15600 Northeast 8th Street O - 15, Bellevue
(425) 957-1077

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David P.

This is the real thing! We haven't had Italian food like this since we were in Tuscany. The Bolognese sauce brought back great memories of the food we had in Tuscany and the Pesto sauce was wonderful too. Our waiter was great and very accommodating. They even have wines from the Tuscan region. Quality and quantity of the servings was very generous. If you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine, this is the place.


It was outstanding!


Great food, excellent service!!

opentable dinner

Waiter did everything to make us happy,,however the food came Luke warm & a long wait !! I had lamb chops , had no seasoning , they did bring me hot mashed potatoes, it was obvious the dish came from microwave .paid extra for bread so you’d think it would be hot &crusty but it was cold & nothing special.

opentable dinner

Only "negative" is Firenze is obviously dealing with increased customers while trying to bring wait staff level back up to pre-COVID levels like all other restaurants. As long as you go in understanding that, Firenze is as great as ever.

Brett S.

Super disappointed in this place after being really excited to try it. The service was really poor. We waited over 30 minutes just to get bread and water. Our server did say she was filling in for another server who was a no show but she had no familiarity with the menu. When we finally did get our order it was mediocre at best. The only good thing I can say is that the music was nice. Safe to say I will not be returning.

Carolina Q.

Hot day, looking to dine indoors, we have a reservation and a gentleman/host asks us to wait a few minutes because "America has become a communist country and no one is allowed to work and blah blah blah"... then proceeded to sing to the same tune to tables nearby. Everybody has an opinion, I get it, and it's been a real hard year and a half for the hospitality industry. We want to be able to go out and enjoy a fun night out while your business thrives, but when we go out to dinner the last thing I want to hear is a member of the staff complaining to his patrons nonstop. Dude, we too have hard days, you know?

Carter McKinnon

The rigatoni all'amatriciana is responsible for the pounds I put on during the pandemic ? incredibly delicious! As is the bolognese. The service is usually quick, and it has a family-owned feel. No-nonsense, rich, pleasurable food.

opentable dinner

They never took our order after 30 Minutes

Maureen H.

We were looking forward to having Father's Day dinner there due to amazing reviews. Upon seated, it was clearly busy. We were seated at the very back of the restaurant near restrooms. We for served water and bread but after 30 minutes no one came to take our order. It was clear that the owners may have known some frequent customers because their orders were taken before ours and they were seated after. We have two young daughters that were politely and patiently waiting. We ended up leaving, very disappointed. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

opentable dinner

Yummy food!!

Ruby Morales

A really, really great little gem of a restaurant I just started going to as I recently moved to the neighborhood and have tried a number of dishes. My young son loved the meatballs appetizer and the cheese pizza and ate a lot of both, which was great because he is under-weight and it's sometimes hard to get him to eat much. The Cesar salad is lightly dressed and crisp, but I think I would prefer a bit stronger garlic/anchovy flavor if the dressing is made from scratch. Overall, the table service has been lovely, despite obvious lack of front of house staff. All the details of a traditional fine restaurant are there: food, décor, table and glassware are thoughtful and high quality. I like the fact that the owner is very friendly and demonstrates a lot of personal care in the restaurant; something I wish I could see more of in other businesses. I've enjoyed every meal I've had there! Looking forward to going again.

Jorge Wu

We went there late. So the bread wasn't serve at the best condition which I have no problem. Salad is good and the pasta is good but not impressive.

Tess Rocket

Our first restaurant visit post pandemic. Great food, great service. Outside seating available.

Luke Papineau

Fantastic and very personal meal!,Small family restaurant and they time to.. Eet with their customers. And the fooold was spectacular!A very wonderful evening!

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