Cafe Ori

14339 NE 20th St suite i, Bellevue
(425) 747-8822

Recent Reviews

Faye C.

Been my go to for Hong Kong style Chinese food for ages. Very delicious with large portions too

Joy H.

Oh man, I can't believe I've never written a review of Cafe Ori before!! Lifelong staple for me and my hubs as some classic Cantonese/Hong Kong style eats. We always get their beef curry and then add on chow mein/fried rice for the kids, etc. We've had a bunch of their dishes before (nothing besides the beef curry stands out) but everything is solid. Super fast when ordering and very tasty!!

William Jackson

The menu is tremendous. The service is great. The Buda Surprise veggie dish (my favorite) to die for. Yum. Must visit.

Camille L.

Been back and forth to this family favorite resto for many many years and never disappoint. Foods are feel-at- home good cooking and large portions too. Who doesn't appreciate Taiwanese cooking!? Don't ever pass up the pork chop bcs it is THe BeST! Never miss out on the homemade super hot tea and they keep it coming. You'll just have to make many visits and decide which are your favorites. Their veggies are always so scrumptious and tasty, meats are always packed with umami and crunch,-- I can't stay away from this place. I love this place!

Jeff C.

Due to COVID, we have only tried take out, which I would consider the best this part of Bellevue. They can get very busy during dinner time, which is a good thing, really shows how their customers keep coming back. My favorite is the Portuguese Style Chicken

Maria Becerra

Ordered a mango pearl and papaya pearl drink that were very tasty. Nice place for lunch

Kevin Ip

Legit Hong Kong style western food (aka HK Cafe style) and general Cantonese dishes. Hands down the best baked pork chop on rice I have found in Seattle which admittedly is not hard to achieve considering how lousy most HK cafe-style food is in Seattle. Cafe Ori's portuguese chicken is also delicious. Recommended if you're craving the specific, warm, fatty comfort food that HK Cafe style food does so well.

Regina X.

Really sweet family business and a popular spot for takeout. Cafe Ori currently allows dine in and serves food in takeout boxes (efficient since you're likely to have leftovers from their generous portions). The menu's large with a good selection of noodles and rice dishes like HK pork chop rice & spaghettis. Major props to the three chefs in the kitchen for quickly whipping up so many orders. Their food comes out quite fast! Love the upbeat music and filling dishes. Definitely stop by for your Chinese and HK fare!

Joshua Brager

This place is definitely a hole in the wall but very much worth the visit. Great hot and sour soup and dishes.Prices are great as well.

Heidi Spiess

I ordered bok choy all I got was bok choy stocks .Only one out of about 10 stocks had a full leaf on it if you told me I’m buying bok choy stocks I would’ve passed.The pork chops were very fatty majority was fat hidden underneath the crispy crunchy outside and very salty again I wasn’t ordering fat backs.Leaving with paying $40 I would’ve been better at Panda Express.

H K.

This is my go-to place for Cantonese food! The chow fun is exceptional along with their curries. The fried rice options are all good. The food is fresh, the service is good and they are following all covid protocols.

Geoff L.

This has been our go to spot for Hong Kong/Cantonese "comfort food" for years. Portions are still as large as ever. I highly recommend their fried rice and baked pork chop rice. To the person complaining about them serving them the wrong thing, I'd like to say in all of the years we've dined in and gotten take out (as often as every week during the pandemic for take out!), I have always received my exact order, and they've never gotten my order wrong.

Adam D.

A favorite long time spot of mine. The Singapore style noodles are just awesome. Super thin, tough yet delicate Has egg shrimp chicken and a little onion typically

Pranav K.

Around Microsoft this is one of the go-to chinese takeout spots. Little bit pricier than sichuanese, but food quantity and taste is great. Try the cod stir fry and the shrimp fried rice. I've tried various other fried rice offerings and they never disappoint. Lady boss is super nice and professional, and food is served up very fast. Pro tip: ask for the chilly oil, it's OMG delicious. More of that please.

Victoria Serdyuk

I love their dishes. Very flavorful and tasty. I am a vegan, and they had a good selection for me. My partner eats meat and he loves their food too. It's pretty authentic for Hong Kong dishes and its definitely not a gentrified Chinese food place like a lot of places in Washington are.

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