Daniel’s Broiler - Bellevue

10500 Northeast 8th Street Unit BP2101, Bellevue
(425) 462-4662

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PA Warehouse

My favorite place in Bellevue. Popcorn shrimp, lobster bisque you can’t order anything on here that isn’t a home run.The service is fantastic. Will at the bar is a great dude also!

Tyler C.

I decided to take my boyfriend on a special date night for his birthday, we're from Vegas so we didn't know of many places here in Washington. I found Daniels Broiler on Yelp and it looked amazing and let me tell you it exceeded all expectations! Our server Brennan (I think his name was) was phenomenal! Definitely a pricier place but worth it all! Definitely try the Calamari and fried artichokes! We ordered the 30oz ribeye to share with garlic mash potatoes 100/10! For my boyfriends birthday we ordered their ice cream and the creme brûlée both tasted amazing and a great finisher to the meal. Our server brought out chocolate Carmel macaroons for my boyfriends birthday desert it was great! Best place for a birthday dinner by far! Will definitely come back!

Momentum Consulting

Wow! What can I say, This restaurant is fantastic! The views are awesome the ambiance is wonderful. The service was top notch. Michelle did a awesome job, very attentive and knowledgeable.The food is deliciousI highly recommend the bone in ribeye.

Kari Schloss

Divine and no utensils needed as the beef was so tender. My husband had the 30 ounce bone-in ribeye (Bottom of photo). I had a few bites, as a pescatarian, I can say this was fabulous but not being used to meet, only a bite was needed. Best steak I've ever nibbled. Indescribably delicious.You're neither under or over dressed here. Great bar.Valet parking or car garage right there for you to choose. Parking validated by DANIEL'S BROILER, yum ?

Yulia B.

Amazing classic steakhouse! Great views from the patio and even greater food! 3 must try appetizers- barbecued shrimp , seared ahi tuna and steak strips- absolutely amazing. Also lobster bisque is yummy, light and rich at the same time, how is that possible??! For drinks my pick landed on lavender martini and it didn't disappoint, beautiful flavor. To top it off creme brûlée was a nice finish to the dinner.

Brian S.

Consistently good food, Travis, the bartender has been there for years and is a solid dude. Can't beat the popcorn shrimp appetizer and the steaks are always phenomenal.

Brannon Zahand

Daniel's is, hands down, my favorite steak place in the great Seattle area. Sporting some incredible views of Lake Washington, it's a perfect place for a special evening. I'm particularly fond of the wedge salad and prime rib (although as of this writing they still haven't been able to bring back the prime rib since reopening after COVID). The service is always spectacular and the steak cooked to perfection. My wife really enjoys the surf & turf options. You also can't go wrong with one of their mixed drinks; their margaritas are delicious. All of this comes with a significant price, but is well worth it for an amazing evening spent with good friends or a loved one.

Linnea L.

super delicious and amazing quality!! sat in the lounge/bar/patio area and grabbed a seat right away. we got the ribeye, salmon, halibut, and sides of crispy artichokes with hollandaise and the asparagus... if you love artichokes highly recommend

Lauren Wessel

Wonderful service, amazing view, and spectacular food! Perfect for a fancy date or a night out for drinks with friends. We will definitely come back soon!

Ayaz A

After parking, finding this place was a little tricky. We were not easily able to find the correct elevator to the restaurant. It is on the 21st floor, to the right of the hotel. Look for the sign outside and a revolving door underneath it. Take the elevators on the left.We had a reservation and we were seated quite promptly. I was stuck with a huge glare from the sun, but the atmosphere is still really quite nice.We started out with the bread and butter. The bread is quite dry, and they did not bring enough butter for the table. This made it very awkward having to share this little amount of butter for the whole table, instead of each person having their own butter. I recommend giving each person their own butter.I got the 16oz ribeye and split it. The ribeye was great. They cooked it perfectly. The black peppercorn sauce is HEAVENLY. I recommend pouring some of this sauce on the garlic mashed potatoes as well. the garlic mashed potatoes don't come with any gravy. For the heavy price, one would think there would be gravy with my mashed potatoes...There are limited sides. Mashed potatoes, asparagus, baked potato, broccolini & sliced tomatoes.No fries? No corn? Great sides to go with steak!We waited over 35 minutes for our food, and were stuck with dry bread and not enough butter. But the food was delicious. Especially because of the black peppercorn sauce. They cooked everyone's steak exactly as requested.They provided the birthday girl with a candle and a couple of macaroons. Really sweet of them to do that.Our server was quite slow with bringing things we requested, like bread, butter, drinks, hot sauce, etc. There was another server named Ryan who really stepped up and helped us out when our server was busy. Props to Ryan. Thank you for that.When paying top dollar for this experience, and a mandatory 20% tip, customers expect excellent service and to receive food in a timely manner. we did not get that. This place should be 5 stars. Could easily be 5 stars instead of 3. very simple and subtle fixes to step it up would make this place amazing.Edit: updating from 3 stars to 4 stars because the restaurant has responded and will be providing the feedback back to the team to try and improve. Thank you for listening to the feedback and I wish you the best of luck. I will be returning in the future.

Tarek H.

The service today was by far the best service I ever had at Daniels or perhaps anywhere. Our server Todd went above, above, and beyond! I don't think my glass of water has ever been so well maintained to be full. They even got us a reservation an hour later after we called. The steaks were perfect. The calamari was just right. Also the dirtiest martinis in the world are served here if that's something you are into. A+.

Dave Jacobs

Food was great, service was wonderful as always. 5 stars for the food and service.3 stars for Daniel's tipping policy.The tipping/no-tipping is confusing. It's frustrating that Daniel's claims a tip "isn't expected or required" but then automatically charges a 20% gratuity which Daniel's says they keep for themselves. They claim to pay a flat wage and commission on how much food the wait staff sells which feels counterproductive to me. So then why charge a 20% gratuity and claim there's no gratuity?? So yes I felt obligated to tip my server in addition to the 20% I was forced to pay Daniel's.

Theodore Taylor

To tip or not to tip. Unfortunately I did not read the other reviews about the service charge before I went to Daniels. I've been coming to this place from my home in Portland for a number of years and I stay at the Hyatt and I love going to Daniels for the food, atmosphere and the piano dude and I was hoping to see some familiar staff faces as the pandemic recedes. First off, the staff and the food (steak was perfect) was great as always. We sat in the bar area as always but no piano man (I knew that since I called ahead)...my GF said she overhead someone saying he is not back since he didn't get a shot yet (oh well, his business). We sat over by the area where they used to have "bar food" prepared like burgers and the steak bites and fries but it was closed. The bartender that served us was super nice and attentive so we had some drinks and was mildly hungry but there was no bar food on the menu so my GF and I split a Porterhouse and shrimp cocktail and we enjoyed the view and was happy to see that all the seats were full including the balcony seats which has a great view of Seattle and it was not super cold so perfect. I was really surprised to see the bill come and it was 200 bucks including a 20 percent service charge that says "A 20% service charge is include. 100% of the service charge is retained by Scharwtz Brothers Restaurants...additional gratuity is not expected and purely optional..." This does not say that this tip goes straight to the employees serving me. So I asked around and I see one person in the background holding up a big ZERO saying they get none of it and another says the servers get about 10 percent of it. So it sounds like Daniels is just marking up the prices to gain additional revenue or they need to educate their employees and be more transparent about where the money goes. And if no additional tip is expected, then why do I still have a tip line on my receipt. I've seen this here in Portland and it's like 2.5% additional to your bill. With 20%, are you paying them enough to live in expensive Bellevue??? I'd be ok if it said that 100 percent goes to the employees but that's not what it says. I then looked at my other receipts for places I ate during that time and none of them had a fee like this one. Given that, I won't be eating any dinner at Daniels anymore until they change this policy....may go up for a beer or two if the piano guy comes back but there are plenty of places around to eat. This should be very transparent but it's just another corporate tactic to increase profits while making it look like they are helping their employees. I hope management gets it together. See my receipt below and I did add and additional 30 bucks that I hope goes to the bartender and I need to start carrying cash so they can just pocket it.

Jeff A.

We had a wonderful experience during our first visit to Daniel's last night. The service was attentive, professional, and friendly. The meal was incredible. The crab legs appetizer was a highlight and the ribeyes were cooked to perfection. Don't skip the coconut fudge sundae--it's a must! Great bar. Incredible views. We seriously can't say enough about our experience from the hostess, to the wait staff, to the management--outstanding all the way around! We will definitely return for our next special occasion.

Lance Bowman

Daniel's is near the pinnacle of fine dining in the Pacific Northwest. The finest quality steak available. The utmost in service. Simply the best!

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