Tokyo Steak House

909 112th Ave NE #109, Bellevue
(425) 449-8567

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Xylina Mcdaniel

I would not recommend going to this place if you are used to a REAL steakhouse. The service was not good and the food was mediocre. The “onion soup” that comes with the dinner was disgusting. I couldn’t tell if the salad dressing was a ranch dressing or Mayo dressing, with a little bit of ginger in it…. Needless to say, it was not good. The “ginger sauce” that comes with the food tasted like ginger mixed with teriyaki sauce, which it wasn’t too bad, but going to a steakhouse you expect to have the traditional ginger sauce. The food was prepared without any sesame seeds or butter. Also, since a 20% gratuity was going to be added to the bill, you would think you would have phenomenal service, but that was not the case. They charged my 9 year old daughter for an adult meal, when she is clearly a child, and when I tried to bring it to the waitress’s attention, she attempted to dismiss me. My daughter did not have adult sized portions with her dinner, as I was sitting right next to her with my adult sized meal. The manager said she asked the chef if my daughter had adult sized portions and he said yes (of course he did) but then the narrative changed from them claiming I did not specify that it was supposed to be a kids meal, to them trying to say that my daughter wasn’t 9 years old. Yes my daughter is tall, but so am I. As her mother, I am 6’2, so you have to be stupid to not see that she (most likely) gets her height from me (her mom). My family and I will not be back to this establishment. I see now why they were the only place we could get reservations for. Definitely overpriced for what they offer (service, quality of food, food preparation).

Nathan Smart

Everything at Tokyo Steak House was fantastic. Perfectly cooked steak. Very nice chef and hostess.

Mike Stan

The food could have been so much better. no butter?! but margarine? No fresh garlic but powder garlic on all foods. The sauce on the appetizer salad was just really bad mayo or ranch. No sesame seeds on any of the foods (fried rice or the veggies). The orange sauce is okay but the black sauce is great. Walter our chef was great though! THEY CHARGED $6 for White steamed Rice after they said it was no charge! ridiculous. never coming back. Manager lady was rude, she needs to go. The manager swore at us on the way out! Ridiculous.

Alicia Brown

I do not like leaving bad reviews. First I'll say the chef was fantastic! It is sad he works for such a bad restaurant. I do not recommend for large groups. This is not a place to go celebrate anything. We had a group of 11. We waited 30 minutes to be seated. 40 or so minutes for our chef. The waitress was rude, short. Had zero personable skills at at. At the end she brought our bill all together and told everyone we had to calculate our own bill ourselves. So you can imagine the confusion that happened. It took another 45 minutes to figure out our bill and pay. Just to leave. The woman was so rude. She literally told us "figure it out ourselves" while throwing our hands up and walking away...Who does that??? I can not see this restaurant staying open for much longer with the way they treat their customers. Extremely bad experience. I do not recommend.

Linda L.

It's your typical teppanyaki restaurant. It was a dear friend of mine's birthday and as tradition, she loves these type of restaurants. We made reservations for 5PM for 6. She was fashionably late (we couldn't yell at her; it was her birthday). But, majority of the party arrived on time and the table wasn't ready. Which was okay, until it took over an hour and a half for them to be ready for us. They were busy, but not busy enough to disregard us and frantically set up last minute after a day's notice. When we sat down, we were greeted with warm smiles and prompt service. Only downfall is, once the beverages and cocktails were delivered, they were never refilled, nor were additional drink orders taken (from WATER to alcoholic beverages). Our cook, was charismatic and entertaining. But nothing out of the ordinary of a teppanyaki restaurant. Majority of us, ordered the "Imperial" option, which is lobster, steak, and chicken. The steak was cooked accordingly, from medium rare to well done. One downfall, was the lobster and sides of scallops that were placed in the order. It was BEYOND over cooked. I swear, it was on the hot plate longer than the chicken. The cook, in my opinion was very shy with the salt and pepper, but to each their own. I personally was not impressed and I'm cringing while writing this because I do see the potential of this establishment, but as long as the birthday girl was content, that's all that matters. But personally, it will take a lot for me to return as a customer.

Ashley L.

We came for a variety of foods and no sushi is being served at this time. It was a long wait for the chef and our orders were taken. We did receive salad- with some kind of gross ranch- and soup- also didn't taste good. When the food was done it was very mediocre and the steak was flavorless. We were shocked when we received the bill and had an extra $5 per person for fried rice. We've been to numerous similar restaurants and never paid extra for fried rice. It isn't indicated anywhere. What a crock. Between that and the tasteless food, we would not return.

Clarissa J.

The chef was great and the food was pretty good as teppanyaki goes. I was quite pleased with the food. I was extremely disappointed by the woman running the restaurant. I'd made a reservation for 3 and unfortunately one member of our party was running late. After calling the restaurant and being told we could be 15 min late, this woman was very rude on arrival. The missing party member had given their order so the table wasn't waiting. When the third party member arrived, the front door was locked, an hour before closing. One of the seated guests had to go open the door. Then, the same woman was also serving beverages and took care of the other party at the same table, but not our party. She cleared their plates and refilled their glasses many times. Meanwhile our salad and soup dishes piled up while our glasses went empty. I could see they were short staffed, but she looked at our party and ignored us until after the chef was done cooking. She didn't ignore the whole table, just our party. They charged 20% gratuity under "service charge". I had planned to give 25% tip as I usually strive to do for restaurant workers. But I was appalled to see it mandatory for a group of 3. I gave the extra percentage because I thought the chef deserved it. But I'll never visit this establishment again due to this rude woman.


They at a 20% Tip to all orders. They had no one to make Sushi and the food was very badly prepared. The service was terrible.

John Fowler

Went for a milestone family birthday. Food was amazing, our chef was over the top great and the waitress had great customer service and was very prompt. There was another woman working and assuming she was the manager. That person was just concerned with revenue. Which is a managers job just not to be obvious to customers. The price was a little steep and you don't find out until you're seated that half the menu is not available. Was a good night overall.

Vickie H.

This establishment is located in the mall so it is easy to find parking. The service is pretty decent - and the "cooking show" done by the chef was the usual entertainment it always is. Another plus is that this TEPPANYAKI place also serves sushi, which also looked decent. HOWEVER- I was aghast at the prices. I don't believe TEPPANYAKI should be this price. It was already $31 for steak (each dish comes with soup, salad, and two shrimp appetizers)-- but fried rice is also $5 extra for each dish- this is not advertised in the menu, but the waiter does mention it. I also thought the food tasted mediocre -- but I've had better TEPPANYAKI at a cheaper price. It made sense why there weren't many people that frequented that establishment - the prices are horrendous. I would try to find a more affordable TEPPANYAKI place if you're in the mood.

opentable dinner

Ginger sauce (which is why I go) seemed like it was from a large bottle. Was very sweet without too much ginger. Def not what I’m used to.

Corey Holt

The atmosphere is awesome, and the food was terrific. Maybe the best Japanese steakhouse I've been to


Excellent Teppanyaki! A bit pricey, but very tasty food, excellent service, and a great show.

Ashley ward

Great service food was amazing and then hibachi grill was amazing. Definitely will go back

D'Arcy S.

Came for dinner to celebrate our daughter's eighth grade graduation. We arrived at 8. The chef arrived at our table at 9. They're obviously understaffed but also lacked the intuition to keep feeding us drinks and/or appetizers. Our waitress tried, she was looking out for us. A chef was supposed to come to our table earlier, and instead he went to a table that arrived and ordered after us and got cooking. Our waitress was trying to intervene but it was too late. The best part of Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse is the theater, not the steak. If you're serious about steak, go to John Howie down the road. That said, my son and daughter had a great time, the waitresses were working hard, and the show is fun even when you've seen it several times.

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