520 Bar & Grill

10146 Main St, Bellevue
(425) 450-0520

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Brennan Weiding

Food was Delicious & staff was great!! Was helped by Brittany, who took a lot of not only seemed genuinely excited about helping my table, but she seemed to be able to make every table she helped laugh & smile while still getting all of our orders very quickly. Would highly recommend 520 for the Food, Atmosphere & the Team.

Max T.

It's a smaller restaurant/bar than the typical bar you would find in Bellevue. That's because it's located in the old part of Bellevue. However, by the crowds this place attracts, feels like it just opened. They have plenty of outside seating, I am not sure if they had that much outside seating before 2020, feels like there is more tables outside than inside. They have a good selection for beers on tap. The burgers are are really good. They have a few other good entrees. If you want something light, steak salad. Grab the steak salad, you won't regret it. Service was mediocre and the waiter lacked to give attention when something was needed. I waited for 10 Mimi he's to get my silverware to eat a salad. First off I don't like to eat with my hands. Second, it's a salad. No way of going around that, unless someone just came out from a cave. They were busy that night, but giving utensils I'd probably more important than knowing if I needed another drink.

Caitlin Charles

I was expecting a lot more for a $17 dish. I got the western scramble and the plate was mostly potatoes. The scramble was good but nothing special. I also wished the potatoes were more crispy and had more seasoning. The mimosas were a good ratio of bubbly to juice though.

Linda Bagley

Absolutely love the coconut shrimp, and and fish-and-chips.. The cucumber gin and tonics are pretty good as well. It was a nice evening in the courtyard.Only suggestion would be is to do a different gravel. The large gravel is hard on the nice shoes.

Helen H.

The food was pricy. The price for the appetizers are what I would expect for entrees instead. We had the steak bites and crab cakes. What little I had of it was good. Service was a little slow. It took a while after we finished our appetizers before they came back to take our entree orders. My entree, grilled salmon, was a bit dry and I didn't care for the rice. Maybe stick to mashed potatoes for this dish. The best thing about this place was the outdoor dining area.

Linnea L.

my friends and I came here and got a lot of food and drinks as you can see. giving one star for the way we, mainly me, were treated by our server. My friends were teasing me about money and how I'm trying to save money right now, and our server must've over heard because when he dropped off the checks he says "I heard one of you is cheap. You better tip me well or I'll find you and call you asking why." Proceeded to tell stories about people he would call up after or directly confront about their low tip. I felt so called out and had to say "the person you're talking about is me, and I am an amazing tipper everywhere I go so you don't have to worry...." I felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. He continued to go on a little rant saying things like "If you can't afford to eat and tip well in Bellevue, then you need to go back to Renton or Monroe or something. Don't eat in Bellevue." This was where I got really pissed off. First, my best friend at the table lives in Renton. Such a weird thing to say, only assuming that people who live right in Bellevue can afford to eat at 520. Second off, what an insanely classist and out of line thing to say. I completely agree with the sentiment--you shouldn't go out to eat if you can't afford to tip the server-- but saying that to our table? Directly naming cities with lower income residents and trying to use that as a diss to us? Lol we've never been so uncomfortable. I tipped more than 20% for the record-- I do not appreciate being called cheap by my own server.

Vladi Z.

The Cajun chicken sandwich was delicious. Outdoor patio area is also really nice, though we had an issue with the speed of service (other tables that came after us had their order taken while the waitress ignored us for a bit), but other than that a pretty nice spot with prices on the slightly-higher end

The Stockingers

Great place that has been here forever. I have been coming here for about 16 years. I have no idea why it has taken me until now to do a review on Google Maps ?‍♂️The 520 grill steak salad is amazing (tender beef! ?) and so are the burgers and the prawn appetizer with the tangy sweet dipping sauce! ?They have a much-expanded patio/courtyard now, thanks to Covid. Hopefully that sticks around. They do allow dogs outside! ?

Channing C.

Great service, great food! We had no wait time on a Sunday afternoon. The nachos were wonderful.

Nancy E.

There are plenty of reviews here about the food and drinks but I especially want to add my two cents based on outdoor dining during the pandemic. We had dinner here on 4th of July and I felt comfortable with their safety protocol - 5 out of 5 for sure. I made a reservation online and specified in the notes that I wanted an outdoor table. The outdoor tent was not up (thank goodness because I wanted good air flow) and the outdoor tables were still spaced 6 ft apart. The waitress was not wearing a mask, but we had ours handy and put it on when we ordered or when we weren't eating. FYI their outdoor bar area high tops were not 6 ft apart, but the dining section was. I'd recommend enjoying an outdoor meal here. As for the food, I'd call it a 4 out of 5. My husband enjoyed their burger with additional avocado and bacon. Their fries were excellent, especially after 15 months of oven-baked or takeout fries. I thought their lamb burger was a bit dry, but the tzatziki sauce was yummy. The side Caesar salad was way overdressed and the romaine not quite fresh. My husband said their old fashioned was excellent, but it was the first cocktail he didn't have to make himself in 15 months so he might be a bit biased. Overall I'd say pandemic summer outdoor dining is a 4.5/5 here, and rounding it up to 5 for this review because it has been too darn long!


As a long time Bellevue resident 520 Bar & Grill is one of our favorite spots for lunch and/or dinner. This review is about lunch and unfortunately is not a good review. Not sure is because it was a Monday or because is past Covid but the meal was substandard to what we are used to. I will review all dishes in order: - Crab cakes as appetizers - normally an appetizer delish, this time it tasted like microwaved food - 520 Steak Salad - meat was actually cold and tasteless very surprising as I've been having this salad for years, but this time was really disappointing - Crusted Asian Whitefish - absolutely tasteless and we have the feeling that the unused sauce from the crab cakes was dumped on the fish - either way not worth the money at all Service was OK, a little attitude, no smile, a bit rushed and not much details on feeling us welcomed. We hope that this was one off, we still love the place!


The restaurant wasn’t full yet my takeout order took an hour and 15 minutes. They were so slow. I don’t think they are adequately staffed yet after the pandemic.

ferial mhr

We enjoyed drinks and food we got hereThe burger was delicious and crunchyThe ambiance was good I recommend sit outsideTry burger for sureThanks!

Matthew Brandow

The attention to service is great at 520 Bar & Grill. You ask why? Well, for one, Ali Schwartz, our server was very attentive to our table and all other tables she had. My brother and I were very very pleased with the service she provided. Also, the big win of the day was with Joshua Moses who is the manager there. I literally forgot my sunglasses at the table we were at and realized this the day after. I quickly called 520 and told me that they would check and would call me back. Literally two minutes later, Joshua personally called me back and he quickly responded that he had them safely stored at the hostess desk and put a note on them for when I come by to pick them up. Crisis diverted!!! lol...but yes, prescription sunglasses are not an afforded pair to lose.Thank you again Joshua and Ali for the awesome service!!!

Adrienne M.

Love love the atmosphere! I enjoyed the music in the background, my food was delicious. Drinks were fab. I had crab cakes and My bartender was giving me all good vibes! I shall return! P.s they carry one of my favorite Vodka's 44 north huckleberry !

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