Daves BBQ

1781 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach
(757) 434-6093

Recent Reviews

Nicole Young

Put this place on the MAP. Located at the back of the white building (picture provided) with plenty of parking all around. Look for a sign on the sidewalk to show you where to turn. A small business run by humble and kind worker's. A few tables and seats as well.Food was Excellent, we ordered the 3 meat plate with chicken, pork, and brisket that was a decent price for BBQ- we had a huge portion. For our sides we ordered the cornbread and Mac'n cheese which were very noteworthy! They had sauces on a side table for you to add choices from spicy, vinegarete, to sweet

F Owens

Dave’s barbecue is the best barbecue in the state. Patti and Chris do a wonderful job with their customer service As well. I needed to take care of a few friends going through a difficult time and Patti helped me put together a menu consisting of pulled pork, two types of coleslaw, smoked baked beans. everything was delicious including their Carolina vinegar-based barbecue sauce. Their attention to detail and their compassion with serving others…. this pace will continue to be the best in Virginia thank you for all you do. ???

Christina Vanda

Love this place! Huge portions of amazing BBQ, so tender and flavorful. Really nice folks too!

wilfredo silva

This is a great little get away. The food is great whatever you order. We order the Daves super sampler for two people. We had left over and we're in food coma after eating. This is a must stop if on vacation. You need to keep a look out for entrance. Its easy to miss. The sides are great you can eat them by themselves. The place is small but very welcoming. Quick service. You eat here once and you will be a repeat consumer.

aaron valentine

Always good came all the way from jersey to to get my dave fix

Kennedy P.

Everyone highly recommends this spot. So I was very eager to try it out. But customer service is meh(I've had much better)! I ordered pork rib plate. Ribs no side. I would expect at least four bones but yet I received this for $15.00. People travel a distance to get here and I originally came for a slab but they told me this is all they had. The ribs had minimum meat and lots of fat. I was not impressed :(.

Maxwell P.

There is no measure to how hard Dave's BBQ slaps. This place has some of the best coleslaw and brisket I've ever had. Definitely one of the hidden gems of VB.

Kyalah J.

This place was absolutely amazing, the brisket was so moist and juicy and the baked beans were the best I've ever had. The potato salad was definitely good but I had one whole potato that wasn't cut up,but it tasted homemade which was great as well

John Ochenduski

Loved it. Just a little hole-in-the-wall with picnic tables out back. The brisket was better than good. The pulled chicked was outstanding. The best part for me was the smoked baked beans. They were amazing. Don't let the place fool you. They are doing BBQ right.

Rick Overbey

Chose Dave's BBQ for my wife's birthday party and was not disappointed at all. Everything was absolutely amazing!!! By far, some of the best BBQ I have ever had and I eat a lot off BBQ. Do yourself a favor for your next catering gig or simply for a single sandwich and stop by Dave's and try it out, you will not be disappointed. I would add more stars if I could, but 5 was the limit.

Leslea K.

Best bbq in the 757! I love the smoked chicken salad and the spicy slaw. My boyfriend gets the "meatquake" almost every time despite not ever being able to finish it. The meats are succulent and the sides are yummy!

john sykes

Heard about this place on a Friday morning local food segment on the news. Went to Check it. After we passed it the first time saw the hand painted sign.Tried the 3 meat platter and a brisket sandwich. All the meats were good and the bbq as well. Price was fair for the servings you got. Not Louisiana BBQ, but still enjoyed

Ken Jacobson

Dave's Barbeque is the best we've had since we've moved four years ago from Kansas.And that's the only thing we missed from Kansas is their great barbecue! You will not be disappointed the prices are low and the quality is high. Potato salad is the best without sugar and baked beans are perfect!Thank you Dave for making Great Smoky BBQ!!

Stephanie Akers

We have been seeing Dave's posts for about a year and made plans that we were stopping there first on our beach trip. When we pulled into the parking lot the smell from the smokers was amazing then when you go inside all I can say is whew you best be hungry we got the two meat plate and it was all 2 of us could do to finish it the brisket is absolutely AMAZING and the baked beans are slap your momma good. We are definitely going back probably tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and stop at this hidden gem.

Will P

BBQ done right!! Real wood smoked, awesome flavors and desserts that will put you to sleep, like a fat tic. You must try this spot for yourselves. It located in the cut so you know it good.

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