6430 6th Ave, Tacoma
(253) 565-1111

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Linda Hahn

Pizza is good. 3 dollar surcharge unless you pay with cash. The reason given is that they can avoid raising prices that way. Interesting twist, as many businesses are preferring to have customers use cards.

Mark C

The Monster pizza is the best. Beer is nice and cold. Great place for lunch and family friendly.

Matthew “Buck” Buck

Great service.... Very yummie personal pizza, ($5+$1 per topping).... Not big, but very tasty! The crust is great!.. They gave us popcorn with our beer and had a good selection (of beer) on tap.The staff was (is) amazing and took care of our table of 8 like true pros. I will totally recommend this place to my friends.

Lindsay McCoy

The burger pizza was interesting. Wish the indoor dining stayed open longer. This definitely tasted better right out of the oven, not as good once it’s cooled down. It’s pretty good but not the best version of a burger pizza that I’ve had.

Lori Begay

The owner is completely rude. The food was slow. After being a customer here for several years, we had a terrible experience tonight and the owner told me she hopes the door doesn’t hit me on my out. Mind you, I wasn’t trying to get anything for free or even discounted, I was just saying that tables who come in 30 min after ppl are already there shouldn’t be getting served first.

Mike Ebert

Used to go there, but this last trip, two other tables who came in well after we ordered our food got theirs first and when we went to pay, we get told there's a 3% surcharge for cards. The only sign they have is a small one on the door surrounded by like 4 other signs, so naturally nobody in my party looked at it. When someone in my party asked to speak with a manager (while making it abundantly clear she wasn't pissed off or angry at anybody) the owner comes over and they have a discussion. long story short, the owner was very rude and treated a long time customer like garbage and told her "don't let the door hit you on the way out". Gonna miss the food, but I'm not giving another dollar to that owner.

Brittany Palmer

Cloverleaf is a dive bar. Service is okay, no pleasantries unless you're a 65+ golfer, but that doesn't make us like it any less. Great beer list, best pizza around, and popcorn while you wait.**Important side note, they have a beet and wine liquor license only**But nothing goes better with pizza than beer

Paul Swortz

No one makes pizza like this anymore. I live 200 miles away and if my travels take me within 30 minutes of Tacoma, I order a pie and take it home.They've been serving these stout but super crispy crust pizzas since the 1950s. I've eaten there since the 1970s, and every bite today takes me back to my childhood.Something about that crust lends itself to topping combos I ONLY order there: ground beef and onion and pepperoni and pineapple. I don't know what it is, or why those combos, but there you go.Call ahead, if you're not planning to stay for some beers and watch a ballgame. The crew are friendly and the crowd welcoming.

Tom Costante

The Original Tacoma Pizza. The recipe hasn't changed in 60 years. Not bad but great. Friendly atmosphere. Oh I forgot. COLD BEER.


The food was great! Pizza had a different crust than most but was tasty. There was a decent beer selection. Worth a visit if you've never been there before.

shawn clark

Waiter was brand new and friendly. Food was awesome

Troy C.

I was so excited to try their pizza. Didn't even get to eat zero social distancing. Sat at a larger table cause it was the olny one not crushed together waitress asked us to move to a smaller table very close to others, restaurants are claiming to fail because lack of bussines due to covid should have better and more welcoming service


We live north of Tacoma but come down at least once a month and we usually make a stop here, for the pizza. We've had family birthdays in the banquet room where you can eat popcorn while you wait, kids can play in a little arcade and there is a toy bin...and you get a Cloverleaf T-shirt on your birthday. We love it and highly recommend it! Oh and the pizza's awesome, of course!

Thomas Dietrich

This is a great bar for watching sports and meeting friends. There is a family friendly section, too. We always ask for our pizza to be extra crispy and the unique thin crust is perfect with the generous toppings. Don't forget a side salad.

Michael Hatch

I have been dining at Cloverleaf for forty six years. If you like thin crust pizza with crispy crust and great ingredients. You can have beer or non alcoholic beverages. My wife and daughter’s love their pizza too. I have had several meetings over the years too. They have a family dinning area too. I strongly recommend Cloverleaf. Enjoy

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