701 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach
(757) 497-0894

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Arthur Jefferies

Sucked onion rings was cold and refried

Sean Epperson

Love hardees especially they chicken and steak n egg biscuit top of with sweet tea. Man good eating something quick.

Chicka Dee

Food was hot and fast, just the way a drive thru should be. Wish I could say that about the arches.

Lydia Lyness

Delicious and the shakes were great!

Roger Durity

The food I'd good but be prepare for a long wait if you going through drive-thru.

Michiel Cutrell

Moved closer to this location and have issues almost every time I visit, left out items purchased or requested, long waits with short drive thru lanes, Definately can use improvement

Larry Burnette

Good food..Reminds of the country cooking..

Leslie M.

Wow wow wow AMAZING! Hubby and I decided to eat Hardee's on Friday April 30th and we were super happy and glad we picked this location. We ordered and paid and was told it'd be a few minutes we waited for about 15 minutes and the French fries were nice crispy and fresh!!!! Hubby's burger had nice steam coming out he said it was the best burger he has had! My chicken tenders were amazing nice crispy juicy! We felt like we were eating the food from the commercial! (Also there was no line at all empty Hardee's but definitely worth the wait!) and the employees were super nice! And all wearing mask properly! Thank you Hardee's we will definitely be coming back!!!

Taylor Safford

DoorDashing here is the worst. The employees ignore you until they have no orders up, which is really inefficient and makes you very late to deliver your orders. Then they don’t even start the order until you finally get someone to stop for you. There was only 1 other person here the first time I had to come here. They are also rude on top of that. Definitely a poorly run fast food restaurant.


I personally don't eat fast food, however my son loves their chicken tenders. The food is always ? and freshly made even the fries ? which is un heard in most places. The staff are friendly too!

katie Barrett

Very nice here at this one and quick in the drive thru

Fred L

GreAT !!!- I Love Hardee's -I wish there were more of them around !

Ron Backus

The best part of the meal was the ice tea, the burger was over cooked and dry.

Charles Walton

Forgot my honey mustard

Strezz 23

Good food and a nice staff.

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