on building our pizzas. She is knowledge, fun, and shares a birthday with my other kid (next week) so, heck yeah, we like her!! (Hannah - if you're reading this, we forgot to tell you happy birthday on our way out the door. Hope it's a great one!!) YES KID FRIENDLY

Diana G.

Me and my husband wanted to try out a new place for date night, we dined in, put in our order. Saw people walking off the street into the store and back out the store in a matter of minutes with their food. We ordered an appetizer, just pretzels and cheese (which they were out of beer cheese) and after an hour of waiting nothing came out. We walked into the store to ask for a time on when the food will be ready and got a response of " the food will be out in a couple minutes" so we waited another 10-15 minutes and still nothing. But the people with to go orders were walking in and out in a matter of time. After 1 1/2 hours we both agree that it was a waste of date night and growling stomachs. Never again.

Becca R.

Tonight we were craving a good slice while moving family in to VCU. We ordered a basic pepperoni and though the restaurant was slammed, the workers were so welcoming and communicated with us about wait times and when our order was going to be ready. The pizza came out hot and delicious. We will be back next time we are in richmond!!

Jimmy Shing

Best calzones you will ever eat. These bad boys are the size of your entire head.

N.M. Photography

First time having the pizza. It was great. Fresh and hot. Had to wait a couple of minutes for it to cool down. Inside isn't as pleasant, but not going there for establishment.

Larry Brayton

Among the best pizzas in Richmond. Hand tossed crust is perfect, service great, and menu looks very interesting for future visits.

Paul Lenz

First time we ordered from The Hop. Must say big mistake not going earlier. Hand tossed crust was excellent taste and texture, sauce was perfect balance. We had a basic pepperoni and mushroom, both were very fresh and plentiful on the pie. Highly recommend this place !

Michael Irwin (Kainypoo)

We waited 40 minutes for our food and it was not worth the wait. The pizza was mediocre (heavy on the cheese and sauce, if you're into that kind of thing) and the wings were rubbery. Maybe if the wait wasn't so long I would have felt better about it... but it was definitely not worth the wait.

Timothy Walden

Some of the best pizza I have had in a very very long time. I will plan trips to Richmond just for this place, and then visit the zoo to make it worth the time lol.

Michael Cirron

Michelle was our server. Such a nice and great server. Made us feel welcome and got everything we needed. Food was great. Nice atmosphere, and awesome classic music. A must try in lake george!!

Shawn Blake

As An Uber Eats, Grubhub, & Door Dash Delivery Driver, I Visit Far More Of Richmonds Restaurants Than Food Critics!(Its A Privelege I Take Seriously)I'm Working On Curbing My Appetite Being A Weight, And Health Conscious Foodie.That Being Said, I Tread A Lot Lighter When It Comes To My 2 Favorite Foods, Bread, And Cheese... So Pizza Is Purgatory!But When Nothing Else Will Do,I'm Discriminating...I'm From Philly, So Cheese Steaks Are A Birthright,(I Dont Eat Beef Or Pork Anymore-20+yrs)So Thank God For Chicken Philly's!So All That Said, I Appreciate Hops Style When It Comes To Pizza... When They're Busy, It Takes Time To Perfect, And Last Night Was My First "Custom Slice""Spicy Chicken, Mushrooms, And Olives..."At 1030pm (A Weight Faux Paux),I Devoured It... That Kind Of Day...I Learned They Have An Attached Market For Beer... And Well, That Strokes My Heart As A Bartender Of 20+ Years (Semi-Retired)...And To Top It Off, Once Upon A Delivery, I Went In During Football Season With My Baltimore Ravens Skully On, To Be Greeted By One Of The Bakers Wearing A Ravens Ball Cap... Definitely Nice To Be Among RavensNation So Deep In Washington Football Country!There's Only A Handful Of Pizza Spots I Like In RVA, And This Is One Of Them!Buy Local !!!

Jordan Popovich

Pizza was over cooked on top but raw on the bottom and doey. Very unappealing and not appetizing.

Tabatha S.

Was in town for a wedding and found this place on Yelp. Lots of unique pizza options but I went with the calzone. I was a tad hesitant about the honey in the sausage and salami calzone, and boy, was I wrong. Wow! It was delicious. The honey provided just a touch of sweetness that cut through all the meat and cheese. Very very good. Marinara comes on the side and I added some Ranch as well. If the Ranch had been homemade, this place would be unstoppable.

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