Sushi J

15600 NE 8th St, Bellevue
(425) 698-1424

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Huong Le

Best sushi on the Eastside hands down! The seared salmon is a must! Their bowls comes with a hidden layer of poke on top of the protein that you choose. And their rolls are humongous!!!! People here are nice, located in the crossroads mall.

Yulia Korohod

The best seared salmon. Spicy and super spicy. I’m coming back for more.

Mark Y.

This place is really good. We been a regular with " I luv sushi " for 15 years and we read a lot of good reviews about Sushi J and decided to try this place. We are amaze that their take of The sashimi bowl is really good and delectable, fish quality is fresh, generous portion, wait for the surprise underneath your sashimi layers, it's their version of poke. We had their seared salmon half half and the mosaic rolls both are scrumptious too. We have been ordering our take out from them 3 times now, will be our stable weekend meal to go. Enjoy.

Kathi B.

OMG SUSHI J We have been trying to find a restaurant that sears their salmon the way Domo Cafe does in Honolulu. We have looked in the greater Los Angeles area, Denver and now have finally found it in Seattle at Sushi J! The searing makes a WORLD of difference!! The salmon has a smokiness to it that is so so good and the salmon just melts in your mouth!!! The ONLY thing that would make this better...a white garlic sauce on top! That's what their doing in Hawaii and it takes this already masterpiece to next level heaven!!!! Sushi J is a must for any salmon sushi lover in Seattle!

Sresan Thevarajah

Great tasting sushi if you are a fan of torched sushi. The portion size was decent and price was avg for what you get in Bellevue. Worth the drive to Bellevue if you haven’t tried it out before.

Karina S.

This place easily became my favorite sushi spot in Seattle. The chirashi bowls are 10/10 and have poke underneath. Cost-to-fish ratio is phenomenal. Fish quality is really good.

Kristina T.

One of the many selections in the crossroads plaza, sushi j exceeds expectations! I came here craving poke for dinner and was blown away by the quality and the freshness of their fish. Their poke bowls are preset and easy to order online or through a self kiosk and come with a very generous amount of fish. (NOTE: there might be a bit of a wait around rush times, I waited ~30 min on a tuesday evening) But for those of you willing to wait, you're getting high quality fish at a reasonable price.

Emelina W.

Great salmon sushi! Great value! Just try it! But I don't like the other fish sushi. Tomago and unagi sushi are great.

Rinna M.

Been here 3 times - Definitely time for a Yelp review. Firstly, stay farrrrrr away from here because the seared salmon is SO GOOD that it very quickly becomes an addiction. Hand-Torched with a smoky flavor, melts in your mouth, and deliciously seasoned, they are amazing. The sauce does have light Mayo in it. The first time I ordered here, the Mosaic rolls were sold out as well as the salmon sashimi. I came too close to closing... about 1.5 hours. After that experience, I started coming well before closing hours and never had an issue with supply. 4 stars because I wish orders were more customizable. They don't have a salmon platter and they can't make any adjustments to their combo platter (due to their ordering system) to make a salmon platter possible. The only way would be to place multiple orders of their 2 piece of salmon..

Jeff Tong

Fresh and large generous pieces of sushi. The Hamachi aka Yellowtail is nearly as good as Chutoro aka Medium Fatty Tuna. The price for the sushi combo and 10 piece salmon sets are unbeatable, sub $20 each

Brian Chang

For the price, it's good quality sushi/sashimi. Did I also mention that the portions are huge? The sashimi bowl combo must have weighed at least 2 pounds!Follow my instagram for a more detailed review: @nikon.foodie

Amanda L.

Overall: 5/5 Food: 5/5 Quality: 5/5 Value: 5/5 Overall; HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting the seared salmon here!!! The fish is fat and fresh and the rice is nice and fluffy! ~~~~ I heard about Sushi J from Mike Chen (Strictly Dumpling) and had some doubts as to how good this place would be because it's inside a food court, Crossroads Public Market International Restaurant. Ordered the Seared Salmon 10 piece, HalfHalf. The salmon was super fresh and the pieces were fat. It had the perfect rice to fish balance and the price was very reasonable.


World class taste and freshest poke & sushi in Bellevue, WA! Chef here trained under famous Sushi Chef Shiro so glad this was on our location while visiting former home here! Everything tastes fresh and tasty! This is not your sushi roll type. In fact, due to its fresh ingredients nigiri types and sashimis and pokes will be your best choice though they offer cali and combo roll too for the faint hearted!

Maria Rossi

Came here on a whim and ordered a California roll. The rice was soft and slightly sweet--easily the best California roll I've ever tried. Service was quick and the staff were super friendly, too. Looking forward to trying more from this spot!

Nathan Kong

Best Sake Toro for the price. It’s actually a phenomenal deal - 8 pieces of seared, delicious salmon belly for $12!

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