Panera Bread

2137 Upton Dr Suite 302, Virginia Beach
(757) 430-9001

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Tom Smith

It's Panera Bread is the worst of the worst poor leadership, poor management and no customer service. They seem like everybody just for a paycheck. Most money on a bagels and in the night to get bread somebody to come through but yet they're charging everybody else.

Domenick M

I like this Panera the best. It us the older style with a fireplace and cozy group areas. The new remodeling of Panera is cold and cafeteria feeling. Just not inviting.

Brookie Betlaf/Summers

Came in today for lunch with my 2 toddlers and found nothing but amazing and helpful people who went above and beyond to help make picking up lunch alone with 2 littes as easy as possible! Food was hot and delicious as well! As someone who's first job was at a panera it makes me so happy and proud to have been apart of this company! ?

Dena Lillard

Employees were friendly, but the food was just so so, nothing special. I ordered grilled cheese and my guest had cheddar broccoli soup. Would eat here again

David Cake

Chicken & wild rice soup was delicious. Fresh baked baguette went well with it. Service was good. Prices are a bit high but worth it overall.

Turan Zeynalli

I messed up order, and got half a sandwich instead of full.The manager. Tall gentleman with glasses was very kind, to add another half for free.Good job for a great customer service, even though it was my mess up. Will be back again. ?

Bob Ruger

Always enjoy this place but you need to clean the balls of dust from your fireplace and intake grates for air. Remember, we all breathe that!.

Bob McCullough

Picked food for my family, I don't eat the food, orders are not filled complete, not happy with the service. Over the past several years I have learned to check the order before walking away, had to drive back several times for shortages. Yes they offer comps for the shortages but the order is filled correctly, then another employee goes thru the items to ensure it's correct, and items are missing. Where is the attention to detail that business should be giving a customer? Last order missed half of a pick two and 3 orders of baggits but the second employee said the order is complete. I had to prove to the manager so she could see.

Megan Luker

Efficient way to get dinner quickly with the Panera App. It only took less than 10 minutes to get my pick two( Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup and salad). Wow! It is my new favorite creamy fall soup with only 210 calories in the cup size! The restaurant is decorated tastefully for fall and a nice evening vibe on a first cool night! Good parking options too!

Jandw WandJ

Very clean nice polite people

Mikole Dorig

$9 for a bowl of iceberg lettuce, croutons, and dressing (not enough even with extra). Many of my lettuce leaves are brown. For the price, it isn't worth it. My last visit to any Panera.

Forging Phoinex

Ordered online via Google maps. Custom order or modify order easy to use.Ended up eating inside. Great food, as always.

Ji No

This place is trash. Not for the service, but for the way they treat their employees. Look.. This wasn’t the first time I witnessed this. I overheard the management yelling at their daytime lady baker [out of random] when they were just trying to put one of their racks up. The baker had already cleared a path from where I could see, but within a split two seconds? The manager comes yelling back again. Hmm… I find it appalling, especially while I’m eating [and every time I visit] A manager can be heard slamming doors [or counters] while unnecessarily yelling at their key resource [the baker] because they took up to much space. Apparently.. All of this can be heard from their dining area. To the point I changed seats every visit. It’s bad enough there’s a lot of out-of-towner people in the VA Beach area at the end of Summer, so why add to the fire? SMH. I was trying to eat while hearing all of this… but I guess they don’t know how to use the motto ”happy employees, means happy customers” if I was a baker… and had to hear that all of the time? I would burn every last one of those pastries. And Walk out. Attitude doesn’t pay the price of a business. It’s people.


This location always has a problem of toasting the bagels, either undertoasted or burnt, no happy medium.

Trese Briggs

placed an online order and pickup - it was seamless and delicious.

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