The Pumphouse Bar & Grill

11802 NE 8th St, Bellevue
(425) 455-4110

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Christy Bressler

The food was fine. The service was fine. We were outside on the patio in the section where the roof is corrugated plastic and it was really hot, like being in a terrarium. There was another section made out of tent that was probably cooler due to having a non-transparent roof and more airflow. I remarked twice that it was really hot in there and the waitress said "It sure is!" She did not offer to move us, but I didn't outright ask either.

Nicole A

I am truly speechless by our experience today. My husband and I were dining there for the first time at this establishment. Another customer asked us to change our seats because they wanted to see the TV. Despite hesitation, we accomadated her, I voiced my concerns to my husband and then the waitress started going off on us saying we were being mean. The other customer defended us even, i proceeded to go speak with the manager, the waitress followed me in continued to get in my face I had to tell her to get out of my face and this was allowed to go on. I absolutely will never go here again. The fact that they said that this is a long time customer yet we were first time customers. This establishment does not appear to be culturally sensitive.

Beth Wortinger

We came in for breakfast, when traveling through town. On a whim. Came up on our Google map search. And boy were we pleasantly satisfied with the food, coffee, and service. We both ordered chicken fried steak. Everything about it was delicious. Our compliments to the chef! ? ☺️

Zach Clenney

This place is slowly growing on me. It's got a nice atmosphere, plenty of seating, and good beer choices. However, the food is a step above all of them. I've been nothing but impressed with everything I have gotten to eat here. It's very typical American dining... But cooked particularly well for a bar. I will say the only thing that brings it down a notch for me is that it's not the kind of place I'd feel comfortable going and just drinking at. It really feels more like a restaurant than a bar, despite their bar being the sort of center focus of the place. But now that I've had more of the food there, I'm not sure how you resist getting a drink without getting any food. Make sure you try the sweet potato fries!

Kris MH

Great atmosphere. SUPER friendly staff. I'm particularly fond of the beer-on-tap selection but only because they have Guinness Nitro Stout (I hate IPAs and beer you can see through). The food is satisfying. Haven't tried all menu items but the potato skins and burgers are tasty (and, i mean honestly... you're at a pub. What else do you wanna eat??)Even though I ranked it 4 out of 5, I still highly recommend to anyone looking for a low key, relaxing place to grab a bite and a cocktail in Bellevue (without getting a nose bleed ?)

Alex Shogren

The Pumphouse is awesome! Great atmosphere, great service, and great food. Not sure what to get? Get the French Dip. Gluten free? Get the Ceasar Salad. Parking lot fills, so look to park along the street. I am always satisfied and happy at The Pumphouse.

Mason Aramian

Great local watering hole. The burgers and drinks are decent price and quality wise. Nice slice of what used to be in the midst of the massive growth around it. Stop by for simple bar food favorites or a quick drink. Usually packed most nights after work so be prepared to see a lot of people and regulars.

Tyler Quinn

Had the petite sirloin for lunch. It was really good and the server was super nice. Only thing I could say was negative was the salad was pretty wilted. Other than that i was very satisfied and look forward to going again

jim bobin

I used to go here a lot then moved away to another job 6 years ago. I happened to be close by and swung in. I'm glad I did the atmosphere is still the same old bar feel very inviting....amazing service great food hot of the grill. The service was fast and all the staff was friendly and made sure I was taken care of. Thanks ?

Jonah Oxley

Excellent service and the food was astounding! Check out the chicken fried steak sandwich if your feeling some comfort food. the menu contains only salads, burgers, appetizers, and sandwiches but everything I tried was wonderful and the beer menu was almost as big as the regular one.

Mike Lu

Great burger. My kids are exploring the different burgers around Seattle area. Pumphouse is one of the best we have tasted. They cook the beef at the right level, juicy and tender.

John F.

Went here for a Father's Day early evening dinner with my dad. Initially, I felt a little frustrated because I thought they had outdoor seating behind the restaurant. Not sure why I had that impression, but we went ahead and sat in the outdoor seating in front of the restaurant and that turned out to be just fine despite my concerns about road noise from NE 8th. The waitress was very pleasant and competent. I like the fact that she was willing to recommend a couple of things from the menu. Some wait staff won't take that risk. They have a pretty nice selection of beers and we found a couple that we liked. Our waitress was patient well we made our food choices but didn't wait too long so that we were hanging out at the table doing nothing. Food came quickly and we both really enjoyed our meal. Dad had the steak on Cobb salad. The meat was cooked just as he had asked. Salad was legit mix of nice greens, carrots, egg, etc. I had the fish and chips. The texture of the fish was really nice. Not greasy! The fish was dense and tasty with the tartar sauce being A+. I definitely wanted/ needed extra tarter & waitress happily complied! Fries were from actual potatoes & were great. "Side salad" was made up of same greens as dad's & had the dressing on the side. I like that. All in all, it was a good experience and I'd recommend this establishment that we've been hearing about for years and years and years but never frequented before today.

Leslie Gilmore

The two young ladies give great customers service. Breakfast was delicious

Aaron A.

Great little pub in the Big City. Love this place. Good price and AMAZING food. If you're not the fancy type but end up in Bellevue... come on over to this place. Even if you're fancy give this place a shot and keep some of that money so you can stay fancy!!!

Karthik Kuppa

Nice place to hangout. Good beer on tap

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